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  2. Court date set for Tuesday 6th February 2007
  3. Allocation Questionaire submitted to court 15th December 2006
  4. Barclays entered their defence today 12th December one day before deadline!!
  5. Have checked with court this afternon Barclays entered their defence today!!
  6. I have followed the correct precedure to claim back my bank charges and got the standard responce letters that most people are getting and so it went further...... My claim against barclays was issued on the 7th November 2006 deemed to be severed on the 15th and Acknowledgement was filed by Barclays on the 23rd Novemebr (they have untill 4pm tomorrow to entre their defence) So why did I receive two identical letters from the same person saying the same thing yesterday, think they have got their nickers in a twist!! should I ring them play ignorant asking them what exactly do they mean by these letters at such a late stage? or wait untill tomorrow to see if they have got confused and they miss out on their deadline ?? any suggestions ?? The letters read: Freepost RLTA Head Office Customer Relations London E14 5HP Tel 0800 282390 (Freephone) Fax 020 7116 7563 Barclays Our reference: 8 December 2006 Dear Mrs Re: Account number: Thank you for your recent letter. (the last letter I wrote to them was on the 1st of Novemeber LBA which they responded to on the 3rd November) I am sorry you are unhappy with the charges you have incurred. Your comments are receiving attention and one of my team will contact you as soon as possible. My I take this opportunity to explain that whilst we will endeavour to respond to you within timescale outlined in your letter, we cannot guarantee that we will do so. Sometimes it does take longer to fully investigate a complaint However we do aim to find a solution within four weeks. If we are not able to do so, we will always write to you explaining what is happening. A full report or an update on our progress will be sent to you within eight weeks. Please refer to the enclosed leaflet which provides you with a more detailed explanation on how we will deal with this matter. Should you wish to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0207 11 6 4561 or via Freephone 0800 282390. Yours sincerely MikeBrophy Head of Customer Relations Barclays Bank PLC. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Renktered in Fnnland. Renistered No. 1026167. Recistered Office 1 Churchill Place, London E14 SF11’. 1595 (06/05)
  7. Yesterday received letter from court informing me barclays had entered acknowledgement of service and intend to to defend all of the claim:-( Someone give me good news!!
  8. Hi I am at the same stage as you when you posted this thread can I ask what was the outcome?
  9. I today have had notice from court that Barclays have filed an Acknowledgment of service and intend to defend all of the claim. Who said these claims dont reach court !! Good luck to you
  10. Hi All Am in the process of claiming bank charges from Barclays, today received letter from court saying Barclays have acknowledged service and intend to defend all of my claim:-o Fill aprehensive but intend to go the full hog. Anyone else in the same position??
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