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  1. They have charged me a £700 exit fee. Can i claim this back? Or should I have done it the same time I claimed back the charges? Is it too late now?
  2. OK Well I'm going to tell them the offer is not good enough then, and off to court I go.
  3. Hello. I'm coming to the deadline of when I either need to accept this or decline it. Any advice?
  4. Ok they have made me an offer of £112.50. Half of what they owe me. In this unsure climate does anyone have any advice on whather I should accept this offer? I have payed them off but they took over £700 in an exit fee. What are my chances of getting this back? Shall I bother? or just write it off? I'm not going to blame anyone for giving me bad advice. I just want another oppinion on wether to accept it? Zoot any advice?
  5. No feel free to get your woes off your chest regarding DVLA. Their beurocracy and data handling are causing problems for so many. I think this "super" computer they have regarding data on all vehicles tax circumstances is a bit off.
  6. They sent me the direct debit mandate. It's not my signiture, there is no way it's even my handwriting. I don't know what is going on. Originally Posted by sbfido "If they operate Direct debits they have to adhere to the indemnity" Could you explain this to me please.
  7. Yeah I dont mind You hijacking me at the moment. I have been speaking to someone about a way to get this CCJ removed. It's a long slow process but I think I'm going to give it a try. Lot's of letters to Northampton Bulk Centre, but I'm used to this now.
  8. Go to court. Be sure to go there and defend yourself. Put your case foreward. If you can win your case, then you can look into getting expenses refunded. Ask them at the court what to do about getting expenses refunded. But if you lose make sure you pay the fine within a month or you'll get a CCJ and then you will be incapable of getting any decent credit for 6 years.
  9. I think there have been a lot of "glitches" with the DVLA's new automated system. They have this new super database of who has tax and who dosen't and I'm wondering if this database dosen't automatically issue penalty's as and when there is a small glitch. It's all computerized which leaves it open to loads of problems. It's just a thought.
  10. No I will not be using the same argument. I can't even describe the argument I put foreward last week. I said I was living at a womans Refuge and that I could not get access to my mail to tax the car. The Judge threw this out. I am Liable for Tax. I'm not going to argue with that. This time I am using the argument that I never received the summons to go to court. The date of the court case was July 2006. I was living back at my home at this time, and I never did recive the documents. I would have atended straight away, had I known. I think I need to try my new argument with another N224 Form. I'll get an affedavid from the solicitors stating I never recived the summons and put that with it.
  11. No. Not yet. I am thinking about apealing. Or going back via the N244 Route but this time including an affedavid stating that I never received the summons or any paperwork regarding the original trial. I have been told that if I wish to appeal then I must go before the Circuit Judge. I have not yet paid the £100 as I have heard it maked a CCJ more difficult to set aside if you have paid it. What is a PE2 and PE3 form? Are these statutory declerations? And at which court do I get them?
  12. Look. I don't mind paying the fine. The only thing I am concerned about is the CCJ. I would happily pay £1000 just to get the CCJ removed, the fine is only £100. I have just been told I need to appeal to the Circuit Judge at a higher court. I don't know whether to send in another N244 form and have another go at the County Court Process or to go via this Circuit Judge route. Any Sudgestions. Please bear in mind, I don't mind paying the fine, my primary goal is to get the CCJ set aside.
  13. A good point but I think Pat is right to go with point b. as an argument. Yeah I needed the document's but I couldn't get hold of them. Point is I diddn't have internet access either, but the courts don't seem to acknowlage this. I think it's worth a mention that even if declaring a SORN, or taxing a vehicle online, you still need the vehicle documentation. I'm going to phone the court today to ask for a new 2224 form, and get started again. I'm also going to see a solicitor.
  14. Well I have been to court. But I was never aware of the original hearing. I'm not sure what I was doing in court. I think they were trying to determine a reason to re-open the case. But they say I failed to give an adequate reason for a re-trial. I'm confused by what my hearing on Thursday was about?
  15. Yeah, Im thinking that this is the way foreward. Whan I did eventually get hold of my mail, I went through it and there was no court summons. This is my argument. I agree it is my responsibility to tax or SORN the vehicle, but I was not aware that it had gotten to the stage of going to court. It's the responsibility of the Court to inform me that I have to go to court. I'm going to go with this. Can anyone tell me if they have been sucsesfull with this? And am I allowed to re-apply to have the judement set aside? I have failed once. I'm happy to pay the £100. I'm not trying to get out of paying. I just want the opertunity to have a fair hearing and to be informed of any proceedings against myself.
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