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  1. ps to the above. I would have gone into the chat room but i've only just found out its been closed
  2. i know that this is in the wrong thread but i dont get on here much. could anyone tell me what the time limit is for a dca to supply the original credit agreement afetr the initial request and £1 has been sent to them tks
  3. hmmm got a message i havent posted for several weeks. This could be due to the fact that I am away every other weekend working and I work away all week. If the wife would leave the cheque book alone I might have the money for me mcol grrrrrrrrrrr. ttfn
  4. No I'm not planning on keeping her lol. Tks for your help Caro
  5. Ermmmmmmm just had a look at the Rejection Letter templates and I cannot seem to find one that fits my scenario (thats a good word innit lmao) as I do not know when I will be able to do my MCOL. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ta stycks
  6. Tks caro just got an expensive wife at the moment lol.
  7. Just got home, letter from cldesdale waiting witha brakdown of how they have split my cheque between my 2 accounts. So, letter of rejection to be sent, but cant do mcol yet as I am skint! Should I do my rejection letter at the same time as I do my mcol please? Ta Stycks
  8. hi bf. i've just had an offer from yb (to be rejected) but i will be going for the 8% as they have taken enough from me in the past so its time to fight back. I'm not in a solvent position but every little helps as the saying goes.
  9. Hi Caro. I've got 2 accounts so therefore 2 claims so I was waiting for a reply to see if the cheque was for one of the accounts, or whether they had merged my claims without notifying me.
  10. just follow the step by step instructions jess and its easy. any problems just post in here or in the chat room .go for it stycks
  11. Sent a letter to YB asking for clarification on whether they have merged my claims or the cheque is for one claim only. I am now waiting for a reply ho hum
  12. oops sorry forgot to say tks jules i mite take u up on that offer
  13. just got home (again) a check waiting for me but not for the full amounty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it doesnt say what account it relates to
  14. tks zebby just need to find some time to do me spread sheet wiv interest
  15. hi crysatll i am claiming the £8 per day as what does the bank do for that £8 per day. good luck
  16. just got home and I have a letter from Mr McKirdy waiting for me. Itstates thats he has reopened my complaint and will reply to me within the next 4 weeks. Is this the normal sod off letter after LBA plz anyone and should I proceed with my MCOL when I've done me spreadsheets. Also do I have to follow a certain timescale as my time is very limited ie. only home at weekends! Any help muchly appreciated. Ta stycks
  17. another idea would be to write a letter marked private and confidential to currys MD. ive heard thats worked for other ppl stycks
  18. tell you will have your money back and take your custom elsewhere!
  19. lba letters typed to b posted 27th december . better start swotting up on next stage
  20. sod off letter recd, but they recd my prelim letter on 11 dec and their sod off letter is dated 11 nov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they now got esp lol stycks
  21. prelim letters typed to be posted recorded on monday dont no how to get stuff at bottom of box:( stycks
  22. hi mick i was on about debit interest on bank account and i havent got time to sit down and work it out so i will b leaving it out of my letter stycks
  23. thats a quick reply tks caro just about to do me prelim letters:( nearly 4k on 2 accounts:eek: stycks
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