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  1. Hi There, Its been a while since I've been on here and I think I must have forgotten loads plus lots of things have changed since I first used this site some years ago. My OH consolidated a loan with Natwest in 2003 which then ran 'til 2007 when he consolidated it again. Recently he has had his PPI back for the 2007-current day loan but now has the bit between his teeth and wants to go for the PPI from the 2003-2007 loan. The problem he has is that he hasn't got any paperwork relating to this loan and I know he needs to send a SAR to get a copy of the agreement but how does he get the loan number/ref to enable him to do this? It was like pulling teeth getting a copy of his recent loan agreement after requesing it several times and being fobbed off so I'm wondering if he'll ever get the loan ref without knowing what his rights are with regards to obtaining the info. Thanks very much for any help.
  2. thanks - i can't open pdf's on my pc for some reason but I'll try and sneak a peek at work tomorrow. Ta x
  3. Ok so after being registered on here for about 3yrs I'm FINALLY getting my a$$ sorted and am going to start trying to get my various charges back. First things first, I need a 'back-up' bank account. I applied previously, to re-open my old Abbey account and got refused. Am I right in thinking I cannot be refused a 'basic' account? If so/not who would you recommend for a basic account...? I have looked for the answer to this question and cannot get a clear cut answer so any help is gratefully received. Many TIA
  4. Hi I just wanted to pop on and say thanks again to Curlyben; we sent the letter above, last Tuesday by recorded delivery. By coincidence I had a day off work on Wednesday and had a phone call from a lovely (friendly-voiced) lady asking to speak to Golflad, by asking for him by his full 1st name, when we all call him by the shortened version so, i equally friendly, asked who was calling and she said it was 'Mrs Wotsit from DM :grin: '. Oh she was friendly I said (in a tone even more friendly than she ) 'ooh yes, hello there. There is a letter coming to you today by recorded delivery, if you'd be kind enough to respond in writing to the letter. Thank you, good bye!' They think we're stoopid don't they, 'der, the lady was all friendly and she knows my name so I paid her' Anyhoo, the long and the short of it is we had a tick-box reply (thanks for the effort folks ) saying due to the complaint they have closed the file and passed the case back to the client - so as i say many thanks CB for the letter, we'll be clicking your scales for you Now we just need to wait for the outcome of the Test Case.
  5. Thanks Curlyben I was sure I posted a 'Thank you' last night but bizarrely it isn't here today Anyhoo - thanks, we'll get this posted today SaT & GL
  6. Morning All! Mrs Golflad here again I just wondered where we stand; we are getting calls almost daily from the DCA which my husband had made an arrangement with as he hasn't stuck to it. Hubby knows he needs to pull his finger out and do his N1 but surely, as he has alredy sent his prelim approach, this is ultimately disputing his account. All bar c.£50 of the money they are chasing for is charges. How do we stop the calls and get Abbey to acknowledge the account is in dispute? TIA Mrs GL!
  7. Thanks Mistermind. While my credit rating is shot to bits i am keeping up with all my current payments on my current debts so am loathed to enter into an agreement with cccs ( or similar) for example; we need to re-mortgage next year and if my rating shows that i am in agreements with the world and his wotsit we'll be stuffed. Looks like I'm scuppered doesn't it.... My ideal solution would be to switch to a 0% card but the amount owing is c.£4k and even if i did get a card i would never get £4k limit. I guess I'll have to chop up the pigging card and tell 'em what i think of 'em 8-) but keep paying. Thanks again to all who have replied K x
  8. Morning all Mrs Golflad here!! (As DH can't get on here from work) I'm sending off DH's Prelim App. & sheet from work today but we thought we should check before we do; As of yesterday, DH has entered into an arrangement to pay them £20 today and then the balance (c. £475, made up of all charges except for about £30) in 3 chunks in the new year. Does this affect who we now deal with or do we continue to send all correspondence to (Sh)abbey as it is they who replied to the SAR?? BTW - The only reason he made an arrangement was because he rang me and asked me to get the number for his car finance Co when i went home for lunch so he could ring and pay this months installment and i gave him the wrong number by mistake. By the time he'd been through the security questions he and discovered he'd got the worng place he felt he could hardly deny that it was him TIA
  9. Thanks Guys - sorry I've not been on all weekend. Smarmymarmy - did you get in touch with them? Anything exciting to report...? Steven - ideally i would do this but sadly I would probably get refused if i apply for another card as my credit is shot to be bits, hence the fact I am SOOO annoyed at this as there is probably nothing i can do about it. They said on the first increase some crap about 'we've been listening to our customers...'!!?? It infuriates me - we struggle our nuts off to get our heads above water and just when you think you can handle your debts someone come and kicks you in the nuts Thanks again for replying K x
  10. Save A Tree

    Aaagghh Egg!!!

