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  1. I would recommend the FOS (EDIT: not sure if they cover an older policy) , the judges do not want this in their courtroom in all honesty and alot of cases have been lost . Even with what we had I wouldn't do it again. If you have strong evidence that what they say did not take place and I mean strong written or otherwise then it's your word against theirs. Crikes we accused them of fraud and I know it seems I've taken adetour, however had done alot of reading up on PPI cases in court since november. Regarding costs I cannot really advise you , I think with certain benefits the court fee is free and other fees, but I believe if you still wanted to go down that route ask the court who will give you the right advice. if the case was lost I gain cannot be sure as to costs , however believe you would not be exempted. I really don't know sorry Try the Fos for some advice anyway. Good luck xxx
  2. Nearly the same as what happened with us... However they Were caught out by something and i can't say . You really fi have to have proof that They Didn't make that call, even yhough they admit no proof of call .Wish you luck though do not recommend the court route as a strong chance it could go the other way
  3. This is a ploy of theirs and completely unprovable on their part as we showed them when caught out, they changed the date several times but gave up
  4. Hi Kate I hope all goes well with your court case I have just reached an out of court settlement with Santander (GE Money) before AQ and tbh I am glad:sad: We had a strong case as credi agreement was crossed out and we had proof O/H was was working on the alleged date of teh telephone call:-( However, I am not sure how different my O/H's is to yours as his was a closed account from years ago.(paid off) They offered Compound interest at their rate between the period of the PPI charges and then 8% to the date of claim. I realise now we wouldn't have got anymore because the account was closed by repayment of the debt years ago. Tbh I wasn't prepared to reject that offer as I believe that the judge wouldn't of awarded the CI after account closure as there was no carry over of the premium ( hope you see what I mean) and probably would have seen us as being unreasonable, but then maybe not, I dunno:| If your account is still open (and excuse me if I have missed that ) then you should demand the CI to the date of claim. Well actually you can demand it anyway,I am just telling you from experience of how the banks (well this one) is working the claims out. They did allow a restructure too:-) Lots of luck Milly
  5. Hi my O/H received a letter from ta local Council a couple of weeks ago which came as a dreadful shock and we need advice.... The party involved due to the seriousness of their breach have notified the ICO themselves and notified us on their serious breach of O/H's personal details by putting them in a report of a meeting on their website for SIX!!!! years including::jaw::jaw::jaw: Full Name Date of Birth Place of Birth National Insurance Number Telephone Address Signature The ICO is taking action against them. We have now raise a complaint with them as this has obviusly caused considerable stress. The ICO told us to take Legal Advice as of the nature of the Serious breach. I understand under Section 13 that we can claim compensation for distress alone if to do with journalism, art of literature. As this was a report of a meeting/hearing , then I gather we can claim because of the 'Journalism aspect. Is this correct Here is the email: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr xxxxx Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding xxxxx Council. I understand that Cxxx have published highly sensitive personal information on their website. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is responsible for administering the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), which is concerned with the processing of personal data. The DPA requires, amongst other things, that organisations which process personal data employ appropriate safeguards in order to ensure the security of that data. If an organisation fails to take appropriate steps to ensure the security of the data they hold then it is likely that that organisation will have breached the requirements of the DPA. We have already been made aware of this incident and our Enforcement Department is investigating the matter further, with the assistance of xxxxx x. Details of any action taken against xxxxx x under the DPA will be displayed in the ‘Taking action’ section of our website, which can be found using the following link: I have taken out as outcome will identify my O/H As we have already been made aware of the breach, we do not require details of individual complaints. However we will keep a copy of the information you have provided on file as evidence should it be required in the future. We are aware that you may have concerns about the security of the data; if you would like some practical guidance about avoiding identity theft you may wish to view pages 29 - 34 of our Personal information toolkit. Also, individual’s have the right to compensation under section 13 of the DPA if they have suffered damage, or damage and distress as a result of any contravention of the requirements of the DPA by a data controller. The Information Commissioner cannot award compensation or assist with any claims. For further advice about claiming compensation please see our guidance through the following link: http://www.ico.gov.uk/for_the_public...pensation.aspx I hope this information is useful. If we can be of any further assistance please contact our Helpline on 0303 123 1113, quoting your case reference number. You may also find some useful information on our website at www.ico.gov.uk. Yours sincerely Michelle Axxxxx Case Officer – First Contact Group Milly Xxxx
  6. Wow what along thread. I have started a court claim for PPI,Time barring with mine and the POC is the same old scenarion. . Have you an further news? Wish you good luck
  7. Update : Received a very low offer very quick after their acknowlegement as only up to the date of the last premium NOT the date on claim grhhhhhhh!!! What are they playing at. cos they know it is expected to the date of the claim. Sent a rejection though agreeing in Part Settlement DTM. Good news is they are agreeing to 29.9% compound as it says on the offer, :-Dbut as I said sneakily only up to last premium not now!!! They are saying they are being forced to defend along with mad ramblings concerning Supply of Goods Act- Pages long and Credit Crad Agreements and Unfair Relationships. Thats about all I can make out. . Oh and seek the judge to strike out because of the Limitaions ACT. So you arent forcing my O/H to claim then sneaking in a offer AFTER a filing at court:-x
  8. Long time since I wrote this. Anyway after some personal problems this is back on the agenda. In court waiting for their defence at the moment !
  9. Nat West/RBS 18 weeks and still in dispute about their palwtry offer and apparently lost my paperwork on the other to buy time grrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!
  10. Sorry I should of looked at the top first Trust the government, absolutely not voting for anyone cos they they all stiff you. God!!! and Natwest would be like that of course . i'm going to check that Natwest pay the taxman that lololl!!!!
  11. Hi my O/H has been offered one part of his PPI claim and they have deducted 20% tax from the 8% interest. Is this right:?: I have had one other PPI refund from another provider and the interest wasn't taxed on there. Seems a bit unfair
  12. In court with these as we speak. They rand befre acknowledgement of POC to ask for an extension (no chance!) and then rang again asking for my email address. These are a bunch of liers an have changed dates twice to suit them as to when the supposed 'famous telemarketing call' took place...Liers even though there was a crossed out sction on the credit agreement !!!! Good luck and will be following your success:)
  13. Me too am waiting for their defence as we speak. Dim idiots, credit agreement with crossed out sections , yet the old telemarketing call ploy is being used too. Wish you good luck WFLOSS
  14. Hi in court with these over all of this. Full of lies believe me !
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