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  1. Hi finally found copies of all correspondance letters i sent LBA letter on 23rd july and still not heard anything what do i do next also i have only put what they owe me in the request for charges letter not in any detail should i have listed all the charges i am claiming back
  2. Thinki have made a boo boo i cant find my original letters i sent had them saved on different laptop so cant remember when the 2 letters i sent previous were dated does this matter,also would i need copies of these if it did go to court
  3. Hi i recieved my statements and sent letter requesting charges back got the usual fob of letter on monday which letter do i send now ali
  4. hi what do you do if you have had interest or refund paid into your account ie i had 0.47 gross interest paid into my account, also i have tax deducted 0.09 what happens with that and 15.00 charges refund which columns do i put these ali
  5. paulnali


    I have had all my statements sent me as requested and totalled up charges ie returned direct debits,unauthorized overdraft fees etc and it comes to £1676.00 from 26/01/01 to 21/11/05,i am stuck on what i do with dr interest (what is this and do i add it on)i have read and read this forum and no good with figures and just cant work out the 8% interest should i just ask for the £1676 and leave it at that yes i know im thick lol
  6. hi it was moneypartners who found us the mortgage that charged the £5000 ali
  7. Hi can you claim back fees from companys that find you a mortgage,we found a company called money patners who found us a mortgage with kensington mortgages (worst mortgage company ever)and charged us £5000,our mortgage has gone up by £60 in 8 months and now due to go to court on 5th feb as kensington trying to repossess the house for arrrears which we are trying to pay off,can we get the £5000 back. ali
  8. Hi jules thanks for reply i have been following a few threads on here and think i am in for a long wait but it will be worth it if i get back what im owed,also gonna persue alliance and leicester as they have charged me £600 and thats just in 3 months but gonna do it one at a time otherwise will be snowed under with paperwork. ali
  9. Hi i have sent the standard letter to request all my statements dating back 6 years was sent by recorded delivery on 12th december but no reply as yet,will let you know when i have a reply
  10. Hi thankyou was up till 3am just reading through all posts am alittle worried about kensington mortgages lots have ended up selling there property
  11. Hi i'm ali and have decided to try and get all my husbands charges back but haven't heard of anyone tackling yorkshire bank also can you claim back from mortgage companys we recently took out a remortgage and was charged £5000 for the fee also my husband came out of work so got behind on mortgage we have been charged £25 for non payment plus £50 interest per month that we are in arrears upto now we have been charged £450 thats just in 3 months can anyone help
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