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  1. Don't worry, you will still be able to claim the interest at the MCOL stage;)
  2. The most it will cost you is £120, unless you are receiving a benefit or tax credit, in which case your claim will be free if you go and file it in person instead of online, take some proof of your benefit with you. Halifax have 28 days from the day the claim is deemed served, but the actual payout time can vary. Some have had it in 2 weeks, others like me, have had to wait till the last minute (28 days). Good luck,
  3. You should still carry on your claim, those charges are rightfully yours back, but I do understand your worry. If it was me, I would set up a parachute bank account and use this to deposit you money into so that Halifax can't touch it, and work from that account. Don't close the account you have, but give yourself a safety net account somewhere else. Sorry this has caused you worry so close to Xmas, very unfair:mad:
  4. The £120 over the £5000 is my court cost, so I took a chance as this is rightfully mine too. They didn't seem to mind paying it:grin:
  5. This morning, at 8:45am, I received THE letter from the Halifax, stating it was not comercially viable for them to defend in court, so without liability will be paying me back..... £5120.00!! Now I don't have the money yet so lets be calm until my sticky mitts are actually on it, but it is the outcome I wanted for sure. They say I need to let them know in 7 days and upon acknowledgement will release the funds. I think I will give them a call (its Saturday but I can try) and also draft a letter to see how fast I can get this money now. talk about last minute though, their deadline is Tuesday!
  6. I am claiming at the moment for what was a joint account, although in my situation it is reversed as I am no longer on the account. You will be able to claim regardless, all I had to do was send an authority from my husband to say i was authorised to claim on his behalf. in other words, if you are claiming for an account that is still in your name now then you will have no problems claiming all 6 years joint or not. Hope that makes sense,
  7. Ok, further update. Rachel Hinchliffe phoned me about 2pm to say she had got the letter, it has been forwarded to her collegue and we should get a letter tomorrow or Saturday. she didn't disclose what the contents of the letter will be, so I'm assuming it is an offer letter...I really hope so anyway.
  8. Just an update and any advice you can give me from here. MCOl filed 5 November 2006 Acknowledged 7th November Defence or payout by 5th December 2006 I received a letter from Rachel Hinchliffe, the litigation solicitor dealing with the claim, dated 20th November, stating that as I was no longer an account holder on this account (although I was for 9 years) that she would need signed authority from my husband (whose name is still on the account) to proceed with the claim. My husband sent this letter on 24th November and according to Royal Mail it was delivered on 27th November. I have just tried the phone number on the letter to confirm receipt of my letter and got her personal voicemail, where i have left a message asking that she confirm that letter was received and could she give me an update. I am getting worried that they will ignore the deadline (next Tuesday). Anybody have any experience with this, did i do the right thing phoning? Think I'm getting a case of the jitters as they are really leaving it to the last minute:sad:
  9. Hi there, at a smilar stage to you, court claim was deemed served on 7th November and acknowledged on 9th November with me. What happened next is I got a letter from the court, saying that Halifax intend to defend their claim. They have 28 days from when it was served (7th) to file their defence, so thats what you are waiting for as well now,to see the Halifax defence! What seems to happen in most cases is that they receive a letter within the 28 days from the Halifax stating that it would not be financially viable for them to continue and offer you full payment. This is what you and I should be hoping for. In the meantime, I have been reading up on the court questionnaire that I may have to fill in if it goes further, so maybe do some preparation in case it goes to court. But it seems that in nearly all cases I have read, the Halifax WILL pay before the 28 days are up.After all, if they actually went to court, they would have to prove that £39 for a bounce DD is a lawful and just amount, which they just can't do:D Not long to wait now,
  10. Hi thora, Wanted to wish you the best of luck, that is shocking service from the Halifax, not that I should be suprised. Good luck,
  11. Just wanted to say I'm in exactly the same position as you, halifax intend to defend, and I am waiting for their defence or money (hopefully last option). Good luck, we will get our money back!! Also interested in claims that have defaulted. Anybody any experience to help us?
  12. Yep, time is crawling by! Received letter from court yesterday confirming that Halifax intend to defend, which is what I expected from everybody else's cases, will keep you posted.
  13. Court claim acknowledged on 9th November, now its a waiting game8)
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