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  1. A house viewing in 5 hours and I just cant sleep. so here is my story. Two and a half years ago my partner and I moved into a home belonging to a friend, the house needed LOTS of work, from re plastering to taking out old fire places, fitting new bathrooms, the lot. The deal was, I get six months rent free and 5 years minimum in the house, on condition I do it up. Well, I did, and then some. As I was planning on staying for the full five years, I spent effectively double what I saved for the six month rent free. polished steel light and plug switches, removed old fire places, wood flooring throughout, re carpeted, coving, re plastered, the works. Hell I even made curtains for the living room and I`m a bloke so thats quite a feet... I split up with my partner a year and a half ago (being cheated on isn't fun) and Its been just me here. I asked my land lady again to confirm her intentions to sell or not last august as I had heard mumblings. She told me she had no planes to sell for a minimum of the next two years and so I went and spent what little I had on a new bathroom. Two weeks ago, I got a letter from her giving me notice that she is selling up. I pay £425 per month in rent for this little terraced two up two down house in Coventry and I love it here, its my home, I spent all my money on it, even after I lost my job. All on the back of the promise of five years. Now ive got landlords coming to view, complimenting the work I've done, and telling me that if they buy, "it wouldn't be financially viable" to keep me there, as they can make more money ripping up the house, flooring ect, converting the front room into a third bedroom and renting it to students for £800 a month. I lost my job 13 months ago, I was an operations manager for a design firm in Leamington for three years and liked it, sadly the economy had other ideas and now I cant even get a sodding interview. This may be her house, but its my home, I have no money, and I`m stuck on housing benefit. With a house full of stuff including ALL the furniture and ALL the appliances, a garden full of vegetables I've been growing since last year, a cat that needs access to outside, no money to move, no money for a deposit, and being on DSS, my housing options are Zero. I just don't know what to do
  2. i havent heard it mentioned, they just insist that they have ownership of the car via the magistrates courts.
  3. The story: Step brother buys a car (vauxhall vectra top of the range 170bhp) from a guy in a village, man in villiage bought off another guy 3 months previous but his wife fell pregnant with their 3rd child so they opted for a more sensible car and sold it on. my step brother came to sell the car recently and it was HPI checked before the sale and found to have money owing on it from logbook loans. Logbook have now hunted my step brother down and are attempting to force him to pay £1600 claiming they own the car and he owes them money. also logbook loans Apr is 343.4% ! They have stated if he doesn't pay in full within 28 days they will take the car as they have ownership through the magistrates courts which would leave him and his family stranded. he offered them £500 as a good will payment and hopefully a quick method for getting shot of them but they refused. they similarly will not discuss the details of the original amount of the loan, the length of time, the original person, nothing at all. all we do know is todays balance is 1600 which must mean it was a tiny amount left on the loan but after 343.4% interest its now £1600. any help and advice is welcome.
  4. If i do this, can they cancel my current account and overdraft ?
  5. with regards to Halifax fully defending my claim see http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/halifax-bank-bank-scotland/75733-halifax-defending-claim-pls.html#post660444 I am having rather sleepless nights... I am absolutely petrified that i have incorrectly claimed for the interest debited due to the overdraft usage and as a consequence could have my claim thrown out... Halifax offered us £2700 on the phone and as i am doing this for my parents in their name i spoke with them and they had something of an "argument about it" basically my step father wanted to settle for the £2700 convinced that "we will lose" and that and my mother wants to stand firm as quite frankly she is p***ed off with a bank that totally took advantage of them at a time of real financial hardship despite her going to the bank and asking them for help when they first started to be charged. So she says its the principle of the matter, and rightly so. But Halifax said in a letter to us that the overdraft interest was a "separate issue" and as such could not be claimed, in total it added up to nearly £540 but once the complex spreadsheet had calculated it properly for me (although i have to admit despite having a back ground in I.T. and finance, i don't understand how it comes to the figures it does for overdraft interest) this figure was reduced to the proper amount see my complex spreadsheet here: YouSendIt - File Sharing Transfer Delivery - PC FTP Replacement if you look at the spread sheet i claimed for the following on the court form: Bank Charges £2,589.78 overdraft interest £340.11 Interest under section 69 of the county courts act 1984 £439.91 court fee £120 bare in mind on the complex spreadsheet ive hosted for your viewing that the section 69 interest will be a little different due to time elapsed. and so, im sat up at 3 a.m. panicking that im going to lose them not only the £2700 Halifax originally offered, but the court costs, plus incur on my parents more court costs from Halifax defence. They are already having to sell the house they have lived in for the last 24 years due to debt, this house is everything to my mother and to me, i was raised in it from 9 months old and i just don't know what i would do if the unthinkable happened with this case. I wish these banks could see the stress and worry that they are causing, this money would really help them when they downsize, i mean once the hole in the account is filled they are only looking at actually getting about £1200, pennies to a bank worth billions. It doesn't help with the fact that my step father seems to have no faith in my abilities what so ever, he claims he saw some program on GMTV that says that seven hundred and fifty thousand claims went in in a single month and as a result of this the banks are now mounting a defence of claims . now this all sounds like hes blowing hot air to me, but if he is right then i really could end up causing my parents more trouble. Considering its his fault they are in this mess i really do wish he would just shut his trap once in a while. I just don't know what to do p.s. sorry for blowing off steam here, in between me losing the attic I rent off them, giving up smoking, losing my job, spending weeks fixing this place up AND sorting this small mess out for them im just about at my wits end, all im trying to do is help. As usual, any advice bar throwing myself off a bridge is much appreciated
  6. i hope so ... i just hope nothings wrong with what i am claiming for and that this is all over soon
  7. fist of all some quick back ground info... this has been in the works since october, its a claim put together by me but in my parents name and for their account and its for £3500 in total. a few days ago we received this letter in the post... CLICK TO ENLARGE now my step father went and phoned them up and they offered him another £120 on top of that despite them claiming not to know that we were per suing court action. I instructed my parents not to accept and not to talk to them unless they call here. today we got this letter and quite frankly it terrifies the hell out of me, the claims in my parents name, they would have to defend it and they dont know there arse from their elbow about any aspects of the court room and quite frankly im not much better and we cant afford a solicitor. CLICK PIC TO ENLARGE i would appreciate some advice, they seem to be not wanting to pay the interest back that they took as a result of the overdraft claiming its a separate issue, but at each stage i have passed my figures by several people here and the general consensus seems to have been that it was all in order so again, confusion doubt and fear are all present. my parents really cant afford to lose this if anyone is willing to help, the spreadsheet ive submitted to the courts and an example of one of the bank statements showing where the charges come from are listed below. YouSendIt - File Sharing Transfer Delivery - PC FTP Replacement CLICK TO ENLARGE
  8. its the former, i.e. by letter, unfortunatly my idiot step father phoned them up trying to verbally coax more money out of them and he claims they offered him another £120, this is coincidentally the same ammount for my court Fee`s. the stupid thing is we sent a final demand off to halifax and recieved a really nasty letter back demanding repayment in full of the overdrawn balance and that no further negotiations would be entered in to. now, 2 months later and with the court date looming, they are sending up nice letters with enlarged offers and offering us a little extra that "coincidentally" is exactly the same ammount as the court costs, whilst at the same time on the letter they claim to have no knowledge of any pending court proceedings... do they think we are all stupid ? i mean im no lawyer but when one firm sends me 2 conflicting letters its pretty clear to see there obviously a little flapped.
