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  1. Hi All! Just recieved an offer of £1030 (as opposed to £1250) after sending an LBA. Do I tell them to get stuffed or take it and run? The number including interest (for the MCOL) is £1482 plus change.. Ta! JC
  2. Thanks Bong - I shall persevere! I followed the advice from somewhere on here to download the statements from HSBC's online service. Job done for the account that's still live A bit of Excel work and I have a number.. [1] Still have to get the data for an a/c closed in 2002, for which I shall "remind" the bank of thier obligations under the SAR, as I requested the breakdown for both accounts. So I shall claim £1183.59 for now and hopefully get the data for the rest shortly (their 40 days runs out today). Great resource - thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. Jo
  3. johnc1508

    JC vs HSBC

    Hi all! I think I've made an error!! I've only seen the CAG site for the first time today (possibly the first peice of useful spam that I've ever had linked to the home page!), but I sent a DPA request and initial letter back in September (using the Govern Law Centre examples as templates). The problem is, I didn't send the letters recorded/registered post as recommended in the FAQs. To date, I've not heard a squeak from the Thie^^^^ er, bank On the other hand (in line with a couple of other contributors) I'm dealing with the CCCS and HSBC have to date refused to comprimise [1]
  4. Hi All, I'm in the process of trying to claim from HSBC - letters went off late September with a second pass early this week. So far I've heard nothing, not even an acknowledgment of receipt for the claim or the data protection act request. I used the Govern Legal templates, but didn't send anything recorded/registered post (possibly a mistake) so I have no proof of receipt. I'll keep you informed! John
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