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  1. Apologies. I haven't been reading the other threads. There are so many of them, and they are dauntingly long... But when you get into them they are compulsive reading.
  2. No, they don't say I can no longer enter judgement, but I realise this may be because Moneyclaim has not been updated. So am I to believe that they really are willing to go to court these days?
  3. I've made a claim against Abbey using the Moneyclaim website. They have until 10th Jan to submit a defence, and sent me a letter dated 3rd Jan enclosing "a copy of the Defence that we have filed with the Court." I've just checked Moneyclaim (7th Jan), and there is no mention of a defence having been submitted. There is nothing on my file beyond Abbey's acknowledgement of my claim. Are they lying in order to trick me into accepting their settlement, or does Moneyclaim take time to be updated? I'm suspicious, as having sent Abbey a mere three copies of my schedule of charges, they had the temerity to write to me asking how I came up with the figure I was claiming.
  4. I'm claiming contractual interest. (Haven't won yet, though.)
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