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  1. I have got a court date for april.Should i still do the n244 form.
  2. Ooops.Thanks for the advice, i can go to the court today and fill the n244 form out there i think that will be best.Is there a template for filling in the n244 form.
  3. This is what I had written in the particulars of claim. I am claiming for charges that have been made to my account from 02/11/00 to 02/11/06 for which the amount is 1002 pounds the terms of the contract which natwest agreed to at the time that I opened my account it is an implied term of that contract that natwest would conduct themselves lawfully and in a manner which complies with the uk law I am shocked that natwest have operated my account in this way as had always reposed confidence in the banks integrity and expertise as my fiduciary I consider that the banks repeated representations that their charges are fair and resonable are deceptive and that they have decieved me into agreeing to pay them The banks concealment of the true nature of the banks charges have prevented me of asserting my right until now I have sent the defendent two letters requesting the moneys to be refunded to me giving them a total of 28 days to reply but they have refused so therefore I have no choice but to proceed with court action as they are in the wrong.(is this ok or have i done it wrong.
  4. In the other information part of the form they have put.Pursuant to cpr part 3.4(2)(a) the defendant would ask the court to strike out the claim.The claimant has not shown that he has reasonable grounds for bringing the claim and despite the defendant requesting that the claimant remedy the lack of particuarity pleaded in the particulars of claim within 14 days, the claimant has failed to do so. The defendant therefore respectfully requests that the claim be sruck out. Please tell me if this normal cos i worried i done sonething wrong.
  5. sorry to be a pain but i need some advice again.I refused a offer from cobbetts about a week ago and now i have recieved a allocation questionaire today which cobbetts have filed in and sent to court and sent me a copy, should i hear from court soon about a date.
  6. I would like some advice please. Sent abbey court action letter and they replied with a offer of £60 for a £1200 claim,ha ha.Shall i just fill in the court forms forms or shall i reply to their letter declining the offer or both.Thankyou.
  7. Update.Cobbets have offered us half amount of what the claim worth,so awaiting court date.I have started action against abbey national now and have sent the second stage letter,the claim is for £1200 but abbey have offered me a a very funny £60 as a good will gesture He He.Do i need to tell them what to do with their offer as in the accepting it as a part payment letter or do i just start the court action.Or both.Thankyou.
  8. Hello lovebird could you please tell me what stage you sent the court bundle.
  9. Just to let you all know that we have recieved a £550 offer from cobbets(cobblers) for a £1000 claim.We are of course going to turn it down but we just want a bit of advice about the court fee, can we claim the court fee back form natwest.We could'nt of done without all the help we have recieved from this site, and we be donating when we win......
  10. Just to let you all know that we have recieved an offer from cobbets offering £550 for a £1000 claim to natwest.We are of course going to turn it down, just a quick bit of advice, can we claim back the court fee and should we of stated this in the last letter we sent them. We could'nt of done it without this website and all the advice we have recieved, and we will donating to this website when we WIN.
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