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  1. Just thought I'd like to let people know that I've had a successful outcome in reclaiming my charges from smile. After writing a Letter Before Action, smile refunded me the entire £3642 that I requested. Do it! It's two letters' worth of time to reclaim your charges. Mark
  2. Did you give them 7 or 14 days in the LBA?
  3. That's right, I'm at the stage of sending the LBA, so I'll hang fire on the 8%. Congratulations on getting your money back! Mark
  4. So smile have not replied to my letter requesting my £3,052 in bank charges over the last six years. Now is the time to threaten them with court action. Is this the point where I use the template and add the 8% interest, and send that to them as well as to the county court, or do I stick to the original amount? Thanks, Mark
  5. Hello I expect a newsgroup is a better place for this question, but perhaps someone has come across the same problem. I made my own spreadsheet, excluding the 8% interest, to send a letter to my bank with my charges. Now it looks like I have to go to court. However, trying to copy the "date of offence" column to the Simple-charges-calc.xls, it takes away around five years and a day from each date! Anyone know why this might be the case and how I fix it? Thanks, Mark
  6. Ok, thanks! I'm about to submit my claim for over three grand, I'll let you know how I got on. Mark
  7. I can't find the relevant FAQ. Any chance of a link? Thanks, Mark (not lazy, just thick)
  8. Hello After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, Smile finally sent my statements dating back six years. On the months I am charged for "Daily Excess Charge", I am also charged a "Service Charge". Does this mean I can claim this back too, since they seem to be related? Also, they kindly highlight the charges on each statement sheet at the bottom, which includes "Debit interest". Can I claim this? Thanks, Mark
  9. Ok, thanks very much for your help. If it gets to the claim launch stage, I'll ask for further advise I expect. Mark
  10. So, for the moment, I just fill in the form and don't add the 8% column to the charges I send to my bank? And if it goes to court, then I claim my 8% also? Does this mean that if they decide to pay up without it getting to court that I don't get the 8%? Sorry for being dim. Mark
  11. Sorry, I'm still confused! So in my first letter requesting repayment of the money, I *don't* use the Simple-charges-calc.xls template? If they agree to pay it back, or even if they don't, when do I use this template? Mark
  12. Hi I sent off for my bank charges and telephoned today because they hadn't arrived. Apparently they're sending them tomorrow (the very last of the 40 days!). I'm a little confused about the next step as described on this page: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/182-6-interest-calculation-spreadsheets.html Do I want to send a list of charges along with the 8% or not? The red warning doesn't make it clear. Thanks a lot, Mark
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