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  1. Quick Update They have offered to replace the card with another which is a slight upgrade. However this card has no HDMI out. Considering I purchased the original card for it's HDMI where does this leave me? John
  2. Hi All I bought a graphics card last Febuary 2010 it has a 2 year warranty . I have returned this to overclockers who have said "we have received a refund from the supplier instead of a replacement product and we cannot replace from stock directly as we no longer stock this item". The card they have offered is a slight upgrade but does not have HDMI out which I need. If I accept this card even though it comes with 2 years warranty they say they will treat it as if I bought it on Feb 2010 and the warranty will expire in Feb 2012. Not good!! The next card with a similar feature set is £25 more than the card they offered, so I offered to pay the £25 to be meet with "As this item is over 1 year old roughly it would work out about a 50% refund of the original price you paid as a partial refund" So I would need to pay £75!!! Where do I stand? I would quite like a Full refund and take my business elsewhere. Thanks In Advance John
  3. Hi I've read the stickies but I dont think my original post made the question clear enough. Basically my medical appontment arrived before the DWP had my ESA50. So somebody somewhere had already decided before they recieved my esa 50 that I would be getting a medical! Is this right? John
  4. Hi I sent my ESA50 off on the 7th July fine I think got a few weeks until they will see me. Unbelievably my medical appointment letter arrived on the 9th July for the 27th of July. I can only think that they have sent me out and appointment before my ESA50 has arrived or been read. Plz Help John
  5. Another Update After speaking with the original engineers it was clear I was never going to get from them what I need. I took the TV to a samsung approved engineers and had another report done this time it states "further to our inspection we submit the following report The symptons displayed thin vertical lines on the picture are a result of failure of the plasma display panel(PDP). Unfortunately the PDP is not a repairable item and would have to be replaced as a complete module" I take it this is exactly what I was looking for and I should write to currys again. Thanks John
  6. Yes it simply says One vertical line of dead pixels "upon inspection of the above appliance our engineer found it requires a pdp display" It then lists the part required and the cost. And this is exactly what I sent currys. John
  7. Ok Quick update Currys have sent a letter at last pertinent points are "we understand that your engineer has stated that the fault with the TV is general wear and tear. If this were the case we would not be able to consider your claim. Should you wish to persue the matter further we would need to recieve an engineers report stating that your TV has an inherent manufacturing defect" I did speak to the engineers who looked at the TV for me and they said there was no way they would speak to currys about my TV. I think with this one I probably will take it to Small Claims on the basis that the defect is a clear manufacturing defect. Currys are quite simply touting wear and tear to get out of their responsibilites. They havn't sent an engineer to look at my TV despite me inviting them to. John
  8. Polite phone call made today. Nothing to add, to recap I have written to Currys twice now requesting they fix the TV and have had no repsonse from them at all. At the moment I am writing out the LBA. John
  9. Quick Update As tommorow is 01/03 and I've had nothing from currys I guess it's time for the next step. Should it be a 7 DAY lba or should I be moving straight to small claims for the cost of the repair. TIA John
  10. Hi again I sent the following on the 15th and have had no reply. Do you think I should folllow it up with a phone call? Dear Sir/Madam, Samsung PS42Q96HD Plasma TV fault The TV is neither of satisfactory quality nor fit for purpose as regards durability under the meaning of SOGA 1979 (as amended), and under the SOGA, you are required to repair/replacement or refund me within 28 days of which you have had 14 days. I await your proposal for remedy by 01.03.10. Yours
  11. Hi I am in the process of negotiating a F&F regarding a credit card debt. I have got a figure which I am happy with what I am concerned about is the following. If we agree terms you will mark the account as satisfied with the credit reference agencies. Instead they replied with it will be recorded as "partial settlement satisfied" and the account will be closed. Is there any drawbacks to what they propose and should i go for my original "satisfied" request TIA John
  12. Here is a copy of what I sent the first time. Do you think I should add anything because they have not replied within 14 days Dear Sir/Madam, Samsung PS42Q96HD Plasma TV fault Please find enclosed the engineer's report for the above product, confirming that the fault is due to failure of the Plasma Display Panel. I purchased the TV on 21.06.07 and the panel developed the fault during November 09. I paid £700 for this TV. I am of the opinion that the TV is neither of satisfactory quality nor fit for purpose as regards durability under the meaning of SOGA 1979 (as amended), and await your proposal for remedy within the next 14 days. My own preference would a suitable replacement TV Also please find enclosed the invoice for the engineer's report I had to get, since this expense was incurred by me as a result of the failure of your goods, please reimburse that amount (£40) as soon as possible and no later than 28 days from the date of this letter. Yours
  13. Spoken to Currys again this morning and they WILL NOT give me in writing that the plaasma fault is down to wear and tear. They say I have to phone the engineers I had look at the tv. So as per your guidance I would be looking to write again to them asking them to repair it under SOGA. Would there be anything else I need to include in my letter or should it be a carbon copy of what was previously sent. TIA John
  14. So would it be fair to say that they are just using the "wear and tear" statement as an excuse to avoid paying out. They claim to have phoned the engineers and have been told by them "it's wear and tear". They then suggested I get another engineers report. I take it from this point I would write another letter explaining that a plasma screen should not reasonably fail after 2.5 years regardless of reason and re issue my claim for the screen repair. TIA John
  15. Quick Update Currys are saying that the engineers say the failure of the plasma display panel is down to wear and tear? They say they will reject the claim due to the above. Funny that the engineers report I have just states that the PDP needs replacing. What should I do now? John
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