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  1. Hi I claimed for the interest as well as the charges and have received three payments to date via the Small Claims- Good luck.
  2. Hi Don't really know about the 6years/5 years dilemma - I have used 5 years as a yard stick - maybe those getting money back for the 6th year are based in England? Re the 8% interest - I have always included this in the court forms (I have gone down the route of small claims) - although to be honest the two claims which have been settled by the bank have not included this calculated interest amount - I have recently written to the court asking if I can pursue claiming this as it was part of the claim filed and which was eventually settled!
  3. Hi Isn't it scary how much money has been charged once you sit down and tally it all up - my total was £5k+ over three years! I have been using the following address in all of my correspondence: Bank of Scotland Customer Relations PO Box 29112 Dunfermline KY11 2ZX To date they have been very good at replying and have settled two small claims fairly sharpish! - I feel like I am slowly getting to know everyone in the department! Keep us posted of your progress - Good luck L
  4. Hi I have used the following address on the small claims court form and have had 2 pay outs to date: Bank of Scotland Customer Relations PO Box 29112 Dunfermline KY11 2ZX As you have a Paisley address, I think you should lodge the claim at Paisley Sheriff Court - "As this is a consumer contract between myself and the Bank of Scotland and my address is in Paisley, Paisley Sheriff Court (North Kelvinside) has jurisdiction" Good luck L
  5. Hi Fizzer I would hold out for the full refund and would also request the £25.00 due out off your account in November - cheeky sods! You can write back accepting the £50.00 as follows: Further to your letter dated ?????, I am happy to accept your £50.00 goodwill gesture as payment for the outstanding charges incurred, however, this is not an agreement to full and final settlement as I am still looking to recover the remaining £143.00" You should then receive another offer - hopefully the full amount. Hope this helps. L
  6. The branch address will be fine - I don't know if it matters too much which address it is sent to - just as long as it gets someone's attention and it usually does! Good luck
  7. Hi I used the following address on my summons: Bank of Scotland Customer Relations PO Box 29112 Dunfermline KY11 2ZX It seems to find someone who is willing to settle. My first claim was settled within 5 days of receiving the return date for action from the Sherriff Court - now awaiting the outcome of the 2nd one - fingers crossed ti will be settled just as quickly! L
  8. Hi Don't worry about going to court. BOS settled my first small claim within 5 days of me receiving notification from the Sherriff Court of the return date for the action. 2nd small claim lodged with a return date of 7th December, so fingers crossed for a similar outcome - it will then be time to lodge number 3 .... The banks don't want to go to court if they can avoid it - the reason given in my letter was "on a purely commercial basis, it will cost Bank of Scotland money to defend your claim in terms of the legal costs (even if the bank wins) because your claim will probably be allocated to the small calims track, in which costs are not generally awarded" L
  9. Hello Just to keep everyone updated, I have just had my BOS account credited with £633.12 for my first claim - this was settled with 5 days, much to my delight - this is made up of £513.00 bank charges, £81.12 interest and the £39.00 court fee - they ignored the 8% interest to be paid - how can I get this back? Have also just popped down to the Sheriff Court (as you do at lunchtime!) and lodged my 2nd Claim - only another 5 to go!!! Think I may start to hand them in on a weekly basis, hopefully I can have the full £5000.00+ back before Christmas! Lx
  10. Hi I have a return date of 15 November for my first claim of £750.00 lodged at Glasgow Sherriff Court (Scotland) with the next claim ready to be lodged - just wondered if you had managed to find a way to speed up the process with BOS instead of having to make 7 claims? Thanks L
  11. Hi BOS currently owe me over £5k and I have just recently started the ball rolling in the Small Claims Court - is there a quicker way for me to get the full amount refunded as you have done with the £3k? Thanks
  12. Thanks - will have a look at the Stickies
  13. Help .... I am filling out the forms to start Small Claims proceedings (the first of many) and am not sure who to put in the Name and address of person against whom claim made (defender) - so far, I have been dealing with Customer Services in Leeds and this has been the department to make me payment offers - so are they lucky ones named on the form or do I have to take it back to Branch level? Thanks
  14. Hi I am just about to launch into the small claims chapter of this ongoing saga with my Bank and I am sure that I spotted a really helpful post where a small claims form was filled in with the relevant wording etc - now I can't find it anywhere - does anyone else remember seeing this along the way? Any help, greatly appreciated. LA
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