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  1. thanks barty ill send one of the rejection letters. do i have to wait for a reply or can i start court action as soon as ive posted letter off? getting very nervous:(
  2. hi all i couldnt get through either so i phoned the head office number and told them about the telephone system at andover not working, they sent them an email for me with my ref no asking them whats going on with my claim and thats when i recieved the standard letter of 750 quid.
  3. i sent my LBA off to lloyds they sent me a standard letter back saying they would look at my detail and get back to me within 4 weeks!!then i got another letter saying they still hadnt decided and they said they would be back to me within another 4 weeks ? this didnt happen so i rang them at andover to leave my ref no on the answer phone but that was so full there was no space left to leave my detail! in the end i rang head office and the said they would email them my details then 10 days ag they put 750 in my bank and i recieved a letter from them! now im not sure who to write to??
  4. thanks livelylad ive looked at the letter and im still not sure which one to use? lloyds has put 750 quid into my bank as a full and final settlement they said "please treat this letter as our final response.this means if you are still unhappy you can ask the financial ombudsman service to investigate your complaint ! i dont know what letter or who to write to? if u can help that would be great?
  5. hi everyone i needs some help ive just recieved £750 pounds from lloyds! what do i do now? can anyone help me! cheers
  6. thanks dave I posted the lba today so i cant change it now but what shall i do at my next stage take it off or leave it on? the amount of interest ranges from 0.19p to £41.67p im not sure if my o/d was interest free any help would be great
  7. I havent added it onto my spread sheet but when i wrote my LBA letter it said I calculate that you have taken £xxxxx plus £xxxx which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. total £xxxx. i added the overdraft interest on from my bank statements was this wrong? please say it was ok because ive already sent it recorded delivery1:confused:
  8. Hi all This is the first time ive posted on here, ive read alot of the threads on here and im ready to get my money back!! I sent of my prelim letter and recieved a standard fob off letter, ive got my Lba letter ready but im not sure about my spread sheet? on the spreadsheet i sent with prelim letter i did not add overdraft interest should i have? any answers would be very helpful thanks nicky
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