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  1. I've just been told by their customer services that they can't talk about my case over the phone and it all now has to be done via email which is fine except they don't respond in a timely fashion. I have threatened court action but in the same email offer them a settlement figure for partial refund (repair costs in region of £200 on a £350 laptop is uneconomical in my eyes) or a replecement laptop. I would be extremely happy to be offered vouchers back in order to purchase a laptop of like for like or better specs but somehow, I think I have months of wrangling. It's my daughters laptop and she's 3rd yr Uni so it's a crucial piece of kit. Perhaps I can advise them of the costs of hiring a laptop from the Uni for the duration it takes them to surrender to the inevitable. Maybe that will be an incentive for them to deal with it quickly.
  2. My laptop has gone kapuut after 14 mths. It was repaired twice by P C World within the 12 mth period but I am now locked in battle with them with respect to the onus being on the consumer to prove fault. As a diagnostic report that they demand I get from an independent enigneer will cost around £50, I am waiting to hear whether they will refund all my costs associated with obtaining the report - providing the report confirms it is a hardware fault for which the retailer is responsible ... which I already know it is (sigh). P C World would do far better to simply take the bloomin thing back and replace the Motherboard, as they will ultimately have to do ... it will no doubt cost them much more in staff time by continually refusing to help me. So far I have sent and received 8 emails!
  3. We received a telephone call from ATOS yesterday evening. We were wary as we had received no contact from JobCentrePlus advising us who this company was etc. Having looked on the net, I now find they are a legitimate private company contracted by the DWP to carry out medical assessments. Okay, so we point out that my husband underwent one of these hoe visit medicals only about 4 months ago for the purposes of DLA so why does he need to go through the stress of another one? Apparently, DWP and DLA are incapable of sharing records when it comes to efficiently coordinating claim proof. So now we say well fine, but you'll have to come out to him as he is crippled up with pain from spinal disease. Atos give us a local fax number and tell us to instruct our GP to fax through confirmation that my husband needs a home visit. This morning I call our GP surgery who laugh down the phine and say they never give out patient information on the strength of being handed a fax number on a bit of paper (and quite rightly too). So now, I have to ring this company back and tell them to put it in writing for my doctor. All the while, a quick check of the net forums reveals that if the automated calls from Atos are ignored or no reply received, in a growing number of cases, genuine benefits are being stopped without any prior contact from the DWP. Thank you Gordon. With unemployment reaching 3 million, my husband who can't even manage his toiletry needs without my help, now has to fight to keep disability payments that don't even keep us above the government's own poverty line.
  4. Hello all, Here's one for you concerning an Acer Aspire recondtioned laptop that my daughter ( a uni student) purchased online from PCWorld approx 1 month ago. The first thing she did was visit her local PCW store to exchange the mains lead - they had sent the wrong type, no problem there. She has just settled into her rented house, got broadband on and wanted to fire up the laptop to get it organised ready for the impending term. Blue screen, Windows error message, shut down. This happened several times before she gave up and cried on the phone to me! PCWorld aftersales (35 mins on hold on her mobile racking up charges) told her it was nothing to do with them and that she would have to contact Acer direct for recovery discs (they were not included I suppose, because it was a refurbished item). She rang Acer who advised it was nothing to do with them and that it was down to PCWorld. They went on to tell her that if she had no luck, to ring back and they'd sell her recovery discs at £50 a pop! Okay, under Sale of Gooods Act etc, who is liable. I presume PCWorld was as they supplied goods unfit for purpose because the OS appears to be faulty (though of course, it may be a hard drive hardware problem, who knows until someone accepts responsibilty to fix it. What is my daughter's legal position - she paid online using her Debit Maestro card. Poor girl, welcome to the world of grown up consumer hell
  5. It seems to me that for every new rule, two more are made to counter it; it's just an ever increasing mountain of layered form filling and confusion for the honest recipient whilst provided added methods for the unscrupulous to manipulate the system.
  6. Hi Mrmarmite


    I'm intending to file against harassment as well - I can't locate any POC on the site and whilst I can create one, if you know of a well constructed one already out there, could you direct me to it?


    Seems to me, not many people actually take legal action and just send letters and complain to OFT etc even though I understand the small claims courts are pretty hot on stamping out harassment.

