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  1. Cheque has cleared so donation to site happily made. A BIG thankyou to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mups x
  2. Ladybird, I'm not asking anything, I thought others on the site might find it of interest!
  3. You will be fine - my claim was for 2 NatWest accounts, one closed 2003 and the other still open but not used. I stated that I wanted to be paid by cheque and when I won (yippee!!) they sent a cheque payable to myself with the words 'into a/c xxxxxxxx' which the Halifax tactfully ignored when I paid the cheque in! Good luck!
  4. Hi all, Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, I just saw it on an email from Money Saving Expert (the site where I first learnt of THIS site!): In April, the Office of Fair Trading will give its opinion on the appropriate amount for bank charges. My guess is it'll be £12, though the banks predict higher and I think it should be lower. The banks will be under huge pressure to drop charges across the board, and will probably fall into line. This won't stop people reclaiming past charges, however banks may only offer the difference between £12 and the amount you were originall
  5. Scooted straight down to the Halifax to pay it in and the cashier luckily didn't even notice the cheque specified a NatWest account number! I'll not be sending my signed 'I'll take this no further' letters until it's cleared. Take heart all you who are just starting a claim or waiting for a court date....!
  6. We've done it!! Doesn't it feel good? Bet the Foxy household is still celebrating
  7. OK, calm and composed now lol. A HUGE thank you to everybody on the site who has offered advice and encouragement, especially Deller who has rescued me on more than one occasion! This site is just amazing and I hope to stay around and help others. Will take approx 10 days for cheque to clear, after that I'll be donating because without this website I wouldn't have done this. Thank you!!! Mups xxx
  8. Another success! Mupster v NatWest Please move my thread to NatWest Successes!!! Thank you
  9. Mine Has......with A Big Fat Cheque - Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST SIGNED FOR A SPECIAL DELIVERY..................................FROM COBBETTS.................THEY HAVE SETTLED MY CLAIM IN FULL......CHEQUE DATED 20TH FEB................I'M SO GOBSMACKED I CAN'T STRING TOGETHER A WHOLE SENTENCE Need a cup of tea to calm down I think.........
  11. When I rang I also asked her to confirm that they had received my Court Bundle and she put me on hold whilst she got my file out....hopefully then she got distracted by a big chocolate muffin and left my file out on the desk in full view
  12. Has the postman been yet?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So pleased for you even though I've lost my one and only ally
  14. Oh, well done you! (And I'm not saying that through gritted teeth lol) Yes, I called Cobbetts and was told they are waiting for a decision from their client. So, what time will you be camped by your letterbox in the morning then??
  15. Nattie, I have noticed this to be the case for NEW claims - am I right?
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