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  1. They settled out of court and gave me my £200 back in full. I will update my thread when I get time.
  2. Roughly speaking, no, but they can't take it back without mutally agreeing a repayment schedule with you. My dad's office got paid another office's bonus a while ago, about £200 worth, I think they settled on £2 a week deductted from his wages to pay it back.
  3. Pretty much wonderring exactly the same thing myself.
  4. That's strange, I saw them attending to an old lady who'd introduced her car to a brick wall earlier today.
  5. Since I wasn't happy with their initial f-off letter, they were sent a LBA. They've just written back with the following reply to my complaint: http://www.omicronrobot.co.uk/forums/cag/refusal2%20%60no%20heading%60.gif And a rather handy leaflet about their complaints process: http://www.omicronrobot.co.uk/forums/cag/complaint%20leaflet.gif Effectively, they seem to be putting the ball in my court. In my LBA, I stated I would proceed without further notice, so the next thing they're getting is a claim.
  6. Tell him there's rather a good website he could have a read at to show him how this whole illegal bank charges thing works. Sure someone on here knows the address
  7. Car speedos are normally set to over read anyway, so chances are, you weren't really even doing 70mph.
  8. LBA despatched. Next job: Issue claim 03/02/07
  9. From the Information Commissioners Office website: "Organisations must keep the information accurate and up to date..." Breach of the Data Protection Act methinks
  10. Already got one, it cost me thirty-odd quid and lets me drive anything up to 3.5 tonnes as well, why do I need another?
  11. As a cashier, if you're being held responsible for your till, go into cover your arse mode. Check your float, make it clear no one else uses your till, and insist on being present during cash up. When I worked in store managerment, all we ever used to do was have an overs and unders pot on the desk in the cash office, make it right for the computer and the safe and keep an eye on the staff to see if a pattern emerges. Generally, it was just small "swings and roundabouts" errors. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to give this sort of reccomendation on here, but can I reccomend anyone doin
  12. I've done my fair share of time in store management, also having to deal with security issues as part of this. IMO, the above post is your best course of repproach and is totally accurate. I'm wary to say this on a public board (because not everyone out there is honest), but if you are ever tackled by someone from a shop who accusses you of theft, your best reproach is to say "Sorry, you've made a mistake" and keep walking. If there is someone you know with you, get them to stay with you throughout what happens next as a witness. As long as you're innocent, everything they do from that po
  13. Just had the standard "go away, the OFT weren't talking about our current account charges being unfair" letter. If you would like to see it, please click the link below (missing section off the top is just my personal details and reference numbers). http://www.omicronrobot.co.uk/forums/cag/refusal1-no-heading.gif In other news, dormant account at Natwest brought back to life (really ought to pay off that interest free overdraft they gave me 4 years ago and have never mentioned since), for parachute purposes. That way if A+L don't want a 4 figure sum of my money sat in a current
  14. I'd have thought you'd have to prove dishonesty on his part, as all he has to say is "I couldn't see anything wrong with it, but I'm not a mechanic". On a private sale, you have very little redress.
  15. As mentioned on the other forum, it says "Non retail park customer parking will be liable to an excess charge of £50", with no mention of any penalty of what happens if you are there spending your money in their shops for more than 90 minutes.
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