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  1. Dear All, I recently sent the Abbey my LBA and have received this reply... "..these charges are correct and were applied correctly as you had insuffient funds at the time. Therefore, i am unable to agree to a refund" "...we are satisfied that we do not contraveine the unfair terms in consumer contracts regulations 1999. We also comply with the OFT, in dealing openly and honestly with our customers" "the charges were based on the extra admin work incurred by abbey when, for example an account has insufficient funds to meet a requested payment" it then states "as we have
  2. Hello, I wrote to the Abbey demanding my charges back 4 weeks ago. I received the standard letter saying give us 4 weeks. That time was up yesterday and i received another letter asking for another 4 weeks for them to investigate. I know this is the Abbey stalling, so what letter should i send them now? Any help would be appreciated as they wont get away with my £4000! Thanks
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