  7. Puckanan Clark & Wells In a nutshell, British Gas (yes them again) have incorrectly applied gas usage in my name to a property - £75.00 I had already received my Final Bill (Dec 18th) which infact was a credit cheque. Next I find BCW letter on my door mat (for my own home, not the property regarding the gas bill). I immediately advise in writing to BGas that account is in dispute. I immediately ring BCW and advise account in dispute. I receive three calls within 10 days and finally state I am no longer prepared to discuss over phone, please put in writing. They make a written demand so I warn in writing that they are breaching several laws and are not to process any data or make any advances to me in respect of the disputed account. I SAR'ed British Gas - awaiting reply. Three days ago, a Legal Action Warning from BCW and yet another telephone call from them today - I refused to speak with her and advised she was breaking the law by telephoning me; she put the phone down on me. I will be lodging a small claims court action tomorrow morning. Where oh where do I find a good template for harrasment (telephone & written)? Additionally, what sort of damages/costs am I figuring for? I will not let this go. I am a f/t carer for my disabled husband as well as a busy mum - all this for a £75 gas bill I don't owe! Please could anyone/someone direct me to a Particulars of Claim template so I can prep the paperwork to submit in the morning. Thanks you in anticipation.
  8. Don't know if this is anything to do with your particular situation however I found this : ISPreview - UK ISP's Served with Court Order to Reveal User Details
  9. Hi both Thank you for both replies. I think the LA has me tied up for at least 3 mor months (see below). I am reluctant to even consider any exit fee as the agent has does absolutely zip and may well have not existed apart from introducing the tenant - they have had more in the 10% monthly fee so far than the entire introductory fee so they are well in front for doing zip. The T&Cs does say: "This agreement will remain in force until terminated by service of three months notice by one party on the other prrovided that the Agent may terminate this agreement forthwith and without service of notice in the event of any action or omission by The Owner or The Owner's representative which frustrates the continued performance of the Agent's service hereunder." However it was only a 6-month tenancy (no roll over was agreed as we were hoping to sell and just wanted it occupied until a sale came through). In a separate letter sent a week later, the LA confirm that it is only a 6-month tenancy. Would it technically be possible for the tenants to remain in the property for a week at the end of the tenancy foc as my guests and for me then to draw up a fresh tenancy agreement? I appreciate it may sound like I'm trying to screw the LA but they have breached so many of their own Clauses of the Agreement (eg no inspections, told us their was a 17yr son there for a few weeks but turned out to be 21 yr old permanently there, advised they had a dog with pet insurance however it is a cat with none). All little things in their own right but accumulatively 8 counts of failing to keep to their T&Cs. I haven't even been furnished with a copy of the tenancy agreement or copies of the references as requested so in fact I know nothing about the tenants except thier names and things I've picked up from chatting to them - no way to trace if they decided to do a runner!
  10. Unless it's changes since I used it, there is no check apart from having to activate an email to your email address where you are the buyer. In the case of sells, it used to be that you had to have at least 10 purchase transactions before you could sell and that you had to register your credit/debit card details. With Paypal. it suggests that the buyer has a level of protection as anyone receiving your money via Payapl will have had to go through a bank account verification process. Perhaps it's changed now, I haven't had the need to buy lately! One this is for sure, I would never purchase from overseas (though no doubt most deals are legitimate) and I always go for those with high feedbacks where possible - and I read the most recent ones to make sure they are still current and nothing glaringly negative.
  11. Thanks Joa, makes sense about IS being stopped. Whilst I don't receive child maintenance myself I know from past experience that there are lots of PWCs who are on benefits and receiving arrears as part of their regular CSA payments. Do the DWP recognise the arrears as being ignored in the calculation?
  12. Hi All I have been renting my other property since Jan this year - done through a Letting Agency as I had never been a landlady before. Tenants are lovely but Letting Agent was like the Scarlet Pimpernel when either we or tenants tried to contact. Anyhow, I signed agreement with LA prior to tenancy begining and shortly after recived a confirmation in writing that there was a 6month tenancy with Mr & Mrs tenant. Apart from passing on the rent (minus their 10% fee), the LA haven't contributed anything to the relationship. The tenants phone us if they have any queries or problems and it al gets sorted - everyone is happy and it works extremely well. The tenants want to rent directly through us and vice versa. We have agreed that with the LA gone, we won't need to increase the rent. The teanants have just given their 2 month notice and will be getting the deposit back and giving to me at the beginning of July for me to put in a TDS. Do I also have to legally give the LA notice? It was only a 6 month tenancy that we employed them for but I wonder if they will try to demand more money as we have 'cut them out of any future deal'. If needs be, I can quote plenty of breaches of the Contract between myselg and the LA but I'm hoping not to go down that road as I prefer the easier life!
  13. Please help me get my head round the logic of this. As I understand, any CSA money received is retained (barr £10) where the recipient is also on IS. So, say someone is receiving £200 a week in CSA, how does the benefits agency justify retaining £190 of it - that's more than the IS being received? Does that not work out as the benefits office making a profit? Also, what about CSA that is made partially up of arrears. Say someone receives £200 a week but that £50 of that is arrears relating to a period prior to the recipient being on any sorts of benefits. Surely, that protion must lawfully be ignored and be passed unhindered to the parent?
  14. Hi both Differing opinions which is always good to hear. I believe that the design is flawed and as such poses risk of injury whilst in normal use. Wickes state that they are a supplier to the DIY consumer, not just the trade so IMHO their products should be designed to be installed and used by the ordinary man in the street. I will retain photos of the faulty product and make a follow up enquiry in a month to see whether Wickes has investigated the item's satisfaction as 'fit for purpose'. With regard to treatment Conniff, I am ex medical staff and was able to self treat and my tetanus is up to date so not required. My main concern is that this product which is designed to be swivelled by direct pressure on the mirror panel, and is specifically for the domestic market, could potentially cause very serious injury to the consumer; hence I am anxious for accountability. Thank you for your responses.
  15. Hi All Just a quick opener as I am unfamiliar with Consumer Law and reasonable expectation for compensation. Purchased a swivel mirror from Wickes Store last month. Installed it and next day when angling mirror it sjattered unde finger of left hand and shard of mirror glass split top of finger. Stemmed blood flow, removed sliver from finger and dressed injury (only a half inch cut). I wrote to Wickes requesting 3 things: The product line be tested to ensure fit for purpose and withdrawn if not; Reasonable recompense for injury (photographs offered); A ful refund. I advised Trading Standards in my home town but they wrote back immediately stating nothing to do with them and I should contact Consumer Direct. Wickes have now written back with profuse apologies and telling me to take the mirror back to store of purchase for a refund. What do you all feel about this. Do you think Wickes are addressing this reasonably by simply offering a refund? I'm sure if the mirror had broken when one of the children were using it, we would have beenin A&E with a severed finger. It just seems to me that Wickes, like so many companies with an obligation to supply safe products, thinks that a one page letter saying sorry is the end of it. My consumer head is really quite disgruntled about this apparent apathy.
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