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  1. Hey Hey Hey. We have won. Abbey had put a cheque into my girlfriends account on the 11th May but we dont usually check it. I asked her to check and there it was £2600. Went to the bank on Wednesday and withdrew the lot. Unfortunately they wouldnt let her close her account because there is an issue on it???. Anyhoo thats that done and dusted. Has been a long ride with a happy ending. Thanks
  2. Yeah i had a read through that MJ and its rather unfortunate for the bloke but us Abbey ppl should be fine. Have talied up what we due to date so as soon as they get in touch we will have the full figure ready! And no less!!!!!!!
  3. Hey m8, You heard anything yet. My court date is next week and still aint heard anything!
  4. Try to read through as many of the settled cases as you can to get an idea of what tactics they have used and how they go about different situations. From some that ive read i dont even think they have turned up for these so will probably try to settle before hand. The courts are getting pi**ed at them wasting their time so im sure the Abbey dont want any more bad rep. I dont have an allocation hearing and i'm only going on what ive read. Hopefully somebody else is going through the same situation and can be more helpful.
  5. Excellent. As i believe your court date is for the 6th June. This is the same as mine and i also handed my bundles in this week. The race is on!!!
  6. What a crock of s**t. I have read through several similar posts and read the same things over the last week. I posted Abbeys bundle last week and handed in the courts today. My case is set for 6th June. Not heard from them for over a month so lets see what they got!
  7. Should this not be £417.21. And i would round your figure for daily rate to 79p
  8. It appears that your court is deciding what the best track to send you down is. By the sounds of it they have a few cases at the moment and will be using one of them as a test case and will then decide which route they should do for these cases. Thats the best i can understand from what you have written but if you have already submitted your bundle and they were happy to take it, i wouldnt worry too much
  9. Courts bundle has been handed in. Thats Abbey and court sorted now so i just gotta sit and wait till court date. Just over two weeks to go!
  10. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/33060-basic-court-bundle.html
  11. Have sent Court bundle to Abbey and will hand in bundle to the court over next couple days. Almost deadline for these so hopefully they will settle soon!
  12. Whats the least amount you have gone over by? What you have wrote seems fine too!
  13. Thought it appropriate to post my 100th post in my thread. Court bundle completed and sending to Abbey tomorrow. Court one almost in order "need to number pages and attach front cover" then i will be hand delivering this. Get Abbeys to them 1st to give them that bit more time to prepare theirs.lol
  14. Dont go by their timescales go by yours. Follow the step by step guide using the timescales set out in this and send your next letter to them. I received the same crap from them 1. after LBA and 2. once i had already started court action! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/31460-example-step-step-instructions.html
  15. Just found this for your settled cases list. Wish i'd found it for mine.lol http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/64871-spreadsheet-claims.html
  16. Just send the list of your charges again. You dont need any evidence until it gets to court stage. If you did send anything they probably wouldnt care anyway.
  17. Phew thats a thinker. Maybes you could get someone to represent you?. In fact i'm sure that there would be plenty disgruntled abbey "customers" that would be happy to do that. Take them by force!
  18. You gotta just wait for them to give you GOGW. As for your bundle, iwould wait till you get your directions as you may not have to compile one. You will have at least a month until the hearing which should be plenty time to prepare. And as for them taking your overdraft and cards etc, They are breaking their so called codes because in a leaflet they provided me with following my LBA it said that they would give 1 months notice before doing anything like this. Talk about 2 faced!. I don't even bank with Abbey and i hate them. Almost as much as the halifax but thats because of their crappy adverts which i have to turn off!!!!!!
  19. Did you bother preparing your bundle???
  20. 1. Do i need a cover letter for the court bundle i hand to the court or do i just hand it in without one. As long as you have labelled the bundle there should be no need for a letter unless the staff ask for one. 2. Do i need a cover letter for the one i post to Abbey. Again as long as its labelled there should be no problem. I have put a letter in with Abbey one with contact details (Email) incase they want to settle. 3. Do i need to add the list of settled claims to my court bundle. Would'nt hurt. I did. one sheet with around 30 cases should do it.
  21. Lol note the spelling mistake in my edit. hehe. typical!!
  22. Yeah that seems a good idea. You could send it to them along with your bundle. I Think thats what i will do but will wait a bit as my court date not till start of june. As for the cost, i think the £9.25 has become standard as thats what other people have claimed and received. You could always quote some claim numbers that have been settled to back this point up. Just have to search through the site for these:(
  23. Hey there keep an eye on these threads as we are all at same stage. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/83088-court-date-received-quick.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/42608-sparkys-lass-abbey.html
  24. Looks like me,you and jamesmum are all at same stage. Did you receive a timescale for the hearing???. mine was 15 mins
  25. Question? Is this the point i compile my bundle. Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents (including any expert's report) on which he intends to rely at the hearing no later then 14 days before the hearing.
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