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  1. OK, I have definitely filed in court, Halifax have been served and have until 31st to acknowledge. Will post that in the relevant forum in a mo. I just glanced at a post that said it is illegal to take bank charges out of benefit money - is that so, and what can I do about it? Has anyone tried to go for punitive damages based on the distress it causes when you have NO MONEY at all to buy basic groceries becuase they have taken it all? I can show in statements where they have done this to me on numerous occassions!
  2. Thank you - but i have just spoken to the court and it is on its way back here! I have made another mistake on it and they are posting it back to me today - I'll take it back in on Monday and it won't make any difference to my timescale she said! I did prepare it in the middle of the night so I was a bit tired..... no excuse I know but at least the court is being very helpful! Does anyone have the Trinity Road Address please? I will scout around in the meantime!
  3. An answer would be greatly appreciated please!
  4. Don't know if this helps but I sent my LBA on 21st November and filed my claim in the county court yesterday. I know I read of someone on this forum who couldn't afford the charges and had to wait and they had a positive result so I did it anyway. And I didn't have to pay costs as I get WOrking Tax Credit.
  5. I was very nervous too - I even wondered if this forum was real - if the contributors were real people!! But when I got as far as my first offer from Halifax I knew it was real. I filed my claim in court yesterday - and I now just have to sit and wait. One thing that has helped me is not counting on getting the money - just seeing it as an exercise really. Of course I know what I will do with it if I get it - but I have made plans to get what I want another way if this fails. That way you don't fele the pressure of it all really! Hope that helps x
  6. Ok everyone, I have filed my claim in court. Very easy - but I have made a mistake - do you think it will matter? On the schedule of charges I put my Branch address - but the N1 has the Banks head office on! I have never counted on getting the money back, so its no great drama - just wondered! Now waiting the 14 days to hear if they submit a defence. The papers will be served on Monday according to the court clerk and so 14 days is up on the 22nd.
  7. Wouldn't be any point in not doing so really. The PA would be acting unprofessionally and would also know that the ticket probably wouldn't stand.
  8. Thanks Nat, I am hoping over the next couple of days to guide her through the process and then for her to come on here and get some reading done. She totally accepts the £400.00 overdraft but not the charges and I really feel for her because she has found the whole thing very stressful.
  9. Thats because yours is not a local authority ticket. By not putting it, you can't say they got it wrong.
  10. Only if parking enforcement in your area has been taken over by the local authority and there are some areas where it is still a police matter. OUr area went to local authority this year - but I think there are still some who are in the process of transferring. Not sure of the time scale, but if it is a local constabulary then offence is the right word.
  11. Definitely invalid - as will every other ticket issued that day by the same PA be!
  12. They do justify the charge on the PCN - they state the code and the meaning. PCN's in our authority cannot be issued for 10 minutes after the expiry time of the ticket, which they consider plenty of time to return to the vehicle.
  13. Photos are not usually taken when the vehicle is first observed. Firstly, the vehicle is entered into a notebook - then the valve positions of the wheels at the kerbside are noted. This is then signed by the Parking Attendant. 30 minutes later, they return and check again, noting down the valves. If no change, they issue, and at that point take photographs. The notebook is in time order and cannot be altered, therefore is admissible in court along with the photographs as supplementary evidence. Too many people think the photos are the most important part - if there was no photo the PCN i
  14. Can't help with the image - but can you explain what you think is worng? Is it a local authority ticket? Is it signed?
  15. As stated in Chadley's thread, the colour of the car can invalidate the ticket - but really obvious errors like green not red, black not white. Shades in between will normally go in favour of the issuing authority - after all, the car has been issued for a parking contravention and unless the model is wrong nine out of ten tickets will stand.
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