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  1. Hi all Can the the LBA letter on here be used for a business account as it is near enough the same as the prelim letter? I need to send it off tomorrow so any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks Personal Account SAR 23rd Nov 06 Prelim 8th Jan 07 LBA 22nd Jan 07 Business Account SAR 23rd Nov 06 Prelim 8th Jan 07 LBA 22nd Jan 07
  2. hi everyone I sent off my Prelim letter 8th Jan, 3 days later i recieved a standard letter saying they were looking into it and expect 8 weeks for a reply. Jan 15th i recieved a letter offering half the money back. Tomorrow is my 14 day deadline for my LBA letter to sent off. Do i ignore the offer and send my LBA action from the templates file or send a letter of declination. Really in actual fact i think i should have sent my letter of declination the very next day and tomorrow be sending off my LBA letter as sheduled!!******* So easy to mess up if you're unsure.
  3. Hi all As per my previous post, i am just about to post my prelim letter. On the template letter it says: What I require I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX . I enclose a schedule of the charges which I am claiming with this letter I havent included any overdraft interest as i thought i was adding this on if they do not respond in 14 days?! In such a muddle now and i havent even started this yet..... I dont even know what address to send this letter to!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi All Just about about to post my prelim letter to Barclays. Does anyone know which address to send it to? Is it the registered address in London or my to my local branh. Ive searched everywhere for the answer? Regards
  5. hi there Sorry i cannot help you as im just about to send off my prelim letter. Would you be able to tell me where i send this to? Is it the registered address in London or my local branch? Thanks Jayne
  6. Hi all I had a business account with barclays which has now been pulled. It was a limited company and in my name. Can i claim back the charges to this. I also have 5 other accounts with Barclays 3 business and 2 personal. I have gone through all the microfiches for all accounts and i have only two acounts to claim from 1 personal and the closed business account. Ive read on here somewhere that you cannot claim for a closed business limited comany account - is this true? Ive calulated the unpaids and referral amounts to be around 600 quid for the closed business account
  7. Hi again Also when i send off my calculations asking for my money shall i send them the spreadsheet with the 8% interest added on just so they can see the full amount but just ask them for the standard amount. Cheers
  8. hi guys Whats an LBA again ive searched in the FAQ's but to no avail??!!! I started reading all this back in October and got the gist but my middle name is goldfish!! Also can anyone tell me where to find the timetable or supply me with a link please. Regards
  9. Hi there, Brilliant news for you. Can i ask you probably a stupid question?? does it mean that the microfiche i have recieved for my barclays current accounts do not contain all the info i need??? Thanks
  10. Hi dar3n Thanks for that! Thats what i thought. Heres me thinking i was getting thousands LOL - well its enough for a holiday anyway Your post was very helpful, thank you
  11. :confused: :confused: Hi everyone Would someone please help me plleeease! I've had my microfiche copies since 10th December now and desperate to get my letters off to Barclays for my dosh. The problem i have is that i've worked out the Unpaids and Referral fees so thats clear enough. Are there any other fees i should be looking for?? Can i claim the commission and interest fees or not? Or are these standard legal charges or not? Thanks for listening (reading)!
  12. Hello Please can someone give me some ideas. I have worked out my unpaids and referred paid charges. Are there any other charges i should be looking for?? Sorry to sound dim - but i am!! Thanks and keep up the good work!
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