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  1. Hi, I seem to be having a few serious problems with Vodafone and don't know where to turn to. Around two or so months ago I took out one of their "mobile broadband" contracts which I got because it would be handy for when I am out and about. After having the service a week, I found out that it would be best to cancel, as it was no longer required. I contacted Vodafone's return service as the item was obtained online, and they told me that a form will need to be filled in and sent back with the USB adaptor to the address on the form. I rushed out to the post office and got it sent off, first class. I have to admit here I should have sent this via special delivery, but was just sent standard post. As things are rarely lost nowerdays, I thought there wouldn't be a problem. When I initially contacted them they told me that they will stop my service for me, and await for my adaptor. Around a week or two passed and I contacted them to make sure everything was going well, but it wasn't. They hadn't received the adaptor, and they told me they would "keep an eye out" for it. A week or two passed, yet again, it never turned up. At this point I'm getting quite worried, and this is the point where Vodafone really start to dig their heals in. Vodafone were getting quite stroppy with me, saying that until it is recieved I will have to keep paying for my contract. Around a week ago I contacted them yet again, after cancelling my direct debit. I have been without the adaptor now for a month or two, my service is suspended, and they are still refusing to stop my service, saying "if I would have used the proper procedures in sending it back it would have been cancelled by now". They also told me that I should have been told bt the agents in the past that I would either a) receive a padded bag to send the adaptor back in, or b) have someone come out to pick it up from me. I have just had a bill now for a whole months usage. I have just spoken to them and they refused putting me through to a manager, saying that "I have to wait 48 hours for a callback" and "they will just say the same thing". I thought within 14 days I had a right for this contract to be cancelled by law. I am really worried about the whole thing - yes I should have used special delivery but they are now refusing, saying that I have to pay for a 24 month contract even though they cancelled my service within 14 days, and the adaptor has been sent off to them, but lost in the post. I am really worried, what shall I do?
  2. Hi, I am in a very sticky situation (again) this time with the not-so-wonderful BT. I originally took out my contract back in March for BT Total Broadband, and I have been threatened with homelessness. Basically I will be living in supported homeless accomodation sometime soon, but obviously a phone and broadband will be impossible there given the nature of accomodation. I am really worried, they have just told me that I will have to pay £430 in contract fees unless I find an address to move the broadband to. I was also told that if I gave them the address I was moving to they will automatically take over the line there (which would be a bad move considering the line belongs to a charity homeless organisation). I was then told that I can move my account to someone else's address, and just pay for it that way. So basically I am well and truly stuck, they have threatened me with being passed to a collection agency should I not continue the contract. If having no home to go to isnt enough they are just making it worse for me, and just to think from March to the end of April I had no service in the first place because the engineers being dispatched to my address wern't doing their jobs properly in trying to rectify my problem. I am really terrified and don't know what to do. Any ideas would mean alot to me. Thank you, you guys are life savers Nukey
  3. Deary me I receive a letter this morning, offering me a full refund of the charges! They didnt offer me my £18 in overdraft interest but I dont think it would be worth taking to court for under £20. Just from my prelim letter. Wow. All my charges are now refunded. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me beat them, and I will be sticking around to help others who may need it. You can see the letter I received, here. Until next time! :D
  4. Ok, the stements have been received and checked, and I have sent my first preliminary letter to NatWest bank. Thanks for your continued support! hopefully we can all give them what for and give them a lesson in how not to rip off their customers... The first letter can be seen here. (Particular information has been censored)
  5. Also, just on one small point, faulty could also include manufacturing issues. Sometimes the data print on the disc can become warped, which causes reading issues. Seen that a few times from where I used to work. Just a thought
  6. Nukey

    Is this legal?

