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  1. No! not spent yet! But very much needed!! When the money is securely in my bank which I have now been told will take 4/5 days I will tell my story!!
  2. Forget last rant!! Made a call and looks like it may be sorted- Will let you all know when I have more news!!!
  3. Grrrrrrr! I am so wound up! Last week I entered email negotiations with Abbey - eventually we arrived at a figure that I agreed with and I emailed back to say that I accepted and to ask what happened next. I heard nothing back. I left this for the weekend and emailed again - again nothing heard back. Then today I check and they have filed a defence. But we negotiated - we reached a figure - now I feel ignored and let down. I know in the long run that I may get more money this way but this is dragging for me- this has been going on since October and I am tired! I have all the emails and so would be able to use this as evidence. Or do you think that there is hope that they will keep their word. Oh I just want this to end!! (But - THIS DOES NOT MEAN I AM GIVING UP!!!)
  4. I doubt there is much you can do til they file a defence- there is always that glimmer of hope that they won't and you will win on default!!!! Here's hoping!!!
  5. Hi Jansand They filed ackowledgement with me on 24 April- They now Have til the 14th May to defend- We shall see! I hae something up my sleeve but don't want to say too much at the moment!
  6. Email sent!! Fingers crossed. Thanks for the info!
  7. Hi Jansand Looks Like you are about 5 days ahead of me! Will keep in touch to check each others progress! Good Luck! x
  8. Hi Guys! Here goes!! Requested statements at the end of October 2006 Statements arrived 21st Jan 2007 Letter sent requesting charges back sent £2600 incl interest Letter received telling me it would take 4 weeks. Letter sent threatening court action At end of 4 weeks GOGW received of £420 + the cancellation of inpending charges (£50) Letter sent saying would only accept this as part payment. 4 weeks later letter fromAbbey saying that they would refund no more. Filed with court on 11th April for £2285 (incl interest and court fee) - Deemed served on 16th April. 25th April Abbey "acknowledged claim" the paperwork that came through said they intended to defend. Yesterday I thought I might call them and see if they fancied negotiating- was on hold for 41 minutes, got through to someone who told methat they would not negotiate as they are trying to seek a resolution. I asked how they could seek a resolution with out negotiating- He didn't understand, told me it was over his head and dumped me onto some random voicemail!! I despair - this is really beginning to drag! I am sure they will put in a defence before the 14th May and this will drag it out even longer!! Anyway! Thats my story so far!! x x x
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