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  1. update as to what is going on, nan still refusing to speak to us, my wife has written to all the catalouges to say can only afford £40 a month and they have all come back say does not meet the required min payment they want, so give up what you can u do not got the money wont tell us how much they want as account not in our name
  2. ok thanks very much, my wife justed tryed to phone her nan but she just hung saying she is going to get police involved,she did not give my wife a chance to explain things to her ,so will have to see what happens now,we are only trying to get her consent to speak to catalouge companys involved so we can get something sorted with them,all the time her nan wont speak to her we cant do anything with the debt thats owed
  3. hi thanks for the reply yes my wifes nan gave her full permission to order goods through her catalouges as long as we kept up with the payments of which we are now unable to do,the trouble is her nan is now saying no i did not, so its or word agaist hers which does not help the situation,the statements come to us as here nan was unable to get out to pay them,so off the debt is ours and some is hers,all the goods got delevied to our address and whar her nan ordered to took round to her,her nan is refusing to talk to my wife point blank so whats the best option for us
  4. we get the statements sent to us as her nan could not get out to pay them so we paid them top off my head u r close looking at about min 200 pound charges on each one my brother told us we could get done for fraud as goods sent to our house what her nan ordered we took to her as not being able to get out is that the case my wife is very worried and cant sleep at night her nan is refusing to talk to her at all so dont know what to do even though see gave her constant to it
  5. hi thanks for the reply the catalouges are studio,simplt be and empire stores.studio is 1500,simply be is 1000 and empire 800 we were paying about 100 a month on each but have only being paying 20 on each for last 3 months they have now but them all into default as the min amount was not being paid eack one is now demanding min of 300 pound each min payment which we cant afford and there keep again charges on all the time
  6. hi can anyone help me here on where we stand my wifes nan has 3 catalouges of which she said my wife could order things from as long as she paid for them everything fine for ages then i was diagonised with ms on gone on benefits my wife is now my carer for me and my 3 year old daughter .she has struggled to keep up the min payments on catalouges now,she told her nan the situation and now she is denying she could use them ,the catalouges are in her nans name put because she is very forgetfull and in sheltered housing the goods were sent to our address but in her nans name.her nan owes some off the debt on catalouge we are not depusting we owe money on them .my wife cant phone catalouge companys as not in her name and her nan just keeps denying everything where do we stand any help would be great no trying to get out of debt just cant afford the min payments anymore help please
  7. many thanks i must of been day dreaming lol
  8. so sorry i have just poted this in the wrong forum and i do not have a clue how to move yet again sorry
  9. does antone know what rights you have when you buy goods i brought 2 xbox 360 games today from gamestation when i went to pay for them which was £20 which i thought was a good bargain they had some games sitting on the front counter,they were all reduced by at lest £10 as i thought at the time they had no front covers so i chose one paid for it and left and went to another shop,when i came out to check the disk i noticed it had no instructions for the game inside either,it was just in a normal blank dvd case with the name of the game written in felt tip of what was inside,i took the game back after about 5 mins of buying it to ask for my money back as i said to them i did not relise it had no instructions as well,i was told i could only have a credit note or exchange it but could not have my money back,to cut a long story short i had quite a few words to say about this to the manager and in the end i gave up and got a credit note,they kept saying it was company policy and i said to them i was mis sold it as it had no metion of having no instructions on the case,they said i should have checked,as i was quick enough to point out to them i have to walk with 2 crutches and the time it took me to pay for the first 2 and get my wallet back in my pocket and there was a big q behing me i thought it was easier to just grab it,none of the staff told me the instructions were missing either when i brought it,i just feel i have been conned by them,i also noticed they have secound hand games for sale that says on the cses not for resale part of a bundle surly that must be illegal,in the end i took the other 2 games back and my £10 credit note and swapped the whole lot for 2 games for £30 just to akward and to wind them up,it made me fell a bit better any way,my quetion is is it legal
  10. thanks the money come in very handy my wife is not working at the moment we have a baby due in 3 weeks time and my wage is not brilliant so it has helped out alot
  11. im not to sure what i done but all i done was to send one letter to lloyds asking for my charges back of £280 and a month llater i got a letter back yeaterday to say they will pay all the charges back and it will be in my account in 10 working days i checked my account today and there was the money i did not even say anything about court ,i have online banking so i just wrote down all the dates the charges had been taken out and the amounts and sent it to my local branch.
  12. hi just to let you know i had the same response from monument i was asking for £680 in charges back i was told only £220 had been charged in fees i also got a offer of £110 they have given me 8 weeks to say i will accept this offer or not i think we all know what the answer is going to be
  13. Thanks Very Much For The Info This Site Has Everything,a Couple Of The Letters Have Caught My Eye And Are Worth Sending Even If It Delays Them A Bit,all I Can Say Thanks Very Much You Have Been A Big Help:) I Have Yet To Start On My Bank Accounts And Other Credit Card,i Will Have To Do This When My Head Is A Bit Clearer One At A Time I Think Or I Will Not Know What I Am Doing,yet Again Thanks Very Much And I Expect I Will Appear When I Have Some News As To What Has Happened And A Thoundsand And One Questions About Bank Charges.
  14. thanks you have been such a big help i will get on to doing the letter the woman at mercers said to me i have until the end of this month to clear the arrears on my account which i am really worried about if i send the sar and i do not get the statements before the end of the month what should i do i did offer to pay back the amount in intallments at £12 a month as that is all i could afford at the moment but she said that was unaccaptable and they were looking at £50 to £60 per month i told her i could not afford that amount but she would not listen ended up going around and around in circles with her would it be a wise idea to send a letter to monument to say i am not happy with charges and to stop all action until its is sorted out ,i dont the best thing to do really worried they will take me to court:eek:
  15. right i have had a read on sars the £10 i have to pay i do not have a cheque book would it be safe to send postal order with the sar also do i send it to the address i got on my statements mt credit limit with this credit card was £500 i went over by £21 my balance now stands at £1.130.66 i have been making the minumin payment but it never goes down as they keep adding a late payment fee and overlimit fee at £12 a go then there is a merchandise interest at 1.999% per month which adds on another £19.30 a month it just keeps going up and up:mad:
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