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  1. Hi mate, I thought as much, thanks for checking for me, i've offered a really low offer of £50 to thames credit, i explained thats he's been made enemployed and is only 3 years off retirement and he can't realistically afford any repayments as his outgoings exceed his incomings. I've heard nothing yet, failing that offer it'll be a quid a month.
  2. Hi everyone, had a bit of bad luck and recieved another cca from BLS this time, its in regards to a lloyds loan, would you please be kind enough to take a look and offer your opinion as to whether its enforcable or not. I did notice that the PPI box as not been ticked by my relative but has been typed so this may offer up a PPI Reclaim too. Image of BLS CCA - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Thanks in advance.
  3. Thats a shame, can't believe they can get awy with this sort of thing.
  4. I recieved a phone call last night from thames credit asking for my uncle who does not live with me but has used my home telephone to contact thames credit before, they obviously recorded the no. Anyway they then asked me several data protection questions, wrongly assuming I was my uncle, I refused to answer the questions and stated that I didn't understand how giving out personnal info would help my data protection when I couldn't actually prove who was on the other end of the line. They then asked if my name was ******** and if i lived at ****** address, interseted to see how far this would go I grunted a yes, I then asked for my debt balance, account no and date of birth. All were supplied without any problems. I then informed them that I was not my uncle and they had just given out a load of sensitive information without proving my real identity, I was then informed they were allowed to do this and the call had been recorded and they hung up. I must add that I am helping my uncle with his CCA's and had all this info already and have informed him of this incident. As I see it they have broken loads of data rules 1) They recorded a personnal no without permission, or finding if that no was indeed my uncles. 2) Gave out loads of info without proving who was on the other end of the line. 3) Recorded the conversation without my knowledge. Should my uncle complain to the OFT and ICO about this. Would love to hear peoples advice,
  5. I will air on the side of caution with that CCA, it would be my relative in court and to be honest he doesn't really understand the whole CCA process. Thanks for all the advice though it's been a huge help, I will get in touch with him and see how he wants to proceed and then get back to you then.
  6. I never relised you could CCA catalogues, that knocks one on the head straight away, all but one have failed to provide CCAs, the one that did is Thames credit, it seems to be enforcable, however there is a mixture of views on it, the thread is below. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/143330-recieved-cca-thames-credit.html I'll tell him to hold of on the full and final then, how does retiring effect the repayment of debts? Thanks for all the great advice so far.
  7. Hi, I'm helping a family member with his debts, we've CCA'd them all, most have been uable to produce anything but one has and he has a couple debts that were from catologes and weren't able to CCA. He's also had refunds back from Bank charges, Credit Card charges, PPI and even DCA refunds. We'd now like to use some of this money to settle the DCAs who have produced a CCA or don't need to. Could you let me know what a realistic settlement figure would be, are we talking 50%, 25%, 10% of the original debt? He has also just been made unemployed at 62. Any advice would be a great help so we can finish dealing with these companys once and for all................Luke
  8. Thanks for all the info everyone, So it loooks like this agreement is enforcable or am I misreading the posts so far?
  9. Hi Pinky, so would you write saying it's invalid because of the incorrect APR and the missing info.
  10. Hi mate, the statements did have the account no and my relatives name and address but I errased them before posting them. The only agrements that they sent are the ones linked in my first post, does that help?
  11. This is all very strange, we rang up the bank today and they informed him it is a credit card that he had with them, his statements apear to back this up, requesting minimal amounts and stating available credit etc, I've posted one up below. Image of statement - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Looking at the agrements, neither have a date under my relatives signiture and the credit card account numbers have been writain by hand at the top of the form, in two different hand writtings. His account no changes half way through the statements for some reason too. To be completely honest i'm quite confused by this and he got his financies in such a mess that he doesn't really seem to know how many accounts or loans he's had.
  12. Hi, not too sure about him having an account but i'll find out. The account held by thames is definately a credit card, and this is the acount we cca'd if they've provided a cca for a loan and keycard account then it's a different account altogether. Thank you for spotting this mate.
  13. Thanks pinky. what is a key card account, they also sent statement which make it look like a credit card, my relative also says its a credit card.
  14. Hi, I'm helping a relative with his cca requests, he eventually recieved these from thames credit, who are acting on behalf of Halifax bank of scotland. He had both a loan and credit card and this cca seems to be for both. Could you please have a look and let me know if this is enforceable for either the loan of credit card. Image of thames credit cca - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting thamescreditcca2.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Thanks for helping.
  15. Good going MJSimon, could I also suggest that you might consider complaining to the Ombudsman about them closing your account. I was awarded £250 in compensation after Nationwide did the same thing to me.
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