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  1. Look here: CCR Magazine - Group of Cheshire based companies shut down after Insolvency Service investigation
  2. check this out, hope it helps: CCR Magazine - Group of Cheshire based companies shut down after Insolvency Service investigation
  3. spacemonkeypg, I noticed you mentioned earlier that you thought DCAs generally work on a 'client's behalf' - if I'm misquoting I'm sorry but, you seem a bit confused as to what the Debt Collection 'Industry' is. I suggest you have a read of the CSA's own factsheet: 'Debt Sale and Purchase'. The link's on this page, here (it's a PDF).
  4. Oh that's good news BB!! Welcome back sweetheart! xxx
  5. Thanks DG I've just been reading about Babybear - didn't even know she was so ill. I'm not very good at keeping up with things, and don't come around the Bear Garden usually, as I'm not good at generally chatting. (huge understatement!!) I'm struggling to keep up with life, wish I could hide away from it most of the time. Irony is, I used to light a cigarette before I left the house - I suppose it always gave me confidence. Trashed my health, devastated our finances, but it was something I'd depended on for well over thirty years. We've got box files full of letters collected over the last three years - from banks/DCAs - so many I swear they've taken over our house... When I open them the smell of stale fags hits me - I was chain-smoking all the time. But even now I don't dislike cigarettes. Something about them - maybe it's an addiction you never really get over. Visiting Mum in hospital last year, so many people standing outside the main entrance having a smoke. Part of me knows it's madness, another part thinks I'd like a fag - right NOW (as in right then, after visiting Mum), another part thinks I couldn't have sat with Mum in hospital as long as I did if I'd still been smoking.
  6. BB, I've just seen this Please get yourself better sweetheart. We're all thinking of you xxxxx
  7. Okay, here goes: Mum was diagnosed with a very serious illness last year. She's now had 3 courses of chemotherapy and is a lot better than last year. I don't dare say much about it, because none of us know what might happen - except we (family) do - but maybe not, so I can't talk about it. I daren't. I'm not being deliberately mysterious, it's just that we're living on hope. She's had brilliant care and support. She was admitted to hospital last year and everything was suddenly very final - they pulled her through and she's battled, so she's still here! I could just weep with the stress of it. Every day. People keep saying to her "You've kept all your hair!" How is anyone supposed to react to that? She's kept her hair and her heart and her spirit. I'm reaching the point where I'm too tired to fight DCAs anymore. Part of the fight is to read, understand and use the knowledge that everyone here shares, but I'm all done in. I can't read much before I get a migraine. I don't think I make much sense sometimes. I can't see very well. My mood is swinging wildly. I'm menopausal and keep forgetting to take tablets - including HRT and antidepressants. I have to keep well for the people I love. I gave up smoking last April!! I still can't believe I finally quit. I think I'm addicted to the nicotine gum though. So, that's it. I suppose it should be in the Effects of Debt on Health and Lifestyle Forum - but I'm more concerned about my Mum, and Mum isn't a lifestyle effect - she's Mum. I'm writing this so if anyone wonders why I'm not posting very much... this is why.
  8. Re: "Downturn hits the credit industry..." It's sad, so terrible, awful sad... ... ... Now, Who's got the PARTY balloons! :p:p
  9. noogie, I've been dealing with this stuff head-on for over 3 years now. I get confused. I panic. There's a lot of stuff in my life I can't share. Dealing with DCAs is scary. Share if you can, it helps xx
  10. SpeckledHen, look at this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/68114-ruthbridge-ltd-hillesden-securities.html hope it helps xx
  11. :D1st Credit and the OFT are one of my hobbies!
  12. Isn't it interesting to think that the former Directors/Executives of the banks who sc**ewed this country up are probably the only people who have perfect credit ratings? Ooo don't get me started on CRAs!!
  13. See Lookingforinfo's post here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/240353-1st-credits-interpretation-enforcement.html#post2677030
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