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  1. This topic was closed on 03/08/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This debt was with Frederickson, after reading the above posts it seems there isnt much I can do about this and I think it is likely I will be hearing from Bryan Carter this week, do you think it is worth writing to Capital One to offer a payment plan? Graham
  3. Ok think this is the main agreement, where it says signed my namw was typed in in Block Caps.
  4. Hi I have received a letter threatening court action from Bryan Carter solicitors, after readiung through the forum I decided to write to Capital one requesting a cca. Bryan Carter responded by putting the account on hold, however I have now received a reply from Cap One. the reply goes as follows " I write in response top your copy of your executed agreement and statement opf account S78 of CCa etc. Our records show that you applied and signed your agreement online" It then goes on about the dangers of using a claims manmagement company and asks me to read the warnings issued by the OFT. My question really is whether or not this agreement is enforceable, and should I now expect the court action to recomence? Graham
  5. Had another call off a different man today he is coming to repo it this wek, It sems they are queing up to repo my car, These repo guys wont ven tell me who they work for, seems they are self employed agents of some kind
  6. Well Ive not heard much from them today, had a call off the Repo mans mobile but unfortunately I missed it
  7. This all sounds like good news to me, but where do I go from here, What shall I do if I get another call off the repo people, should I let them take the car an then make a court claim for all of their wrongdoings
  8. No I dont think I did , In fact I cant remember signing anything, although I could be wrong, but Im sure I didnt
  9. So it looks very much like this agreement could be invalid, what is my best course of action
  10. Ah I see yes,, but its probably too late for that now after my acceptance of their cheque,
  11. I have the letter in front of me from when they made the refund , the final paragraphs of it read "Therefore without acepting any lability whatsoever, we wil refund vthe premiums you have paid including interest, the figure 0f £3346.94 is not correct as tis is the full mount of the premium and interestshould the agreement have gone its ful term. You have in fact made 32 payments of £69.73, which amounts to £2231.36. To this we will add simple interest at 8% pa making a total refund of £2714.97. We have cancelled the policy forthwith and your monthly payments are reduced to 308.34. As yyour account is presently 2 payments in arrears we suggest that these are deducted from the above figure before we send you our cheque "
  12. The thousand pounds was the garage making out I paid a bigger deposit I think
  13. Under the court order, I had to maintain payments of the monthly premium, which i did. When I claimed the PPI, They credited my account with 1149.40( The arrears prior to Court) and paid the rest to me by cheque, inc interest. No I didnt sign anything to modify the agreement as far as I can remember, although the payments since have reduced by the ppi amount.
  14. Yes I did but cancelled it after the court case on the recomendation of the judge, I also claimed back the premiums that I had paid, perhaps thats why they are being awkward with me, There is one other thing, the details on the agreement do not agreee with the details on the sales invoice, there is £1000 less on the invoice
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