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  1. Hi Emma, sorry for the delay in replying. I was about to post second letter to Black Horse - when I received a letter from them. I had initially requested they refund back the £2,000.00 charges - (I couldn't work out whether theses were charges or not) - it was the right thing to do as they responded pretty quickly with a full breakdown and an offer of settlement. They listed all the charges takes - the £2,000.00 was interest - they offered me charges plus interest - they said I would get a cheque in the post. Two days later cheque arrived. £281.00. Am very pleased with the result. Hope your claim is just as easy.
  2. Hi emmaPhoned Black Horse as they did not reply to my faxed letter. The £2,000.00 charges was interest - they have charged me one £42.00 late fee and the others £25.00? (don't know why they are different). Have claimed on 4 agreements with them - £25.00 late fees and £75.00 collect activity fee. Each statement had the original signed agreements with them and the interest charged on each one was different, ranging from 10.08% to 12.%. Have therefore put the interest at what they charged on each agreement. Am sending them off today to see what happens.
  3. Hi EmmaI cannot work out what they have charged me for late payments etc - at the end of the agreement they say "charges" and a total of over £2,000.00 - On one agreement I have 8 DD charges, and I also have about 3 agreements with them also. I have faxed them yesterday for a breakdown of the charges, dates and amounts charged etc. The interest is on my agreement and I will check and let you know what I am claiming. I am going to wait for the breakdown and then submit my claim. I will let you know if I hear in the meantime from them - the statements are so confusing - not much help at all!
  4. Can anyone help - I have received my statements from Black Horse - had 4 past agreements with them - they do not list their charges as such - one statement says charge for late payment fee £42.00, another lists DDR lack of funds c - but no charge listed - there are 8 listed in total - on the next page there is a collect activity fee of £75.00 - and then charges of over £2,000.00 - don't therefore know how much I have been charged. Can anyone tell me what they have put down for a returned DD fee please
  5. Hi Kimmy01 The fax number I used is is 01452 638359 - I have an e-mail address also for Krysta campbell -Legal & Disputes - [email protected]
  6. Fax sent yesterday - telephone call received offering full amount and moey towards my time for prep of my bundle etc - asked for this in writing - fax received same day offering sum in full and final settlement - have told them I will write to Court once money hits my account.
  7. Thanks for the advice - I have put a letter in writing to Adrian Ruffhead of the litigation department - I would rather have something in writing - have told him in the letter that I would place this before the District Judge at the hearing if no reply is received - I have a Directions Order dated 27th November stating each party to deliver to the other all documents they intend to rely on at the hearing no later than two weeks before the hearing date - they have't done so, I have. I have given them my mobile to contact me, but I want something in writing if they want to settle - IIf they do then say they want to settle before Court I will then ask for the money to be transferred to my bank account - (they did this when they offered me a part payment so this shouldn't be a problem) and when that is done and I have received the funds I will fax the Court with a copy of their letter telling them it has now settled. By the way I am also claiming time for preparation of my bundle and photocopying and postage on top of the amount I am already claiming. I suggest if any one has got as far as me they should do the same.
  8. I am due at Court with Barclaycard on 5th March - have not received anything from Barclaycard yet - sent my bundle off weeks ago - have not received anything from them. Any advice on what I should do? Do I write to them to chase them up?
  9. I received statements this morning for one account (have had 3 accounts in total) even though I requested all three in my S.A.R request. Statements are totally confusing. I paid this account off some months ago - it listed 6 failed DD payments, but no mention of what was charged - at the end of the statement it says Collect activity fee of £72.00 and then underneath Charges of over £2,000.00. Does anyone know what this charge of over £2,000.00 could be - or will I have to write to them again for a breakdown - I requested these statement on 3/1/07 and they have only just sent one lot today. Can anyone advise please?:idea:
  10. Any news with your claim to Barclays yet? I ask because I am at Court on 5th March with them. I have submitted my bundle already - about 2 weeks ago and am still waiting to see if they respond with an offer before Court.
  11. My wife after checking one of her statements noticednoticed she had been charged for PPI - she sent her SAR to Egg and got the usual letter regarding ID etc. She filled in the form and requested proof that she had requested the PPI as she was told she had agreed to this in a telephone call and they gave the specific date. They wrote back with the statements ssaying they could not provide the evidence of this. She then sent off her preliminary letter with a claim for the PPI. She received a letter back stating they would not refund this. She then telephoned them and was told they would sent out the proof. She then received a letter saying they couldn't produce this. She is now wondering wheteher to issue her MCOL for the PPI and default charges. She has sent all the relevants letters etc. Does she have a case?
  12. Hi Just wondered what the present position is with you and endeavour - am at the same point - just about to go to MCOL. I have had letters from their solicitors stating they will defend the claim - my claim is for ERC.
  13. Hi Just wondering if you got anywhere with Endeavour?
  14. HI I too am putting in a claim to Clydesdale Financial Services - got my statements and found that they have charged me £22.50 arerars letter charge - total of £280.14 - rang them and asked what interest I was charged on the account - it was 29.9% - so I am claiming contractual interest on the sum of £196.07 making a total of £476.21. Letter going off today. Will keep you informed of my progress.
  15. Wife sent not a nasty letter but this below:- "I refer to your letter dated 19th January 2007 in response to the Court claim I have issued against Capital Once Bank (Europe)Plc for a total sum of £420.00 which includes Court fee of £50.00. I would like to point out the following. Your offer to settle does not include the £136.44 I am claiming in contractual interest. I believe I am entitled to claim this and upon this basis if you are not willing to pay this £136.44 then I do intend to proceed to a Court hearing. I also note your offer makes no mention of a refund of the Court fee I have had to pay. I do not understand the figures you are quoting I have been charged and refunded. The only money I have received in refund was a cheque received on Friday 19th January 2007 in the total sum of £72.00. Therefore, I am willing to settle this matter on the basis that you refund me the charges you have taken in the sum of £200.00, contractual interest of £136.44 and Court fee of £50.00, making a total sum of £386.44 less the £72.00 I have accepted in part settlement leaves a balance due of £314.44. I once again enclose a copy of the schedule of charges and interest I am claiming. Once I receive the cleared funds I will notify the Court of the settlement to avoid taking up Court time. I look forward to hearing from you.
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