    PC World have been causing nothing but problems. Almost everything I buy from there either isn't whats stated or goes wrong somewhere along the line. Anyway I returned a motherboard back about a year ago, and since then it's been faulty, but have been able to do absolutely diddly squat about it. When they took it in to check the fault, they wanted to see the whole machine. They then refused to look at it, said the operating system was an illegal copy (which it isn't), and wrote on my receipt. Take a look at this: Surely this isn't legal? also, when the machine came back I found out that they had been viewing pornography (also possibly child) on my machine, from a removable drive, which was reported to the manager. But nothing came of it. I opened up my media player and looked in the history, and there were about 25 entries of porn that had been watched on the computer, now I know it sounds boring but I have a strict thing (even my friends know) that I do not allow any porn on my computer whatsoever. Cant stand the stuff. But when I saw the term "lolita" thats where I drew the line. I spoke to the manager and they said the person will be dealt with accordingly, but it still didn't get my original problem sorted out. It had only been exchanged once before that, and that was due to a different issue. At the moment it has just gone past the one year mark, even the person at my local computer outlet confirms there is a problem, (the sound and one of the memory slots in the board are dead), and it looks like Ive been well and truly stuffed. I think I should have gone to trading standards while I had the chance but after that I moved away and it would have become increasingly difficult, considering the store is the other side of the country. Any ideas? just thought I would share it with you. And also a tip to avoid the PC World in Northolt, Middlesex, too! -Nukey
  7. Wow I had no idea I could request the money back! I'm sending off from the template asap! theres no way Im letting them get their grubby little paws on my cash. Ill let you know what happens from there. If they do send proof that I ask for, what will happen then? surely I wouldnt have a leg to stand on. Just a question.. Thanks for your help -Nukey
  8. I was scared into making a payment unfortunately There were exceptional circumstances as to why I took it out at 16/17, because of some personal issues relating to my mother. I admit that I did lie on the application form, but I think the fact they are charging me £1,200 just for £250 I'd spent is a bit much. I really dont know what to do with this company, they kept phoning me, sending me text messages and telling me to pay too much I could afford. With the fact I was 16/17 when it was taken out, does that help at all? or am I still completely liable for it? Thanks -Nukey
  9. Please dont think Im thread hijacking, I am just a little worried. Ok, this is the situation with me, in some brief points, and was wondering what will happen. The debt was a credit card that was taken out when I was 16/17. - Jan 2006 - Living in London, receive tacky red postcard - Jan 2006 - I got scared that day and called them, admitting to debt (oops) - Feb 2006 - Made arrangement to pay so much per week - Feb 2006 - Name changed to Nukey Pearce, after informing them they told me they cant change the name on the debt because the debt was taken out in the old name - Changed address - Payments stopped Im just a bit unsure. I heard in another post that even after contact (or something) after 6 years the debt will automatically close. Can some confirm this for me? Also what shall I do? Also nothing is on my credit record whatsoever with this debt. Thanks in advance.. -Nukey
  10. Well I went into the bank and they told me 4 years was all that was ordered, so she put another order in free of charge for me, so Ill probably be getting two lots of statements I think its probably just a little reminder from the nasty people at the collection centre that they are on to me. As far as Im aware don't they just send out a booklet? if thats the case why did they just send the one sheet? Thats a bit weird... Its a shame about the advantage gold thing though, I was well and truly ripped off with that one. Damn sales people!!
  11. Well done! Its great to see them suffer :D
  12. Well, today I receive a letter from NatWest, (as I spoke to them yesterday about the repayment plan on my overdraft) and they decide to send me this: Is it me or are thy blatently taking the mick out of me? it was in a handwritten envelope too which makes it sound even worse. Ooh, I have been told from the bank today that they made an error about my statements. Instead of giving me 6 years worth they have applied me for 4. So I had a go at them and they're sending out the other 2 years worth of paperwork out for free. Cant complain about that -Nukey
  13. yup, luckily, not being charged for any more of that insurance rubbish -Nukey
  14. OMG I had one of their tacky red cards through my door too, but like an idiot I made arrangement to pay. Now whos the silly one! It was about 3 months behind the 6 year policy. Also, this was a debt from the Associates (Citicard now I believe). That card was taken out when I was 16/17 under seperate circumstances. No idea what to do. Ive not had any contact with them of late.
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