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  1. Thank you for your comments... The respondent has now sent in a late defence and was asked to explain why... Seems that they had a good enough excuse so it is off to court we go!
  2. Hi all, Have just recieved a letter from my solicitor stating that the respondent has failed to submit a defence in response to my claim.. (unfair dismissal) Therefore I automatically succeeded... Now I have to attend court within the next month to decide what compensation is payable to me. Can anyone advise me how things work next... I am sure it is not going to be so straight forward ie: actually recieving the compensation payment from them without a long wait etc, however I was wondering can they appeal this decision etc? can they submit a late response? will they still have to attend
  3. Hi there, my question is..... If you appeal against a dismissal and you are re-instated or offered re-instating what should you do if you feel that they have made it impossible to return to your duties and do not want to return to your job... (who wants to work beside people that have lied and stabbed you in the back?!) So what are the options if re-instatement is offered and how does it work? I know that you can go for constructive dismissal (which is really advised against) and I have been told you could ask for a compromise agreement ? does ACAS deal with this or would you deal dire
  4. thanks for replying...... so if you sign on one week, do you normally get paid the week after it? so really, to date, he is only owed 2 weeks, if its in arrears.. have I got that right?
  5. My question is how do they pay it? eg; is it in arrears by a week or two? Can anyone enlighten me? Thank you.
  6. Thanks Bigredbus for your reply... Can I just say the RIDDOR Report that my partner asked about was not even mentioned in the minutes of the meeting... . yes it is all relevant in the case, it highlights the incompetance and lies that are being told and they just get away with without answering... but I feel that thats just another thing thats going to be looked over by them. I wanted to clarify with ACAS that when we put in appeal letter that they have not followed company procedure in disciplinary action... that we were in fact correct to argue this... I have looked back agai
  7. We would be greatful for any help on writing the appeal grounds letter... I have said to my partner, (am I right in doing so?) that the appeal is just a process he has to go through to take it to the next stage ET, so not to get too stressed over it ...
  8. Bigredbus, thanks for your advice.. Should we not at ths point then write or even bring up in the appeal that the d.h minutes are inacurrate? god the whole thing stinks....... SO WISH I HAD TAKEN OUT FULL HOUSE INSURANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Elpulpo... I have sent you a link to a site can you have a look at it please and tell me if this is with who you would reccomend I should go with.. thanks
  10. Hi, have just recieved a date for the appeal plus the minutes of the d.h which are in some cases inaccurate, wrote in the wrong order of how the conversation went and issues raised by partner not even mentioned in them! what do we do regards this? send them partners account of d.h and tell them that we do not agreee fully with their minutes? is it correct that these should have been shown to him at the end of the d.h and he should have agreed or disagreed with them then for them to be amended accordingly? any advice greatfully accepted. Wish we were well off, then we
  11. Hi, they have emailed back saying that the appeal letter has been recieved.... so just waiting for appeal date. my partner wants his name cleared, and for them to admit that this has been dealt with wrong and claim for unfair dismissal, Would we approach the solicitor now or wait until after the appeal?
  12. I have just checked online for the recorded delivery my partner sent last tuesday asking for an appeal on the dismissal, but it is not showing as been delivered or signed for yet?! great! deadline to appeal was last friday, where do we stand with that if they have not recieved it by that date?... we have proof it was sent on tuesday....
  13. Morning. Yes recieved the P45 yesterday, deadline to appeal was by today. Appeal letter was sent in along with a request for a copy of the minutes of the d.h which had not included with the dismissal letter.
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