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  1. In my case, the item was supplied by Amazon on behalf of seller and had a 12 month warranty. It actually failed 11 and a half months and I contacted Amazon who provided a returns label. I took the item to the pick-up retailer and the cost was credited back to my account immediately.
  2. I had a dispute with Amazon when I pre-ordered a Blu-ray and on the day it was to be delivered, the order was cancelled by Amazon. The reason they gave was that the delivery driver was unable to deliver. I rejected the excuse as I do not have a problem with deliveries. Goods are constantly being delivered to my road on a daily basis. I insisted that they immediately re-order the Blu-Ray and post it by Royal Mail 1st class at their expense, which they agreed. I did receive it the following day! The only problems we've had with Amazon have been their delivery, their Locker facility can be m
  3. https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/vehicle-and-operator-services-agency https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_rose_by_any_other_name_would_smell_as_sweet
  4. They send round the clamping truck having identified an untaxed car! They can do that within seconds!And Yes! They do move quick when it suits them! It's not rocket science! Any further posts on this subject will be ignored! As I said troll somewhere else!
  5. It's the VOSA/DVLA vehicle that's moving! By cruising round with their vans, they select their victims! Go and troll somewhere else!
  6. There are other methods such as the Post Office although you will need to take your MOT and Insurance certificate with you. https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax
  7. Bit obvious! You don't need to be driving your car to get caught out!
  8. I was outside washing my car a couple of months ago when a transit van cruised past. I noticed cameras mounted on the roof at the rear, facing downwards and outwards. The van bore insignia, can't remember it exactly, but it indicated that it was from VOSA and was scanning for untaxed cars. And this was in a residential Close!
  9. I hardly think that driving without insurance should be considered a "minor" offence! When I started driving in the sixties, driving without insurance and driving whilst disqualified would be liable to a custodial sentence!
  10. Over the past few weeks, I have been receiving threats from a debt collector over this "unpaid charge of £150". Monday, they offered me a reduced fee of £120 to which I did not respond. I have just received an email from POCLA stating that the operator has withdrawn the charge and my appeal has therefore been upheld!
  11. Don't think they apply here as I've not made any contact. Therefore, I have not admitted the debt! Hfo never informed me of the change of interest nor did the original alleged debtor when Hfo said they had received it! Initially Hfo sent a card saying they had been unable to deliver a parcel! They then sent a notice of the alleged debt. taking the date when the charge was put on the house being over 6 years ago and no enforcement action has been initiated, is the alleged debt still enforceable? Thanks!
  12. Hfo secured a ccj against me over 6 years ago. They obtained a notice against the house in August, 2008. I have not responded to any correspondence, or court papers, at any time. They have sent the odd reminder but not taken further action. As you are aware, they lost their licence. They have now sold on the debt to Assett Capital Link Ltd. What is my current situation? Many thanks.
  13. Excuse my ignorance but what is a GPEOL and can you elaborate on the contract? Many thanks!
  14. I've just received a PCN from Smart Parking for allegedly parking over the allotted 3 hours at a different ASDA store.The Alleged offence was on 26/09/2014 and the PCN is dated 16/10/2014! Secondly the photos were taken on entering and leaving the car park which was full at the time and did not allowed for the considerable time it took to find a space!
  15. Compensation, awarded by a Court in a criminal case, takes into account a criminal's perceived ability to pay. If you are lucky to get an award, it may well be less than what is owed. When I worked for the DWP, they always reclaimed compensation in fraud convictions through the Civil Courts which did not take this into account. There are pitfalls though where the debtor could play certain tricks to withold payment but the DWP did have one more trick up their sleeve where they would set the debt against any future benefits!
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