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  1. money recieved in full on friday 12.1.06 Thanks again to everyone on this site who helped me, you have paid for a holiday around europe, starting of course in the dam! I will keep logging in to see if i can help any others and will be making a donation to the site best of luck to everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love the dam
  2. i did my mcol on 1.12.06, the 28th day was therefore 28.12.06 on which day hsbc filed a defence. Then i got my AQ through the post, next i contacted dg sols to give them my schedule of charges and on 6.1.07 i recieved a full offer from sg sols i reckon something svery similar will happen with you so that would put you at around 9/10th feb for your offer fingers crossed
  3. great thanks very much lateralus you are a great help
  4. I've recieved my AQ but haven't returned it yet. Do i need to write to the court now or do anything else ?
  5. woo hoo, milky bars are on me ! i forgot to cross out the confidentiality bit but what the hell! thanks for that claire, i sent the acceptance first class on saturday so hopefully they should have it this morning. If i have the money this week il be a happy man
  6. I SLAYED THE HSBC DRAGON: Letter arrived this morning from DG Sols making me a full offer!!! Many thanks to everyone on this great forum who helped and advised me over the last few months, I really appreciate it. One last question: The letter says at the bottom 'please return the enclosed letter and we will arrange for a refund to be made to you' Does anyone know if this is likely to be a cheque or paid straight into my account and also how long it is likely to be from now ? oh and also, do i have to agree to the confidentialaty bit ? Thanks again to y'all
  7. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejection-settlement-offer.html thats what i sent good luck
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejection-settlement-offer.html heres what you want mate, i sent this one and am now at the AQ stage waiting for an offer, good luck
  9. i would send the refusal template and carry on claiming. The template im thinkin g of accepts the offer as part payment but makes clear that you will continue to claim for the remaining amount. HSBC'S policy seems to be to offer around 80ish% of what being claimed as thats what theyve done with you, me and others. I guess they do this as they are saving some money and avaoiding interest and court costs if you accept. good luck mate il keep an eye on your thread
  10. aarrggghh, nothing from the postman today im sweating now down to my last 20 quid
  11. blimey i've over spent a bit over christmas (and because im anticipating nearly 2grand!) and ive got only £30 quid to last me for the next 7-10 days lets hope the post brings good news tomorrow or maybe i should call HSBC and ask if they could expent my overdraft until i get the settlement from them !!!!!
  12. sorry, only had a chance to respond now... i asked if they had recieved the breakdown and they said 'can you fax it anyway? i agreed and they called back to confirm receipt. I take it that they are inundated with claims at the mo and probably cant control all the paperwork from CSG readers! the woman i spoke to Julie said something about checking my details then getting back to me once they had worked out an offer... i should have pushed her on this and asked to be more specific but i just said ok. Then when they called me back they said they are assessing my details and woul
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