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  1. Received yet another letter in the post today advising that a door step collection visit would take place unless I ring them ! I send off another letter advisign them thy have still not given me a proper copy of the credit agreement. As this debt has been in query for so long - and was originally taken out in 2002 - would this drop off my credit file this year ? - as if I pay it and it becomes satified/settled etc - do I have to wait 6 years from the date of it being settled ? Also do you think Westcot would take a full & final offer below 25p in pound ? Appreciate any replies
  2. Hi, Have not sent anything back yet, as Issues with my car/laptop being stolen so mind on other things ! Was about to send something off today & received another letter through the post from Westcot stating that they have written to me on a number of occasions & various threats of referring to a 'door step recovery' organisation etc etc Seems they are just churning out there standard list of letters & hoping for a response. My gut feeling is to just ignore, rather than stoking the flames by sending a letter - however I don't want it to cause any further problems. Should I still send the letter to solicitors, even though Westcot have now sent me a follow up letter directly ? I'm hoping to be able to come up with a Full 7 final settlement in New Year, but deffo do not want to settle for more than 25p in pound (same as I negotiated ith other debts) Once again thanks for all help on this.
  3. Morning all, Thought this had disapeared, but good old Westcot are worse than the terminator ! Sent above letter as recdomended by Priorityone & have not heard anything until now. Received a letter dated 04/11/07 from NELSON GUEST & PARTNERS SOLICITORS - informing me that unless payment is made within 7 days, legal proceedings may be commenced without further notice. Now this letter seems very similar to the previous letter threatening court action - which never happened. However would be grateful if someone could offer any new/further advice. 1. I never ended up sending the SAR request to MBNA for unlawful charges - should I still do this what with the delaying of any cases until after the 'big case' ? - If I do SAR them, they will not be able to respond until after the big case, so does that mean my account will be in dispute & Westcot won't be able to chase me ? 2. Any other suggestions appreciated Many thanks Woolny
  4. Anabel, Did you send the original driving license (or ID ?) - did you get back ok ? What was their offer like ?
  5. Ha all - exact wording as follows:- Dear.... Thank you for yur recent enquiry requesting information on your bank account. I also acknowledge receipt of your £10 fee. The transactional information remaining on our systems, normally covering the last 14 months is not available because your account hs been closed. If you have any questions please call us on the above number . Yours sincerley Pam Speed Business Manager So used the template from here & paid the £10 fee. Any advice ?
  6. Morning, Finally started my claim against Morgan Stanley. Sent off the SAR - they wrote back asking for:- - Clarification of my new address - Documentary proof of identification - original driving license..... should I send this ? Appreciate any advice.
  7. Morning, Have started my claim against Abbey - sent off the SAR request & they have replied stating tht they only usually keep transactional information for last 14 months. But they do not have the information for me because my account is closed..... Is this correct ? What should my next steps be ? Appreciate any advice.
  8. Have now had a letter from HAMPTONS LEGAL dated 25th May (only received today) - giving me 7 days to pay or they "MAY" proceed with County Court action... They have asked me to contact them but there phone number is not on paperwork ! Should I be concerned about county court if they can't even prove the debt yet ? - am I right in thinking that if it does go to County court I could always pay it to avoid a judgement ? Need soem advice whether to sit tight or contact them etc,
  9. Thanks for the information above, I've changed address since I opened all these accounts, I've read somewhere that I should provide evidence of this - what do I need to say or send ? - is it necessary ?
  10. Couldn;t find a thread for this bank - presume I should put here ? Cannot believe nobody has started a claim against them ?
  11. Lan01 - I've decided to do the same - just waiting..... Have still heard nothing further from them.
  12. Just had another chaser in giving me 7 days to pay or else they will proceed with legal action (for £137 !). Part of me thinks sod it just cut a deal & put it to bed - but I don't even know if it's my debt !! Can anyone shed any light on what I should do ?
  13. Not heard anymore from them at moment - but i've got a sneaky feeling they will be in touch soon.... Can anyone else who's dealt with old mobile bills - shed any light on this please. Surely if it's not on my credit report - it's either not mine, or over 6 years old ?
