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  1. moss

    MBNA % rate

    Thanks Not sure if she will want to stop her payments or anything was more on the lines if there are guide lines for upping % rates and should they at least notify you first.....But me I would say up yours and do battle as it seems very unfair....But hey whats new
  2. moss

    MBNA % rate

    My wife has had a MBNA card for years and even when I became ill with the MS she maintained her payment via DD....She is doing some home budgeting and was shocked on how much % she was paying so she gave them a ring to find out how much the annual variable % ran at. Now last year we had a hic-up with some DD's so this is how it ran 7/7/08 £70.00 DD 14/7/08 £80.00 paid via the phone payment for August statement 15/8/08 £200.00 paid Via the phone payment for September statement 29/10/08 £172.00 paid via phone payment for November statement And after DD up and running again and payment doubled by my wife's request thinking she would be paying it off quicker Turns out because she had made a couple of late payments as due date is the 7th of the month they have put her % up to 34% and it has another month before being reviewed, how can they do that when she has never defaulted and never missed any payments since 2004 Is there anything we can do as whats the point of trying to pay your dues if they penalize you and the best was the "Loyalty adviser" excuse was in these uncertain times all % rates have gone up
  3. Another question, do I have to take in a copy of my S.A.R. With the N1 ? And do I tick the Human rights box ? I got my statements relatively easily last time but now I'm up to 130 days !!! Iv'e sent 3 letters and rang them 4 times, each time I was put through to an answer phone and no returned calls. Still I'm used to it now
  4. Hi Tinga, Take a look in here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/guidance-notes/
  5. Well i think it's time i got moving with my second claim, iv'e been letting things slide a bit and as you guys know if you don't push hard YB do nothing. Anyway i sent a SAR on 23rd March for charges info from 1995 to 2001, Of course they sent me statements for the last 6 yrs. On the 16th June I sent a letter pointing out their mistake and requesting the data again. On the 17 July I wrote again requesting the data and giving them 7 days to comply before court action. As I have heard nothing from them I am filling in my N1 for non compliance with the SAR. I have a question, on the form where it ask's "does your claim include any issues under the human rights act 1998" do I tick yes as I think the data protection act was prompted by the human rights act.Also what would be a reasonable amount of damages to claim ? Thanks Moss
  6. Well folks the day has finally arrived, Moss has got a Cheque for £4131.08p from the Court :D:D. This is the full amount claimed plus full interest plus costs. So I would like to say a big thanks to the Consumer action group and all the peeps that have helped and supported me along the way, I couldn't of managed without you guys . And a big hug for caro , I really appreciate the help you have given me, Caro you are a star and I can't thank you enough. Please change my title to WON. A donation will be on it's way shortly and the survey will be filled in. I will be starting a new thread soon going back beyond 6 yrs, so see you all soon. Regards Moss.
  7. Congratulations Lillboy and well done, YB claimants are having a good month
  8. Ok Peeps time for an update. On the 18th May the court told me CB had applied for a set aside and on the 16th may they had sent it back to CB as they had applied incorrectly, so then I had to wait for them to make a correct application which they didn't do. So on the 30th May I applied for a warrant of execution, which was granted. Then on the 6th June CB told the Bailiff that they were still going to apply for a set aside as I had incorrectly claimed against my branch instead of head office in Glasgow. Later on the 6th the Bailiff rang me again and said CB had changed their mind and were going to review the paperwork. Today I rang the Bailiff and he said that CB were paying in full and that they had posted a cheque to him, he then said it would take the court 14 days to clear the cheque and then they would send me a court cheque. So a two week wait and it looks like Moss will have WON. Regards Moss
  9. Well done you guys Enjoy the win you earned it. :D:D:D
  10. Thanks Sarah, things are moving with my claim. Can't say much at the mo, but i think something will be sorted next week Moss.
  11. I sent you an up to date copy did you not receive them
  12. PM me with your email and i will send you a copy of YB's T&C's.
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