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  1. My loan in 99 was definitely with SLC. If i do have to pay it off i don't mind, the only worry i have is that it will disqualify me for financial support now, as i'm on my a**e at the moment!!! I'll have to bite the bullet and make the call.....eek Tahnks again
  2. Heheh thanks for the advice, and the correction! I don't have any current concerns regarding banks as i don't (and probably never will be able to!!) own a home - and as well as never talking to strangers, my mum also warned me never to get a credit card!! However it's something i feel very strongly about, and i have many friends at the mercy of these swine, so i just wish to show my support. I do though have an issue about student loans which i will be enquiring about on here. Adam
  3. Hi all, I've been having a trawl round trying to find a specific section on student loans, i can't find one so i'll post my query here. If anyone is any the wiser as to where i should properly post this please let me know and i'll gladly repost elsewhere. I studied briefly at Uni from Sep99 to Dec99 - but dropped out taking about £3000 student debt with me. In that time i have been working but never earned over £15000 pa, so have had no further contact with the student loan company. I have recently been made redundant, and now wish to study again at Open University......on the
  4. Hi to all, i'm Adam. I stumbled across this site today following a conversation with a friend inre: the illegality of unfair bank charges.....i shouldn't have been surpised by it, but i was! So i've spent all morning reading various threads and found it all very informative and entertaining I'm glad to see people can still unite to take on these institutions, wonder how long it'll be until attempts are made to shut down sites like this?? I was particularly shocked by the stance of "which?" and the OFT, regarding their bank leaning attitudes towards these unfair charges. S
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