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  1. Hi. Would just like some advice on behalf of my 80yr old mum. She had a letter from pension credits asking to fill in income/savings details. Nothing has changed in years, she has just received a letter stating that since dec 2008 they had paid her £15 per month as they didn't know about her private pension. She is sure she told them previously. Can she send a subject access request to get copies of all the old forms she has sent back as she didn't keep copies? Many thanks
  2. Sorry if this in the wrong section. Hubby has o/s debt which has been passed from cabot to hamptons. I am pretty sure it is over 6 yrs old but I will have to get the paperwork out at the weekend. They constantly text his mobile but he hasn't spoken to them. 3 weeks ago he took over a business (inc phone number). The telephone company is Titan telecom (i know there are **** but there is 2 yrs left on the contract!). The first odd thing was a couple of days after he took over - he had about 10 phone calls on his mobile from utility companies trying to get his business. He pays the landlord for electric so told them where to go. Today, Hamptons phoned the business land line asking for him. He panicked & hung up. (I've told him never to talk to them anyway). I've googled his name, company name & address and the telephone number does not come up, so my question is, do you think Titan have sold his number on? However I cannot see the connection between them and Hamptons. If they have, is there anything I can do about it. Thanks
  3. Hi. They have delivered the letter and the time is now up. They haven't heard anything. The car is parked up & hasn't been used. They paid £950 on a credit card. Should they do a charge-back & go to court for the rest? If so, can somebody help with the court paperwork? Thanks
  4. Here's the key points: Car purchased from trader/garage nearly 3 months ago. Deposit was trade-in & rest paid on credit card Steering has been faulty on a couple of occasions. 1st time repaired he were given a loan car (not roadworthy). 2nd time repaired, left without a car for 2 weeks (new baby born so was a nightmare). They fitted 3 or 4 PAS racks. Last Friday, fluid drained out of PAS pump (RAC report to confirm this) He wants to reject the car now & I said I'd help him with letters etc. Couple of questions: Where can I find a template letter for rejection? Should he take the car back to the garage (but keep the keys & the log book)? Should he leave at home, but just send/deliver the rejection letter? He wants them to refund the remaining tax also - can I put this in the letter? Thanks for any help
  5. Hi My hubby has received a letter from a DCA about a debt to Lloyds for a credit card. Is there any way to find out wether this is over 6 years old (which I am sure it is) without acknowledging the debt? Thanks
  6. I worked for a SEAT dealer & they had the same recall for injectors. We had several customers who had paid previously for injectors & we had to arrange to credit the customers. We even had a customer who had previously paid for the injectors to be changed. SEAT customer care didn't even care if they were genuine injectors - they got a credit too. SEAT & Audi are the same & I always found their customer care to be very good. Might be worth writing a letter to them
  7. My husband is self employed. Still in his first year - the return is due in January. We have poured all of savings into the business and this has covered his wages etc so I am not anticipating paying much, if any tax. Because the savings have run out & he isn't making enough yet he has taken a new job. My question is, how can I change his tax code to make this new job the main job so he doesn't have to pay super-tax! Thanks for any help
  8. Thanks Lee I am waiting for a reply - so I will let you know when I get the number
  9. I have been with vodafone for years. In the last couple of months I have been going over on my data usage (i.e. all gone in the first week!). I am doing nothing different, haven't changed phone etc (Iphone). So they charge me an extra £5.00 for 250mb. Today I had a text saying they are changing pricing from 1 november and my line rental will be increasing.. Can they do this in the middle of my contract (exp Jan 2014). Who can i speak with to find out where my data is going. I already pay £46.00 per month. Also, I can no longer get onto the internet site to find out my balance. Can you help with that too please. Thanks
  10. Apparently they have picked 3 people at random to evict & if the blockages don't stop they will pick 3 more. Can they do this???
  11. Hi. Is there anyone who can help? I got this letter at 5pm last night just as the office was closing and I need to go & speak to them this morning. Thanks
  12. Please can somebody help me: We have just been given a section 21 - apparently for blocked drains & sewage pipes. We have lived here for about 3 years. There are 50 park homes (all owned by the same company). We moved into another home last October & ours is last to be connected to the sewage pump. This has been getting blocked for years - with nappies, tea towels, knickers, razor blades etc. We have been told before the pumps are not 'man' enough for the job, yet they are still building more homes. Last September everyone got a letter saying if it continued then we would all be getting eviction notices. Today, we had one posted through our door - but we are the only ones to have received one. I called out the emergency guy 2 weeks ago as our toilet was backed-up. I can assure you that we have never put anything odd down the toilet - it was happening before we even moved here Please can someone help me please as I love living here and feel sick I have spoken with several neighbours - this has been going on for 6 years, long before we moved here. Thanks
  13. I am trying to claim back some PPI from black horse for a car loan. I know i was mis-sold as I remember the car salesman saying unless I took the PPI, then I couldn't have the loan. Black horse have written back saying they have found no grounds to support my allegations. They also say: "In the event you remain unhappy with my decision, you have the right to refer your complaint to the Finance & Leasing Association. Their address is provided in the enclosed leafleft (it wasn't). This complaint is not eligible for consideration by the FOS as they are only able to consider complaints regarding policies that were sold by us between 1/12/2001 and 31/3/2003 and from the 14/1/2005." I bought the car on 29/8/2003. Can I just send them a LBA as I am prepared to go to court for this. Thanks
  14. He was only here a year in total. There are NO pay scales in this company I can assure you! To be honest I have more experience than him.I just know they will try and fob me off. I will put something in writing then and see what happens. Thanks for your answers. Happy Christmas to you all!
  15. Yes that's correct. Apparently he was senior to me but they want me to now do his role. I guess I'm just scared of asking for a fair pay rise!!
  16. HiI have worked in a job for 7 months. It is in the motor trade and i have 20yrs experience.The guy I worked with has now left and when he left I asked him what money he was on as I know my pay was low.I was shocked to find out he was on £6k a year more than me! I was constantly told how useless he was too!I have been told they are looking into my pay, but my question is, can I point out that I know what he was on and ask why that was? I wasn't expecting that sort of money, just a fair wage for all the hours I do - at least 45 per week & some saturdays.Thansk
  17. Hi GuysThanks for this. Can I claim back the £12.00 charges also? There may be PPI which I am currently pursuing.I haven't checked my credit file (head in sand moment!)How can a F&F settlement go wrong?Thanks
  18. I offered a DCA a full & final settlement figure for a debt to Lloyds credit card. They have written asking for a full breakdown of what I earn/what I pay out each month Do I have to fill this in? Do they ever check these? They want to know where I work too, which I know will result in numerous daily phone calls! Shall I just return the form, with the chq for the amount I offered and see what happens? Thanks
  19. I had great success with studio. Wrote to them and they refunded me straight away. Good luck
  20. HiIt is happening to my mum too. She has been a customer for years. I have spent a lot of money with them over the past 2 years and now she isn't getting any commision. Same old rubbish they told you I guessThey keep phoning her and saying if she doesn't order anything by a certain date she will loose her rewards all together.Strangely enough, we won't be buying anything from them EVER again.Strange way to treat loyal customers.....
  21. HiMy male cat has suffered with this for years. He even had to have a catheter inserted, which he then pulled out and then he needed a major operation. Luckily this was covered under my insurance but it isn't any longer.I have got round this by NEVER feeding him dry food and he has been OK for 18 months. He has normal tinned food. Best to learn how to look for the symptoms as they can go down-hill very quickly - in a matter of hours.Hope this helps
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