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  1. Thanks Brig, however, have just had a call from Fred's during which I told them I only deal by post. Looks like the fun is about to start all over again!
  2. @ BRIGADIER2JCS I can't find one, they sent me 2 different copies of an agreement (with different dates) and I wrote back telling them that I still held he account in dispute as the agreements weren't enforceable. I have only heard from Moorcroft since (who have today written offering a 25% discount). As far as I'm concerned, the account is still in dispute & I don't respond to Moorcroft at all, since I wrote to them and told them it was stilll in dispute. Any help gratefully accepted.
  3. I had the same letter last week and have received a letter today from Arrow to say that Moorcroft are managing the account. Moorcroft are not a problem as I've successfully blown them off in the past. Refusing to speak to them and answering the first letter with a letter telling them I was 'in dispute' and then ignoring everything else they sent. Bit worried about Fred's getting involved though. My problem is that this account is in dispute with Egg, and has been for well over a year with no payments being made. Can they legally sell the account like this? I thought that 'in dispute'
  4. Thanks DX, Do you or anybody else know if there is a statute or case law that covers it? Thanks Rob
  5. Thanks Guys, CAG take all the credit (if you excuse the pun). (- not only smiling now, I even cracked a joke!) I sent an SAR letter in at the end of July, queried the return and that was it. I didn't do much really. They were so quick replying, we knew something was up! However. Apex admit in the letter that they have known since April that this was unenforceable and didn't tell me. Isn't there something in CCA1974 that they have to let us know? I'd appreciate advice from somebody knowledgeable in these matters as I intend to make waves if this is correct. Many thanks
  6. I've posted it here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?274033-Apex-has-passed-account-back-to-Egg-cos-no-agreement. DX & I thought you'd all like to know. They sent my £10 SAR cheque back too!
  7. Hi all, Its only a very small victory, I know, but I got a lovely letter from The Apex Credit Management & Bulls*!t Production Company today telling me that Egg could not provide them with the signed credit agreement, or the default notice that was allegedly sent before assignment and therefore have returned the account to Egg and removed all CRA activity they have put on! Is there anything that I can claim from Apex (like all the payments I have made to them) to donate to CAG? I couldn't have got this far without reading the excellent advice from this site and would love to
  8. robbom

    Egg CCA

    Subbing Remember, after 6 years of default they can no longer enforce in court! Keeps me going!
  9. Am I right in thinking that any amount under £5000 has to be pursued through Small Claims Court? I think I read it somewhere, but just can't find it!
  10. Thanks guys, As I see it, they don't have an application or agreement and have admitted it. They have sent loads of un-enforceable DNs that disappeared from the SAR as if they had never happened. I saw off Allied International, so am going to fight MBNA all the way. I'll post the letter I've sent after they've had chance to read it officially! Thanks for your support Wycombe! I can't answer you Vengence, I really didn't understand. (I'm not feeling well though - Man Flu!) RobboM
  11. Thanks Wycombe, I do have a house with very small equity (about 1/6 of my debts), but MBNA have admitted that they are unable to provide a copy of my credit agreement. I think that this makes it unenforceable and don't know what my next move should be. Do I now refuse to pay, send an 'account in dispute' letter and wait for the court papers or do I try harder to get the agreement, making sure I exhaust every avenue before going any further? Is it likely that they will be able to come up with an agreement that is admissible in court? Any advice from members gratefully received - Th
  12. Thank you Wycombe, I haven't had a DN yet (from MBNA), but I am paying a token amount of £1 per month as my income is so low at the mo. I have been administering my own DMP with all of my creditors since Jan 2007 and have had all interest and charges frozen since then. I was originally paying the minimum amount every month, but over the last few years have had to offer less and less until my current offer. In April I was promised a sum of money as a gift to offer in f&f to my creditors. Nobody accepted my offer and everybody started to harrass me. Then Allied International, and no
  13. As the pack was not sent 'signed for' should I go down the road of telling them I have not received it at all, just to see if they send the same stuff? Happy to report them for non-compliance of DPA Comments PLEASE? Thanks in advance RobboM
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