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  1. Don´t think you need form 414 that's for VAT registered traders. Form 415 is for personal imports. The receipt numbers look like the tax was paid in France. You need to get the registration paperwork from a DVLA office. Fill it in return it with fee and road tax. Don´t know what it costs now. Used to be £38 + road tax. Probably a few quid more now. If in doubt phone the DVLA. I brought a vintage vespa (1973) into the UK few years ago and it was fairly easy to have it registered. Date letter from piaggio UK MOT (over 3 years old) Italian receipts Ticked box on form VAT paid in other European country. You need to have the bike insured on the VIN number for the tax/paperwork at the DVLA. Once they issue a reg number. Back to the insurance company to amend the documents. ps: The VAT forms are available at the local DVLA offices
  2. To import and register the bike. You need the French receipts showing VAT (equivalent) paid in France. There´s no requirement to pay VAT in the UK if it´s already been paid in another European member state. Should be on the DVLA forms somewhere. The bike needs to have the Certificate of Conformity papers. It´s states the vehicle has been checked for road use somewhere in the European Union. It´s necessary to register the bike in the UK. The bike should be fitted with a headlight suitable for the UK roads. ie. dips to the left or centre dipped headlight. The speedometer should read in MPH. Dual mph/kph speedometer is acceptable. If the bike is a know brand that should be sufficient to register in the UK. However if the bike is some unknown brand the DVLA may require Single Vehicle Approval testing. SVA - bike is taken for an extended mot to check it is suitable for UK road use. Most of this is on the DVLA website. Check the car section as well the rules are similar. You could ask a local motorcycle shop to check over the bike and help with the registration.
  3. Big Update!!!! Went to court, judge was agitated about it being lunch time. Decided both summonses were unsound on a technicality. Offered an opportunity to continue at a later date, or refile the papers. I chose refile at a later date, with expenses to the defendants. While the judge and the lawyers went to lunch. I went to Plymouth, crossed the English Channel entered Europe and dissapeared from the UK permanently. Planned to leave a long time ago.The UK became to expensive to live in. If Hillesden or BlackHorse want any further involvement in my life. Come and get me I´ll be waiting. Remember so far It´s cost them. 1 laptop 1 Motorcycle A lot of legal expenses and nothing to show for it. Think I win again. PS Thank to everyone whole provided support n´stuff. Cheers:)
  4. When did ODC become a man chick? :o It's not real life it's a soap. Talking of Soap the results of the Summonses are now in. Black Horse to defend, Hillesden to defend. The defendants have chosen to use, separate legal practises. There's been some comparing of summonses. One of them appears to be defending part of the other ones summons. OOps! The other defence is just rant. Working out fine so far. My biggest nightmare was one company defending and the other not wanting to make an appearance. Perhaps now we can display the truth about what really happened before. Court Friday BH up first then Hillesden.
  5. That would indeed be the same Tessera that purchase statute barred debt and start chasing like wild dogs.
  6. Who's that trip, trapping on the bridge? Cabot? Hmmm! They talk to much and have nothing to say.
  7. They don't need luck they need a good brief and a lesson in manners and etiquette. The also need to take control of their third party agents. Any attempts to drag this out an there's a citation for witness duty going out to the data controllers of both companies.
  8. Back in court with James Michael 'Jimmy' Cooper Nearly time for the next round of court action with Black Horse and Hillesden. 2 weeks until the return date. Will they fold or be prepared to make an appearance. I'm all excited. Suits at the cleaners. Shoes are already polished. Checked out the court roll for the last few weeks and BH are no longer represented in court by Hillesden's Glasgow solicitors. They have their own solicitors now. Wonder why Hillesdens bully boys are not representing them anymore? This means a visit to the court later in the week for some scouting. Are the new boys efficient and prepared? It may be to my advantage. Less chance of both companies co-ordinating their efforts. It's time to finally send the police complaint. Been holding the complaint back for some time. Should appear nicely just as court starts...
  9. Have a look in the Legalities forum further down. First sticky thread.
  10. Go get them Kenny. Litigation's the only language the call centre monkeys understand.
  11. OOps! Slightly wrong calculation. They would have defaulted about the 30th September. That makes the criminal default end of October.
  12. Don't think you need to send them anything else for the time being. Save the £1 for a CCA on ATI as they are all the same company (JB ventures) You sent a CCA request to JB Recovery on the 13th September. 2 days for delivery. 12 working days. JB Recovery defaulted on the CCA request about the 1st October. 1 calender month for default. The criminal offence part occurs 1st November. You could take 2grumpys advice and send a letter to JB Recovery telling them they are prohibited from initiating enforcement action while the account is in dispute. It's now up to them to comply with the CCA request. When the 1st November passes you can report them to trading standards. Enclosing any correspondence received while they are in default.
  13. Registered Office sounds good. It's where the suits live
  14. I've had contact with JB Recovery for an account that is in default of s77 CCA and Statute Barred. Tracked down a few details on this company. JB Recovery and ATI (Asset Trace & Investigations) are based in the same building in Glasgow and both are trading names of JB (Ventures) Ltd. Now it gets interesting. Check the company registration number JB (Ventures) with Companies House and it shows the registered office as Homelea House, Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire. Them check the Information Commissioners website database and it shows. JB Ventures Ltd registered as a Data Controller in Bath St, Glasgow. That's not correct. The Data Protection Act states that in the case of a Ltd company they should be registered with the Information Commissioners Office at their registered company address. JB Ventures are incorrectly registered with the Information Commissioners Office. I'm just about to report them to the Information Commissioners Office. The original creditor is in default of S77 and JB should not be in possession of any of my personal data. Additional complaint of processing data while incorrectly registered. The letters I received were also in breach of s351 of the Companies Act. Contained JB ventures company name/number and the Glasgow address of JB Recovery. The act states that all correspondence should contain, place of registration and registration number. The address of its registered office. (Bridge of Weir not Glasgow). Formal complaint to Companies House. Extra complaint that they don't display the correct contact details on their website under the E-commerce legislation from 2002 Wrote to JB Recovery a few weeks ago instructing them to back down. It's now time to start reporting them to Trading Standards, OFT, Information Commissioners Office and Companies House. Hopefully cost them a few quid having all the stationary reprinted.
  15. Text speak and use the first letters of the words. C M duks M R not duks O S A R
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