  14. Elliesnan - thanks for your reply. Could anyone else clarify if this is true & i should just wait ?
  15. I CCA'd them because I couldnt remeber if it was over 6 years old. Got a letter back today saying:- "The agreement which you seek is not regulated by a consumer credit agreement & is not governed by the above act. Our client there fore has no obligation to supply the information requested by you" Whats my next step - it's not a huge amount of money, but it's becoming very personal with these DCA's
  16. Hi I have read the FAQ's best I can, so please don't shout What is the best way to find out all my account numbers for past 6 years ? Credit report ? - ring the banks ? I've had:- HSBC (bank account) Abbey (bank account) MBNA (credit card) Morgan Stanley (credit card) Barclaycard (Credit card) Nat West (credit card) About to start on this conquest & I think this is all I need to get going.
  17. Mike - no these copy documents are all they have sent me. The also did not supply any details of opening/closing balance & payments made - do they have to supply that also ? So if they are still in breach - what should my move be ? - Sit and wait ? - Send them some form of letter ? - SAR MBNA to cover myself incase I do have to pay the debt - Make a F&F settlement offer - should they settle for a minimal fee (10-20p in the pound), due to age of debt & lack of clarity on paperwork ? I'm really not sure what to do on this one, as I said it's the last outstanding debt I have from an original amount of approx £50,000.... I tried to settle this at the time - but Westcot & MBNA both couldn't find any record of me still owing money !
  18. Thats what makes me not sure - the first one is deffo the application form & when they sent it they said - heres a copy of your opening application.. But then I found the signed bit on the back - i've attached another copy slightly enlarged. It kind of hase a stamp & signature on it - but it;s not clear.... also it's ripped off the details of whatever it is i'm signing for. Advice on next steps still greatly appreciated CCA2.pdf
  19. Apologies if being blind or stupid - but cannot find this template which i've used before ? Appreciate a nudge in the right direction !
  20. Priority one - really appreciate your help on this one. I've tried to attach copies of what they have sent me - would really like to know if this is a properly executed CCA ? If it is or isn't then what my next steps should be. CCA1.pdf CCA2.pdf
  21. Sorry for long title ! As it says above - I have done a CCA request on Westcot for an request to pay £8000. They have so far not been able to send me the CCA within 4 months ! What I need to know is - is it worth me doing a SAR request on MBNA (the original creditor), and can I claim back charges if nobody can come up with a cipy of the credit agreement.. Also I settled for heavily reduced full & final figures with a number of banks.... can I now SAR these banks & claim back unlawful charges ????
  22. Hi Priority one, Many thanks for your comments above - would just like to clarify some of the advice you've given - as per below. Would really like to know what my BEST course of action should be. Are you sure this is not the correct doc ?... you mention that it says "regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974". No i'm not 100% sure - it's not a clear, because I think they have sent two documents. I'll try & scan exactly what they have sent me - so I can get some clarity on this. They will not get fined in a civil court for a criminal offence.... so this will be of no consequence to them. What about them taking 3-4 months to send the agreement (if it is it !) - how do I use the fact they didn;t respond in time against them ? I have not read all of this thread, but if MBNA are the original creditors for this debt, a SAR to them will put the acccount in dispute, which means that no further enforcement action can be taken... by anyone... within the legal timeframe for compliance. You will need to write (rec. delivery) to Westcott to point this out to them if you do SAR MBNA. So as it stands do you think I should SAR MBNA ? If it turns out they haven't sent me the CCA & cannot find it. he debt is unenforceable - correct ? So can I still claim back unlawful charges from an unenforceable debt ? Appreciate all help given
  23. Anyone else have any advice before I revert (or not) on Tuesday...
  24. Agree totally - **** muppets ! But what happens if they pass it on to another DCA - do I have to do the same all over again ? - presumably they will have no luck in coming up with the paperwork either ? But am I going to keep on having to do this ? How much do they pass the debt on for ? - I might prefer to settle for a heavily reduced fee (10p in pound) rather than keep bashing letters off & never having debt settled...
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