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  1. Hi. Am moving house. Rang up the broker One Quote to inform them and get a quote for a new policy. Then like a bolt out of the blue - I was told my new address was "unacceptable" to the underwriters - KGM. I was rather unhappy to say the least. To add insult to injury I'm having to pay them £72 to cancel!! (£35 admin plus some interest no doubt) As a result I now have to cancel my policy with them and look for another insurer (a brief search has found many insurers who are more than happy to cover this address) I am completely flummoxed by the whole affair. Th
  2. A few months ago, I rang Equita to settle up for my unpaid parking ticket. Even though no Bailiff had come knocking the woman in the call centre said "we're charging X amount, since we have now requested a bailiff to attend." At the time I just paid up. It was around £30. No bailiff had come knocking at the door…at least that's what I assume since there was no evidence of a visit e.g. a letter informing me of a visit and the charges incurred. I have been fuming with myself ever since for paying this money. Through my own stupidity, I now find myself in a similar situation and
  3. Will do the letter. Many thanks Jeff
  4. I have just received standard first letter from Cabot, who say they've purchased my debt from a bank (enclosing what is purported to be a letter from the bank signing the debt over to them) Presumably Cabot have bought this debt in order to try and re-impose interest on it. Here's the big question though...does the pending OFT test case affect Cabot's ability to pursue this alleged debt through the courts, since it will include these penalty charges, the legal status of which is yet to be determined. I have read some very good threads on this fantastic site and am getting to t
  5. Thanks for the advice Warms:grin: I'm quite looking forward to this!
  6. Hello to you all. As a recent victim of blatant racketeering, I seem to have found the right place to redress an injustice. £39 per unpaid direct debit? I don't think so Mr Halifax!!
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