    Hi There I have had a message from Egg today saying they are changing my APR from 16.9% to 26.9% from the 13th December :o Merry Effing Christmas to you too. I'm pretty sure i'll be cutting up my card and posting it back to them telling them exactly how i feel about this but is there anything i can actually do about this? I had a similar messgae in September saying it was going up by 1% and thought that was bad enough. I'm not in any position to clear the balance but figure if i cut the card up and concentrate on clearing the debt at least it can't get bigger. Also, it's a while since i've been on here and notice there seems to be some successfull claims going in against Egg. Is it worth sending them a SAR too??? TIA K x
  11. Done this now - thanks! I thought i'd taken out all the 'personal' bits. How sad is it though that these idiots trawl through here, SHame they can't spend their day doing their jobs properly and ethically Yes I've decided against send anything to them for now but how do i stand if the slap me with a default/CCJ...? :?
  12. Hi Guys Just to update you - i got home and there is a message for us to call some bird from pre-legal before the weekend. this is the first we heard from them since the message to say they'd be late - i told hub his defence is that he couldn't hang around for them and is it was their fault they were late it was not HIS obligation to make contact. On another point i notice on another post something about postcards saying 'please call urgently...' etc. We had one of these from these guys - what's the coup there - are there grounds for something here...? TIA SaT
  13. Just a thought... should i wait 12 + 30 days and not send this and then if they try and pursue me clobber them with non-compliance??? What if they default/CCJ me in the interim...? Anyone....? TA!
  14. [wave] I've finally managed to get on top(-ish) of the pile of work on my desk at work and have eventually managed to put together something to UKDR ref non-complaince. can i have your thoughts/comments please? I have tried to keep it short and to the point as i have a tendency to waffle (if you didn't notice ) and i have also tried to avoid anything which may prompt them to take further action/steps. Is there anything i have missed or should have included please...?? Dear Sir/Madam, Re:− Case Number ********** I write further to my request for a copy of the CCA reference the above case number. While I thank you for the copy I would like to draw your attention to section 77 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. 77.—(1) The creditor under a regulated agreement for fixed sum credit, within the prescribed period after receiving a request in writing to that effect from the debtor and payment of a fee, shall give the debtor a copy of the executed agreement (if any) and of any other document referred to in it, together with a statement signed by or on behalf of the creditor showing, according to the information to which it is practicable for him to refer,— (a) the total sum paid under the agreement by the debtor; (b) the total sum which has become payable under the agreement by the debtor but remains unpaid, and the various amounts comprised in that total sum, with the date when each became due: and (b) the total sum which is to became payable under the agreement by the debtor, and the various amounts comprised in that total sum, with the date, or mode of determining the date, when each becomes due. As I have yet to receive a breakdown of what you claim is due or any evidence to suggest I have an obligation to repay any debt to UKDR and as such I do not acknowledge any debt to your company. Lossa Love Mrs Tree TIA!
  15. ooh super - some recuperation reading - FAB!! Thanks OoaK x
  16. Brill OoaK some 'official' wording for a letter, exactly what i need. I'm off work tomorrow and Thurs as I'm in for a minor op so i've borrowed mum's laptop so i can sit in bed while i rest and get things like this sorted. I'll put a letter together and get it sent Thanks so much!
  17. That's it MikeS - thanks again for your advice And thanks 'Paying....' we just have to remember that its our name on the logbook and not there's. If some Joe in the street came up and said (in a somewhat menacing manner) 'give me your keys' we'd tell him in no uncertain terms where we would shove the keys if he didn't go away swiftly As far as I'm concerned its the same thing. thanks all for you advice and support x
  18. Thanks MikeS - great advice - yes , i think i have heard of this. With Hubby owning a garage it would be easy to 'lose' the car for a bit We could cope for a few days without a car but not indefinitely. We're a funny ol' nation aren't we; someone says 'I'm coming round your house for my money' or 'give me your car' and we go all limp and say 'OK then'!!! We're too polite to say 'actually, no mate you're not, get the eff off my doorstep and take yer own effing car home not mine!!!!'
  19. Hi OoaK - r u following me (please continue!! Your help is very much appreciated) I sent letter 'N' but did not put that across the top I did receive a copy of my CCA and it does all seem legit to me but its between me and BH not UKDR and still no SoA what shall i do now....?
