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  1. Sorry to interrupt but I find this case very interesting. I am in the same boat having no knowledge of any PPI paid by us until my wife contacted a claims company last year. They told us we had paid PPI from 1989 until 1993 and I submitted a claim myself. This claim was accepted and a refund made at which time I was also advised that Gold Account fess could be claimed. We had an account until 2006 but I have just received the same reply from NatWest that my claim is out of date. I will write to the Ombudsman because until our PPI claim we had no ide
  2. Can anyone assist with a concern that I have regarding my monthly mortgage payments with NatWest? I have recently remortgaged with NatWest and took out a tracker mortgage of the base rate plus 2.69 %. Over the years I have had further loans which means that my mortgage is recorded as three sections. That is the total loan outstanding split into loans a, b and c. On receiving my notification of the monthly payments the three sections where noted as follows; A - base rate plus 2.69 % equals 4% B - base rate plus 2.69 % equals 4% and C - base rate plus 2.69 % equals 3.19% with
  3. The Government is, I understand, working on giving insurance companies direct access to DVLA. As soon as this comes in there may be an awful lot of drivers who find that their insurance is no longer valid and possibly receive additional demands considering the price that would have been set had all matters been disclosed. Irrespective of this you should always disclose points and I agree with Bandit127, the increase appears somewhat excessive just for points unless you have not been driving long and managed to use a special deal with the original quote and points mean that you no longer
  4. Sorry for the delay in my reply. Basically I claimed the outstanding charge that was being put to me and for unnecessary letters. So I explained that BSB believed I owed say £30, I explained what I had done to rectify this, how BSB failed to respond, how I had to deal with 2 collectors. So to settle the amount I submitted a claim for £30 on the basis that I would pay this to settle the debt even thought it was wrong and as such I was claiming the charge back. I also claimed £12 per letter that was unjustified but only written due to BSB's failures
  5. Hi IdainFife, When you say particulars of the claim do you mean where I submitted my claim or the process I used, as in how I decided on what I was claiming?
  6. Just a quick thread to pass on a successful claim I have made against BSkyB, which may be of use to others in a similar position as I was. I finished my contract with BSkyB as the prices kept increasing without any explanation. Having ceased my contract I received a final payment charge, which I didn't agree with and so wrote to them saying such. Despite a number of letters, I send letters to keep a record of the paper trail, I often found I did not even receive a single reply. Then without warning I received a demand from Wescot Credit Services regarding the debt. I wrote to Wescot
  7. I am not sure if this is of any help but I'll mention it anyway. A colleague of mine rented property and on leaving was told that he would not receive his deposit back and that he would be charged for all work required to clean/improve the address and for lost rent as the property was no longer let whilst this work was ongoing. The landlord added that unless the full amount, once decided, was paid he would reclaim through the small claims court. In reply my colleague pointed out that he would dispute this but in the mean time he required the details of something like the national register
  8. Thanks Ida, I just knew I was right, I'll update this thread with the outcome.
  9. I was with Sky and on joining paid the joining charges and a month in advance. Years later we left because their prices had risen excessively but they demanded payment up until the date of leaving. I have written over four letters asking why I pay in advance and then have to pay up to the date of leaving but Sky refuse to answer. As for telephone calls I have given up with them as staff appear to know nothing apart from to ask me to pay the £38. Sky forwarded the debt to one debt collector who promptly returned it as in dispute so rather than reply Sky have notified another who are not a
  10. Epsom, locutus, Thank you for the replies, very helpful.
  11. Epsom, I to have a dispute with BT possibly similar to yours and find your comments very interesting. I telephoned BT to leave due to increasing prices and was offered a new rate of £25.00 per month. Having been with BT for 20 + years I took it but for the second month was charged £43.00. I contacted BT by telephone and was told that it was due to outstanding payments from before the new rate. I therefore accepted this and the following month was again £25.00. Unfortunately the fourth month payment was £68. I cancelled the contract and left but have been sent an outstanding c
  12. Enamae, This has been excellent. Thank you. I had borrowed £6500 but the BoS but my start amount as £8098. I can now use this to work out a settlment figure. Cheers Dave
  13. Can anyone assist? I previously had a loan which I cleared and each quarter would receive a statement showing outstanding capital, the monthly payment split into capital and interest following by the remaining capaital outstanding. I would pay say £90.00 each month and this amount would be split into increasing capital payments and decreasing interest payments. I presently have a loan with the BoS who have top loaded my loan. I wish to dispute the charges and have asked the BoS to provide me with a statement showing my payments split as my previous lender but the BoS have refused poi
  14. This is just a quick line of advice if anyone else is in the same position that I was a few months ago. Nat West recently changed the dates that the monthly statements were issued for current accounts. They also amended the date that charges would be collected to 21 days after the statement was issued. My monthly fees/charges were normally taken at the end of each month after I had been paid but following the change was taken during the final week of the month. This meant that the account was empty and the charges took me over my overdraft limit resulting in more charges. I complaine
  15. I took out a loan a couple of years ago with the BOS and found out within a few months that the loan had been top loaded with the interest. With the assistance from this site I wrote to the bank and resolved the matter, albeit with no change in the loan but a payment of £50.00 from the BOS due to them failing to address my questions regarding top loading. I now wish to transfer the loan to a previous lender I have used and have asked for a settlement figure. My previous lender would forward quarterly statements showing capital and interest payments, for example - The monthly payment
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