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  1. Guido Hi I can't quite work out what stage you are at. If I have understood you properly you are currently complaining about an unproductive stay. You became a touch cloak and dagger around post 86 - I am intrigued Regards paula
  2. Nanaman Hi yes to doing the next letter and waiting another 14 days. My advice is to just accept it is a long play game. Follow the timetable set out here and try not to think about the 'fault' issue - it is an english attribute. In any event I am sure you do not mind paying a certain charge if it is reasonable, none of us would - you are merely fighting what is an unreasonable/unlawful charge - and it will be much safer than what you have been fighting. Keep going, you will get there and then the beers will be on you regards Paula
  3. Hi sdavie I would send the LBA to the registered office Lloyds TSB PLC 25 Gresham Street London EC2V 7HN Good luck with the claim and don't forget to use the 14 days wait time to read around the site, so that you are prepared for all the stages and know what to expect, but by the same token do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed by matters. One step at a time and accept from the outset that the process is slow - the wheels of justice would never be driven by the Stig Regards Paula
  4. Good for you - The amount is quite startling, my husbands was just over £4k on one account. If you had asked us to save the same sum over 6 years we would have struggled! I guess the really grown up thing to do would be to set up a DD for £35 per month but pay it into a savings account (or some such). It is not so much how much we paid out in charges that staggered me, more how we just accepted that bank charges were a way of life and lawful - it just did not occur to me to think they were unlawful - God bless this site and shedding of ignorance!! Regards Paula
  5. oooOOooo - fighting talk, best not to though, not because it is not theft, but becuse in the paper today there was an article saying a new law/advice is about to be introduced saying all credit /debit card fraud is to be reported to the banks and not the police - the boys in blue will no longer be dealing with such matters - apparently it is a bank matter. Which is not helpful if they are the ones taking the money - the irony is almost exquisitely painful regards Paula
  6. upton11


    Hey you Guido, Gary is not a harbinger of doom - i went to the link and was appalled - i am sure it was just an error though. I am off to find your thread and see where you are up to. Isn't it amazing, you leave this site for a few weeks and when you get back there are hundreds of new people. The 'movement' is certainly gathering pace, even my cynical, lazy friends have started writing letters with a view to reclaiming their charges. They ignored me initially when i said to do it, as they all thought it would be too much effort - but to my mind it is the best paid job i have ever had - 2 letters, 2 forms, reading a website and bingo - a sum equivalent to 2 months wages!! i might even do my own account. I don't think i have had many charges, but who knows there may be a few hundred there from the last 6 years - certainly worth a look Paula
  7. Good god - that has to be [edit]! I truly hope it is an error and not something more malevolent to get us to withdraw the claims at court and force us to restart the whole process. If it is the courts will go mad. I am so sorry this happened to you, but grateful you told us. Just going to my husband's account to move the settlement funds now. If I put them in my Lloyds account that should keep them safe, as the claim was in his name. Please do keep us posted. My instinct is this is some bean counter at the collections centre who felt like causing trouble Keep up the fight Regards Paula
  8. Smokeyspot Hi What happened to your prelim. If you remember mine was listed way ahead in Norwich too. Well i was too idle and didn't get around to writing to NCC to ask for it to be moved, but amazingly we got a letter this week from Lloyds settling the claim in full! The matter did not even get to the preliminary. We are still in a state of shock. Regards Paula
  9. upton11


    Fantastic news today - came home to a letter from SC&M saying that LLoyds will settle in full within the next 5 days!. I checked the interest - all well there. Amazing result as the Directions hearing was not listed until early May - We are stunned and are having a very early Friday night. Will read around as been away so long to see if this is the new thing I am thrilled, and as ever a huge, huge thank you to all on the site. Looks like we got there Regards and love to all Paula
  10. Is this dispute still ongoing or has the matter been sorted. If still ongoing, and you need some help you PM me please regards Paula
  11. upton11


    Smokeyspot Hi, So sorry I have been away for so long. Have you written to NCC yet to try and move your directions hearing? I haven't got around to it yet. If you haven't, let's thread together - if you know what I mean and cobble an application together i have been carrying my letters around for weeks now and really must do something soon Paula
  12. Many congratulations Pete. I especially like the judge complimenting you on a well prepared case and your comment about following the guidelines here. When i read the papers there seem to be more and more sites popping up trying to emulate this one and it troubles me that others may be using 'ill thought-out' sites to progress their claims, with the effect that it will undermine the 'credit' the users of this site are gaining with the courts. Paula
  13. Fantastic news! Congratulations Paula
  14. tezviper Hi, May i ask why your OH resigned? Paula
  15. Hi pacman69, Strictly speaking you would not have to send another LBA. However, why not go down the middle, send a fresh one as per Guido, but this time only allow 7 days. You could then use the 7 days to get your claim form in tip top condition. Time spent preparing is never wasted, but do move soon as Lloyds seem to be settling some claims around the AQ stage and you may benefit. One claim recently settled before the AQ stage. Paula
  16. Well done Brian - you seen to have made it. I have no doubt you will soon be offering calming words of advice to others. Try not to think about your claim for at least a week - you sound like you could do with a break Paula
  17. tlrose, Hi Do let us know how it goes tomorrow - Good luck Paula
  18. Gillin5002 You are in lovely position as lloyds seem to be settling around the AQ stage at the moment. Do as advised above and do not forget to use the new strategy for AQ submission. Good luck Paula
  19. Lovely letter ...... and Barty to my mind you are still the link king/queen! Paula
  20. Hibbit, Hi I sincerely wish i was an expert in this area because i would love to give you an accurate reply regarding your credit card query. However, i am not an expert, so all i can offer is my instinct:- Yes you can claim the charges back, breach of contract claims go back 6 years - so from what you have said you can claim for the last 2 years of charges. I am certain the bank will have details of your card. In any event the number you think may be your card number probably is if it the usual xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx Court case numbers are much smaller and include letters as well as numerics. Other than the above I know other threaders have claimed against their credit cards - you will find some around this site. Good luck and go for it. Paula
  21. Brian Hi Have you issued your claim yet? Paula
  22. well done and mnay congratulations regards Paula
  23. Slipwaypd, Hi Well done on your victory. We seem to have had a lovely long run of victories recently. I am not sure what the letter Barty linked you to says and i cannot imagine that it would be anything but appropriate. So, no matter how tempted you may be please do not make any sly digs about SC&M when you write to the court. it is so very important that we maintain our dignity and prosecute our cases properly. The courts appear to be losing patience with the banks - let's make sure they do not lose patience with us. Congratulations Paula
  24. Brian Hi You really must read the step by step instructions. Litigation is daunting and the step by step instructions will help you deal with matters in bite size pieces. For example, you need to focus on your court application, not the preparation of your bundle. If you are having problems with the on line form, then use the paper N1 form. It may be clearer for you and for what is it worth, i personally think it looks more professional too. I understand N1 forms can be printed off from the court service website. If not then go to your local county court and pick one up. Do not give up, but do approach this litigation in stages, that way you will not feel so overwhelmed by the process As everyone has already said, ask if should you have any questions. Regards paula
  25. Now now Gary - do not be jealous . You too could have a day off. Although I imagine if you did all us threaders may well panic. Paula
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