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  1. Hi guys just read all of the above and could i ask, does this suspension include business claims ?? hels bells
  2. p.s photoman. used your SAR & LBA and still no responce to my request for all data, only sent me bank statements for 6 years not as i requested from your SAR all data, contracts, faxes, letters ect, barcalys bastardos hels bells obvioulsy sent LBA [yours] but they seem to be stuck at the 6 year thing. x
  3. Hi photoman great to see your still on top form, i, m with you my friend all the way xx hels bells x
  4. hi lizzybee well we wait with baited breath ,,, !!!!v what has happend. ?????????/ hels bells
  5. hi dar£n, what bank is that you are with ?, still not heard anything from Barclays for account history, 40 days end next Monday !!! think its maybe time for Photomans LBA, what do you think? hels
  6. Hi Dar£n tell me more please, am i right in thinking you have sent an SAR and given the normal 40 days and no repsonce, have you had 6 years worth and ae going for more or is this a 6 years request from a new claim. hels nice to be backx
  7. To all you peeps who are wondering whats happening, this is where i,m at: the update on my present situation is this: as you probably know i lost in court against Barclays, i was trying to get specific data, notification of charges to be exact, but according to the barrister they do not have them for more than 3 years, nor do they have a policy which states this, i had lost of evidence to the contray but the lady judge was not interested at all! i also had a written record of all converstaions between me and Barclays whereby i ordred this data on 3 occasions but nevertheless she did not want t
  8. Hi welshaman, would you mind elaborating on what you have received from Barclays, do you mean monthly statements or Notification of Charges, or both, this is purely personal interest. thanks hels
  9. hi all not gone away just pre-occupied with lots of others stuff, but hopefully by Friday my time will be dedicated to continue my quest. Thanks photoman and Glenn & C/J and anyone i have missed for the ongoing support and encouragement. hold on to your hats cos here i go again!!!!!!! ps. photoman i will use certain extracts of your SAR, is great ! hels:)
  10. Zubo i guess your mind is elsewhere for the time being, have a good one, hope theirs no sharks !!!!!!!! to bite your bum!! hels:D
  11. Zubo ps ,not having the breakdown of the above charges i can only corilate all of the amounts stated on my statements prior to 2003, unfortunatly the banks cannot prove the charges were lawful or reasnable as they do not hold the breakdown data. Oh shame . hels:rolleyes:
  12. wow Zubo your mathmatical ability is owesome and baffling to me , but i think i get the jist slightly, what i will do is give you an accurate amount of charges [ but without contractul interest] for the sake of seeing how you mathmatically would work out your theories. 2000-2003 total bank charges for this period devoid of interest is £6719.00, Chloe is happy to help me thankgod, but could you show me how to work out [with your theory] what you have written so i don,t have to give her to much to do Obviously 2003-06 charges are going to be more speciifc as i have the breakdown, a
  13. Hi Zubo without a doupt the fight goes on, you just watch hels
  14. hi everyone can i just say, i feel we are all extremely ****sed of that i have lost my case, everyone on my thread has given waht they feel to be helpful advise at the appropriate times and for that i will always be most grateful, you have all guided me through this case and without you all i would not hav had the knowledge or teh courage to go the whole way, win or loose, i think we have had some stuffing knock out of our sails and we all thought beyong most doupts that i had a very strong case, i did have a very strong case, but no one could have prepered me for the judge from HEL
  15. Hi all just to let you know. I LOST,and and was charged with all cost, and the barrister came all the way from London... and heres why, 1. My court letter said a 'Hearing' today. On arrvial into the room and trying to present my W/S i was told by the judge today was a direction, [not what my letter says]. She procedeed to ask the barrister what he wanted to do, he quote from the letters sent to me by barclays, They simply dod not have my data' the judge agreed, i tried very hard to present my evidence which i know contadicted wha tthe letters said but she[ judge] would not hear of it
  16. hay thanks Zootscoot, may the battle begin XXXXXXXXXXxx;)
  17. To the people who have given up their time and made tons of effort to support me with claim........ i cannot raise you high enough, i put you all on pedestals to look at you forever. Until tomorrow guys and girls.......... i feel good, file is prepared, much evidence for any big barrister from Barcalys to chew on and who knows we could all be out tomorow night painting the town any colour you like, perhaps having won quite a victory for the business peeps. heres hoping
  18. sorry to all trying to talk to me in the chat room, i,m at work and i cannot get my keyboard to type on the page, sorry peeps, if anyone reads this can you let everyone know i was not ignoring them please :o
  19. thanks for all that Zubo, i will do all the things you suggest and fly the CAG flag;) i will keep you informed hels
  20. however, i will argue the toss and do the best i can with a thier solicitor, stay with me peeps ! the end is nigh.
  21. Hi all No judgement by default, this i guess means if they don,t show the judge cannot lean my way, so the outcome has to go one way or the other, as in, they could present documentation to argue the contray to my evidence, they are quitely confident i feel. hels
  22. actually Zubo, Glenn seems to suggest that they cannot submit anything on the day and if they do ia can appeal so maybe its not so bad
  23. hi Zubo i guess they can present it on Friday tho, as my CPR part 8 allows for no defence to be entered, i know the site states it should have arrived with the acknowledgement but it hasn,t , so perhaps they are allowed to bring it on Friday, which gives no time to prepare
  24. hi Glenn if you did not know already i am a complete nit witt, no others words to describe myself other than completely stupid, god i make myself so angry:mad: check your pm and delete please [to much detail] !!!!!!! :mad: :mad: please do all you can so the pm is not circulated. i am an idiot.
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