  9. our day in court is on the 20th of march. the overdraft facility was for £1700 but the total charges alone without overdraft interest amounted to £ 2,589.78 over the 4 years leaving the account at minus 2100 when it was finally frozen 6 months after the original request. Also if Halifax,s interest debited figures that ive submitted are not correct i believe its up to halifax to provide a more accurate figure for the court.
  10. but i dont understand how i could possibly be claiming for anything i am not entitled too, (in truth its my parents who are claiming, im just doing all the work...) at every stage of the way i have checked and double checked my spread sheets and letters with the CAG community and no ones ever raised an eye brow before.
  11. Hi all, quick bit of background info, halifax have taken a total of £3382 over 4 years, 2,589.78 £2589 from direct bank charges £340 interest debited (monies taken based on how overdrawn you are) £453 for 8% interest calculation (only submitted at the court point) they are offering £2589 and claiming that the "interest debited" is a separate issue that wont stand up in court, the letter makes it sound like they are trying to do me a favour :-| now i dont want to settle, but i also dont want to get to my court date which is on the 20th of march only for them to throw it out because "Halifax offered me the correct ammount" so im a little worried / confused. all help appreciated.
  12. ello all Now i used to be a finance officer for Europe's largest HIV charity, and i was in control of a budget of over a quarter of a million pounds, i also had to supply and liaise with over 60 GP`s across the midlands, so for the life of me i cant work out why this sheet has me so stumped... now im going to put some screenshots up to illustrate my problem as ive looked around at peoples posts about similar things and none of the later posters seem to quite understand some of the confusion. first off, its the Complex Schedule of charges sheet thats confusing me. now when i drew up my simple charges for the request of repayment from my bank, i layed it out like this: figure 1. and these were the totals: figure 2. now first off, please bare in mind, the interest on this sheet is NOT the 8%, nor is it anything to do with it, it is the interest Halifax takes off the account based on how much into your overdraft you've used that month. so, simple enough, all went well there. But now i have had to do the complex spreadsheet as i have to take this to court but it makes no sense :-| i cant see anywhere on the sheet where it lists the £540.70 debited interest despite all the figures being there, ive highlighted that column in red on figure 3. what it does have is £340 for a column called "INTEREST ON PENALTIES" highlighted in blue: figure 3 Then to totally confuse the issue, ive got an 8% charge on the other sheet: figure 4. which leaves me totally in the dark as if the "INTEREST ON PENALTIES" £340 figure isnt the interest debited, and it isnt the 8% so, to recap, ive got the following amounts... PENALTY CHARGED £2589.78 8% ON PENALTIES £405.07 INTEREST ON PENALTIES £340.11 8% ON INTEREST ON PENALTIES £34.84 and a missing £540.70 in interest debited, plus gaps where the 8% INTEREST ON PENALTIES should of automatically calculated. all in all i am sat here with a court form half filled out and not a clue what I am supposed to put down for the total amount claimed. Suffice to say I could use a little clarification.
  13. all the charges from the bank account are due to either the use of an overdraft or going over the overdraft limit, what should i do ?
  14. Hi all, ive followed through all the stages now, I initially started all this back in November and despite falling behind a little with the schedule due to helping the parents sort the house out for sale, I *think* I am finally ready to submit the court papers on their behalf. I just wondered if someone would be kind enough to take a look at my schedule of charges + the interest and tell me if it looks like ive input the data correctly, im mainly worried about the interest calculations in case ive done something wrong, I wouldn't want to be claiming for something their not entitled to and have the lot thrown out of the court. ive put the file up at yousendit.com for general downloading and viewing, obviously its in excel format based on the simple schedule i downloaded from here. http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=check_download&ufid=7DFBFA8C05225991&key=f2ecdd116799989abdc510ccf43bcf1ce09aaa07 Thanks again. :grin: p.s. i was wondering... do i put the S A R and court fee on the sheet too ???
  15. the LBA actually wasnt sent untill the 8th of January due to a busy Xmas here so they technically still have untill the 22nd. i will get the court papers ready in the mean time and submit them on the 22nd.
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