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  1. This is now resolved. Had an apology that we had somehow 'slipped through the net' regarding ongoing water direct payments after final bill had been issued, and that issue has been forwarded for review into how the water direct scheme allowed that to happen. Also said they could see a problem with the amount the bills were, however could not find a reason for that. Result was, account cleared of any supposed debt (eventual final bill was around £370) and £319 refund, plus continual refund of any water direct payments (they work around 12 weeks in arrears)
  2. Yes, ive also read the handbook. I think its something like £3.60 for debt, and then a variable amount for ongoing bill. Its very complex. Ive now found an email saying 'thanks for telling us about your move' dated 27th June, so they did know id moved (they claimed they didnt know until October) The bills were mad in the past 2 years, some close to £500 for 6 months. Im sure something went wrong somewhere, we didnt even have a bath in the house, or a dishwasher, didnt use a hose...mad Ive sent them another email asking for some info. 1. Date the meter was installed
  3. Im hoping you lovely people can guide me once again. Im to the point where I need to go to Consumer Council for Water to solve a problem. Its a long long story, but ill cut it very short I was on Third Party Deductions from income support, you are told you dont need to worry about bills, I was on a meter (thats another part to the case, as wasnt requested) bills suddenly jumped (possblly wrong meter, or someone elses added on) I wasnt informed of this jump, and when i moved was hit with a big bill despite regular TPD. They continued to
  4. You can do it now. I have saved evidence that it was their mistake, so even if the letters arrive it won't come to nothing
  5. Yes hopefully. My trust is shot to bits though, so im giving it a couple of weeks to see if any more letters for £936 come along lol ....next stop is severn trent
  6. Had the call, and got £100 compensation too. They are asking for me to close resolver, but I think il wait to make sure the letters stop, and the compensation goes in.
  7. I now have a 'complaints handler' who tried to call today (left answer machine message) and said would call back. What are peoples opinions on what I should be saying to this complaints handler?. Obviously I want the letters and threats to stop, and to have the final bill to reflect our first agreed tariff rates and not the higher quarterly tariff they gave us because they couldnt collect the monthly direct debit. Would it be feasible to ask for the switch fee to be waivered?
  8. I did the resolver on Saturday. just to get the ball rolling. There is just no excuse, yes I understand the kind of 'automated system' but this was reported to them the same day as the first £936 was attempted (7 days after our supply went live) then again 13 days later when they tried the same thing, then again 5 days later when we got an assurance that all was sorted and our 'normal' agreed direct debit would go out, then comes the numerous missed calls and threatening letters, nothing has changed, absolutely no excuse
  9. We gave reading after reading, time and time again...A complete waste of time
  10. Its been like this from the start, il attach the chart that shows the record. We are waiting for a 'correct' final bill, the one they sent us today still says £936 Below is one of the chat conversations, we were told definitely sorted.. .it wasnt, my bank stopped another payment and although they claimed we stopped direct debit and said we now had lost our monthly entitlement and had to now pay quarterly at a much higher tariff.. .my bank sent a text on 3rd of may saying, originator has cancelled direct debit Conversation with Scottish
  11. Hello After trying to get an issue resolved with Scottish Power, I am to 'stage 2' which says to use resolver. Has anyone used resolver for Scottish Power and was it a swift procedure with the desired outcome? Ive had a letter today about escalation and debt collector if £936 isnt paid in a week, despite promises that this was all sorted. Its been going on a month now. The first £936 was rejected twice by our bank, they sent an email after that saying we had lost the right to monthly bills and would be on a higher tariff quarterly one.
  12. Hello, just thought I would update. The council have emailed saying they have asked Dukes for the files back with immediate effect, and will contact me regarding affordable payments. Thank you all for the helpful advice.
  13. The problem is I feel im short on time, I posted for info too late really, The MP is dealing with that side concerning the council/Ekservices. I do wonder whether they should have renewed the LO as such a long time ago, but dont know much about it. I have received a reply from Dukes, they have rejected my offer (as expected) and want just over £42 a week. They say the extra I said to consider (as not on their I/E) for home education expense are not as important as the debt they are collecting which takes priority
  14. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=ekservices+liabilty+orders if you click on the first link, the pdf for Canterbury, you'll see what they do
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