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  1. Sorry being a bit slow! So does that mean that I am likely for the case to be paid?? Thanks for replying btw
  2. Hello all I have a ongoing claim with Citi Bank. I have rcvd a letter saying that the OFT Recommended charges of £12 & they will not refund anything. So.........which will be better for them FOS or court action? The claim is for £160 so not a huge amount of money.
  3. No response to my initial letter so next one on it's way to them!!!!!
  4. Hi I have only got £60 worth of charges (all £12 charges) Is it worth it? Will they actually refund over & above £12? I have all my statements so I have drafted my initial letter to send off so I will wait & see what happens I suppose!
  5. Can anyone tell me what to do next? Or at least point me in the direction of a website where I can read for myself?
  6. So do I need to send them another letter giving them notice of proceedings? Or should I just go & get the TV fixed somewhere & send them a bill attached to a letter of proceedings??
  7. I asked them to respond with in 14 days which they have not done. They have not responded to either letter. Should I use a specific template?
  8. Right guys I need your help! I wrote to them initially on 27th September and gave them 14 days. Then we were in the middle of the postal strike so I gave them a bit longer. Wrote to them again on 3rd November giving another 2 weeks. No reply What do I do now????
  9. Thanks, have asked for either. I did not know whether them repairing it would affect my rights in any way. Have written to them now so will wait & see what they say!!!
  10. Have had a busy few days so am just drafting letter. Should I be asking for a full replacement or for them to repair the exisiting one?
  11. Right ok, thanks BW. My Husband spoke to them about it so will confirm with him what they said. Will it make a difference to the outcome do you think??
  12. sorry guys force of habit, the company I bought it from is LXdirect. It is a catalogue, I paid for it on interest free credit & it is all paid for now. Sorry for confusion!!!
  13. Hello everyone I bought a LCD Toshiba TV from Index in October 2005. It is now not working. You can get sound from it but no picture. We called Index and were told that the warranty that comes with it has expired, my husband called Toshiba and they were no help either. My Stepdad has told us about an act that we should be covered under as you would expect a TV to last a little bit longer than 22 months. Can anyone offer any advise please on how we can get this TV sorted? Thank you
  14. I know, bleeding typical but it prepares me for the next one!!! Thanks for all your help on it though BW, I appreciate it.
  15. THEY HAVE SETTLED THE WHOLE AMOUNT!!!! Sent court bundles off & then I had a letter Saturday saying that due to costs involved they were settling. A cheque has been paid into the account today which will clear Monday so I take it I then send a letter to the court advising them that they have settled and we are stopping court action?
  16. Thanks bookworm. I will update you all with what happens!
  17. I am sorry I have more questions!!! I will donate to the website I promise!!! Do I update my interest....how do I do that?? Change the period claimed to till todays date? Court date? Do I include copies of the court papers in my court bundle? I am presumming they would have these already?
  18. Ok, thanks Bookworm I will do all that!!! so will Ahshurst definately be dealing? I am tempted to contact them to ask to just settle before court as it is only £380....what do you reckon? What a palava! Saying that if I had pulled my finger out earlier I would have not been stressing! :o
  19. Bookworm I am looking at my defense now & there is no solicitors address where Willem has signed.
  20. As I had not heard from a solicitor I thought I was delivering the court bundle to the actual court....which I was going to do tomorrow in my lunch break. Surely I can't be held at fault for something that I have never received! Saying that I would not put it past the Abbey!
  21. I have a defense, it is signed by a Willem Basson. I got Ingas names from another thread.
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