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  1. Hi, OK, my Barclays claim is well underway, now I'm going after Santander. I've had a mortgage with them since '97 (Abbey in those days) with a £4.80 monthly insurance payment to Royal London. Couple of litle questions here, 1) Do I submit my claim to Abbey/Santander who sold me the insurance, or to Royal London, who are the recipients of the money? 2) Which is the correct spreadsheet for this? Many Thanks
  2. Thanks again, just making extra sure, I'd hate to mess it up.
  3. Just double checking this, before I send it all off. The PPI I'm trying to claim is for overdraft charges on a current account, with PPI payments made monthly. The link above is for the "Single Premium" spreadsheet, 'scuse me if I'm being daft, but is overdraft PPI counted as a Single Premium - or is that one the one used for for lump sum loans? if this is the wrong sheet which one should I use. Many Thanks
  4. Thank you very much. I'll get on it today. A quick estimate with that spreadsheet works out at about £600. Fab!
  5. Hi, I'm trying to reclaim the PPI on my Barclays Additions Account. Barclays seem to be settling these claims with very little argument, so I'm quite hopeful. Couple of questions 1) If I just ring the number on the Barclays website will they settle properly with the correct interest or just make me an offer. 2) I've found the list of PPI spreadsheets here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?330996-Latest-Spreadsheets-PPI-Claims-and-Charges-Claims-Dec-2011 but I'm unsure which one to use, can anyone help?? 3) Bearing in mind that they seem to be settling most claims do I still need to go through the entire SAR letter etc, and all the statement copies, or just send a letter with the spreadsheet. Many Thanks
  6. Hi All. A few yrs ago I successfully hit Barclays for a couple of grand in bank charges from ages ago, and have now only just realised that I have had PPI on my Barclays Additions current account since 2006. Bit miiffed really, as I thought I was good at avoiding things like that. I have no memory (or paperwork) of the events surrounding the change of my account from whatever it was before to the Additions Account, so I can't say for sure whether it was a mis-selling, but I know I certainly wouldn't have signed up to it if I din't think it was compulsory. I do have all the bank statements, so I can figure out the total charged quite easily. They charge me £6.40 a month for an £800 overdraft facility. I'm self employed so have fluctuating income, I have used the overdraft facility but have never claimed on the PPI. Reading various threads on here it seems I can claim all this back. I still have all the paperwork on file from the bank charges claim, and I'm sure some of these letters can be recycled for this one. I take it I still send everything to Churchill Place (walking distance for me!) Can someone point me to the appropriate template letter and spreadsheet - not sure it's the same interest rate ect as the one I did previously. Do I need to send loads of copies of bank statements like I did last time - if I remember that was the worst bit of the whole process!. Also is it advisable to send a second letter to my branch to get them to stop charging the £6.40 from now on, or can I do this in the same letter? Thanks to everyone for looking. This forum is a fantastic resource.
  7. Well - despite a letter and 2 faxes saying I wanted them to settle by cheque, and verbal agreement from Paul Quinn, that they would do this, they've gone and put the cash into my account - Oh Well money's money, I'll just move it myself - after making a donation, of course. Can one of the mods please change the title of this thread to **********WON********** Thanks for everybody's help and advice - I wouldnt have had the bottle to do this on my own - it's been fantastic. Don't give up any of the rest of you, it's worth all the hassle. This whole business has had 4 fantastic outcomes:- 1) I've got 2 grand in charges back 2) I've opened a parachute account, which I've been stashing the odd few quid in every week, since the whole thing started, as an emergency fund - there's now 2 grand in there as well. 3) I've gained a huge amount of confidence in dealing with big institutions - not scared of the court system or banks or anything, any more. 4) A strong realisation of what can be done to fight something that's wrong when everybody gets together - it takes me back to my poll-tax rebel days. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!
