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  1. I have just received statements off cap 1 and am sending prelim letter the charges are £364 how do i work out the interest
  2. cityfan31


    Hi everyone i have just received statements back off cap 1 and an about to send LBA how do i work out the interest on the account and whats the address for them thanks
  3. Just requested 6 years statements from Andover not clued up on all this hope you experienced lot can help us cheers
  4. cheers mate wheres best place for me to look the lloyds forum ?
  5. I recently had a look on my internet banking with lloyds and discovered i had been charged just over £900 in 3 years returned dd etc i sent them a letter requesting these back then after 3 weeks received a letter saying sorry your not happy why did nt you ask for your overdraft to be increased,the letter came from Andover i rang the number on the letter and asked for 6 years statements to be sent out which they said there would be no charge and would take 3 weeks.Have i messed up by not following the procedures you suggest its my own fault for not reading first HELP !!!!
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