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  1. Thanks! Nowhere near Gloucestershire! Looks nice tho. . .
  2. Just found this thread. Where's Dymchurch? Anywhere near Gloucestershire?
  3. Thank you, Steven. Yes I will keep everyone informed of my progress. Having been through it all before with Nationwide I have much more confidence and the possibility of going to court is not daunting at all. I have right on my side and that is a powerful place to be. Cheers. Juliana:)
  4. Hello Everyone I have just started dealing with GE Money over a default notice they have given me - in an otherwise blameless credit record. I am about to start legal proceedings. I read Bankfodder's post recommending posting on the forum before taking action. So here I am. GE Money do not have a leg to stand on as I have all the paperwork showing my final payment clearing my account with House of Fraser. They must have handed this over to a debt collection agency because 2 years later, while in Australia for a year, I was told I had an outstanding amount. I knew I had paid so I ju
  5. Having read further it looks to me as though cahoot are in deep ****. The interest has gone up to over 19% for some! Surely there must be some protection for customers when this situation arises? Not everyone will be able to 'jump ship'. Anyone?
  6. Cahoot Rip Off (merged) - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums I have found this thread. I haven't read it all yet but it might be of interest. I'm going through it now.
  7. Yes - stick to your agenda. They are doing what they all do. Prevaricating and buying themselves time hoping that you will be intimidated and put off. I'm going to see if Halifax will give me a credit card and pay the flexiloan back as a purchase. I have checked with Cahoot and they are happy with this arrangement. You can only balance transfer from credit card to credit card apparently. Halifax has this great 12month 0% on purchases deal at the moment if you apply for it online. 9 months offline. But I shall be watching you progress with Cahoot. I should receive my settlement figur
  8. I am in a similar situation. I am looking at doing a 0% balance transfer. Would it be possible with this type of loan do you know?
  9. Yes - thank you, lee6370. I shall see what they have put in the post to me. And thank you Tobes. For anyone reading this thread don't beleive a word of what Nationwide say until you have it all in writing. This seems to be the message and advice from my experience.
  10. Hello Everyone As I have not yet had written confirmation of settlement from Nationwide I have just been onto the Nationwide Credit Card section and spoken to Adam Slater. He told me a letter was sent out on 19 July. He has assured me that my credit card account has been cleared and re-instated and will have a credit of the £40 I paid them (penalty charges) and that my default has been removed. He also assured me that he will put this in writing again and in the post today. I said again that I would not be advising the court of settlement until I had received this. Charles Baco
  11. Well - I might initiate something with Nationwide in that case. Perhaps we can keep in touch via the forum and let everyone know how it progresses. What do you say to that, Tobes? Should it be a new thread, mods? How did you word your Moneyclaim?
  12. Yes. That's OK. Dont panic. It buys them time, makes you panic and hopefully bottle out - but not while you are here on this forum. Ha! Next thing is you'll get an Allocation Questionnaire to fill in. It's all in the FAQ's and the Libraries. Take some time to go through it all. All is going to plan. You have the Power!
  13. Wow! I see what you mean! That looks as tho it will be the starting point for my run in with GE Money. That is a completely dodgy story! Back to Nationwide. I'd still like to hear from anyone who has taken them on re. an unjust default. Need a bit of support and feedback before I go ahead and file another claim against them for the Notice they have served me. Anyone?
  14. What's the DCA? So from that comment, Alan, looks like the way to go now is to file a claim for removal of the default. I notice you are doing that with Onetel. How is that going? Anyone taken on Nationwide? How did it go with them?
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