  20. Hi Guys, I've trawled the site and cannot find the CCA request which starts 'i do not acknowledge any debt...' and also about getting proof that there is monies outstanding, be it in the form of a SoA. Also, surely if i took the CCA out with Black Horse, should i not have had something to tell me that UKDR have now got a legal right to chase me because as far as i'm concerned i had an agreement with BH not these doughnuts TIA Edited to add - when i rang (yes i know - i wont ring again!!) i said that surely i should have been told they were now chasing and the little upstart said i would've been written to 'at some point in the past'. Its taken them 4 years to track me down to my current address so surely it must be accepted that i have never received formal notification that i am to now deal with this bunch of chimps...
  21. Hi All! Thanks OoaK - again! His car is an ad on wheels for the business TBH and he has to have a car for errands etc and i need mine for my work too as we live in a rural aread. US - how far behind are you? No they won't talk on the phone - it's so frustrating, they are so not working for the Finance Co. i cannot understand why people use them - they POINT BLANK refused to take a payment of us and Santander said that of course they want their money so if we were in a position to pay even 1 installment they would want it. I need to find the piece of legislation which says they MUST NOT refuse even a nominal amount... Anyone??? If they get funny cos he wasn't there for their 'meeting' he'll say he got home for 11, and got the message saying the guy was in traffic and then a customer rang to say he was outside the garage so he had to go - tough - it's their fault they were late not ours! He's running a business, it's not something he does fo rfun, its to pay our bills FFS!! sequenci - no, no default as of yet and if it comes to it i can just about afford to squeeze another payment on a credit card if i have to - i don't really want to but if it means he's only one payment out then i'll do it - surely they cannot reposses over ONE missed payment and to be fair it is only c.£200 which by the time they went through the legalities we could scrape the majority together i reckon anyway. I'm just sort of waiting to see what lands on the door mat today!!!
  22. [wave] OoaK - you pop up all over here, don't you! Thankfully Unfortunately hub only got the car in Jan this year, shortly before he got made redundant and then set up on his own (as he had no other options). Fortunately we have to rather over-affectionate dogs who tend to go flying at the door whenever someone knocks so i don't think they'd be too keen to step over the threshold anyway but worth remembering that we dont have to let these people in anyway - it's just human nature which makes us feel obliged to let people in! Thanks conar686 great letter will endeavour to get this to them as no doubt they'll be contacting us very soon. Just for info - when i went home for lunch they'd left a message saying their guy had been held up due to an accident on the m/way (which i had heard on the radio) so not only had he had a wasted journey but he'd had to sit in a ma-hoo-sive traffic jam too
  23. Hi pt2537 - sorry we've been offline all weekend Well, there is only 2 payments outstanding now and yes the finance was taken against the car. Yes CA are a DCA and i've discovered through looking on here that the guys who come out to you get commission on what they collect when they visit hence the fact we had to quite literally fight to get them to take a payment last week. Speaking to hub about it over the weekend i discoveered that they were coming to home to visit and i told him in future he must never agree to anyone coming out as i understand you have to make an appt in order for them to be 'allowed' to visit you. Added to this, hub works for himself, it is a new business and consequently if he's not at the garage, he's not working and can potentially lose customers if he's not there to deal with an enquiry. As he has work booked in today it is ridiculous for them to expect him to turn custom away so he can wait in for this cowboy to ride up on his flamin' donkey If he's losing work he'll never be able to cathc up!? We'll just have to wait and see what happens now he has broken the appt.... thanks for your help
  24. Hi there Hub got behind with his car payments (3 missed) with Santander and they passed it to this bunch of cowboys. When he rang them last week to make a payment for 1 month missing they refused to take apayment saying he had to wait for someone to come out and they would assess the car and see if they would allow him to keep it and work something out payment wise. Cue plenty of phone calls back and forward between hub and Santander and hub and Clsoe assistance with them EVENTUALLY taking a payment for one month. Hub was then told by Santander that he would then have to wait for a call back to see what would happen next. Hub said if there is any way that he doesn’t have to deal with the idiots at Close assistance he’d be very grateful, esp as he cannot afford to lose the car as it would have a MASSIVE impact on his livelihood and all he wants to do is get his payments straight and they seem to make it EXTREMELY difficult and clearly want to come out to visit so they can add this to his costs…. All we’ve had is another letter confirming his appointment (which is Monday). What can we do to avoid having to deal with idiots….? On the upside hubby has modified the hell out of the car and its covered in decals promoting his modifying business. A friend in a similar situation got to keep his car as it would’ve cost the finance co a fair bit to put the car back to standard. Any help greatly appreciated
  25. Thanks for the link OoaK. I had a look and it seems it is all above board but no, i didn't get a Statement of A/c so should i ask for this now and a breakdown of what i have paid...? TIA
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