  8. Barclays are indeed still settling, you should be fine.
  9. Congratulations - you and me both today! Great news.
  10. Absolutely, when I heard about that case I just thought "Oh No, to get so very close and then have a precedent set just as I was on the verge of winning" You can't believe how relieved I was when I got the letter this morning, up until yesterday I had just assumed that getting my money back was a foregone conclusion, but for a while there I thought it might not happen after all. Drinks all round.
  11. Have just spoken to Paul Quinn, he's agreed my figures, and agreed to pay be cheque (so I can stash it somewhere other than Barclays). I've faxed him off the settlement letter duly amended and with the confidentiality bit crossed out. OK so I haven't quite got the cash in my sticky little paws as yet, but I think it's safe to say. WON!!!!!
  12. Can't get through to the bloke who sent the letter on the phone. Have faxed, will keep trying. The suspense is killing me.
  13. Hang on in there mate, they've just agreed to settle my case (by letter and without me reminding them), you can't be far behind.
  14. BINGO! Just had a letter offering me £20 short of the full amount. Got to ring them up and iron out a couple of details, but it looks like I'm onto a winner.
  15. I'm right there with you Maff - court for me on Tuesday as well. I'm dithering as to whether to ring Barclays and try to get them to settle beforehand. I haven't received Barclays' Bundle - so they are in breach of the court order there for a start. I think I'll let it ride for a bit longer - the closer it gets the less time they have to get their act together, just in case they do decide to defend. My thinking is that if I just stay quiet, and not hassle them they'll just not show up and the judge'll rule against them. Anyone think this is a bad plan? - let me know.
  16. Just had a thought, the court issued an order instructing both parties to produce their bundles and deliver them to the court and to one another at least 14 days before the hearing. I've done this in plenty of time, but of course Barclays haven't, so they are in breach of the order. Should I send them (and the court) a stroppy letter informing them of this fact? Anyone else done this?
  17. No, I'm a Londoner, but I do get up that way once in a while, and may have bought petrol or something in the area. They've sent me a bloody great form asking for everything from the size of my letterbox to the frequency of my ATM usage, there's a list of transactions and I've ticked off the genuine and fraudulent items accordingly. With their usual stunning efficiency they've left the fraudulent ones on my account and refunded me for my genuine shopping. So far I seem to be about three quid up on the deal. The court case is set for a week on Tuesday (22nd) - it won't be long now. I wrote to them a while back inviting them to settle prior to the court date. No reply to that one - no surprise there. I did tell them I would only halt proceedings if I received payment in full, by CHEQUE (so I can pay it in elsewhere), and the funds had actually cleared - which gives them a few days less to play with, not that I imagine they'll take a blind bit of notice of that.
  18. It's getting closer , meanwhile my connect card's been cloned in S Africa, and Barclays have actually been very helpful. Their internet banking website's atrocious though, totally useless - it crashes every five minutes. I'm sure it's them not me - I never have this trouble with anything else.
  19. Am I right in thinking this case got adjourned until 30th April - anyone know what happened?
  20. Bundles now sorted, 325 pages each, will drop them off personally to Barclays Head Office and the Court on Monday. I feel I should add some kind of covering letter to the Barclays bundle, along the lines of - here's my stuff, please settle before court, please include MOCL costs of £120 plus £100, etc etc. Has anyone else done this? Also I want them to settle by cheque so I can stash it elsewhere rather than in Barclays, are they likely to agree to this do you reckon? I could phone them, but I prefer to keep them at a distance, I've had the account for twenty odd years and never yet given Barclays my phone number or email address - and I'd rather keep it that way. I think it's much easier to know where you stand with letters, and you have to think twice before replying - all to easy to press "send" in haste with an email.
  21. Well, that's exactly what I'd do if it was me, or maybe I'd just do nothing and see if they get their act together before the court date.
  22. Aha. I'd never have thought of that. Still waiting for a court date. How boring is this bit? I want to keep phoning the court and saying "you haven't lost my stuff have you?" but I'm aware I mustn't pester them too much. I've got some exams coming up, so am busy with that, but will knuckle down to the Court Bundle as soon as I can.
  23. Am I imagining it or are they finally speeding things up a bit
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