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  1. Hi,


    I took one of these out back in the day around 2000 maybe..? I phoned them today to put a claim in. The lady asked me a few questions and said they had a £3600 amount on file. She is going to send me some paperwork.


    I defaulted on the account and it went to Cabolt finance.


    I can't remember why i didn't pay it but they will ask me in the paperwork they send I am guessing. I think it maybe because i split with a partner and moved back down south which meant i quit my job.


    I don't think that is a reason they would pay out on is it as I intentionally made myself unemployed...

  2. Hi.


    I have recently failed a business bank application with my personal bank Santander.


    I should point out that i have recently come out of a Debt Relief Order at the end of September.


    I am starting up an on-line business. The money will be generated by phone calls (call diversion) which the phone company will send me an amount generated statement to which i will then invoice them the amount.


    I gather i need a bank account in the companies name and cannot use my personal account, is this true?. If so are there any basic business accounts i can apply for without a overdraft etc or card for people with a poor credit rating?.

  3. HI.


    I was watching breakfast this morning and they had a guy on their money slot from a claims company who said contary to popular belief you can actually make claims for mis-sold PPI that went back over 20 years.


    Now i remember having loans etc when i was younger and i do remember being told that i had to have PPI.


    What i heard this morning has got me thinking, maybe i should look into claiming. My trouble is, is that i have no access to any of the account details etc. I can remember the branch where it was done and my address at the time etc.


    What i would like to know is, is there a way i can find out the info i would need to make a claim after such a long time. I also have another going back ten or so years with HFC bank too i might look into.


    Can you guys help pls.

  4. The main crux of it seems to be that there is a scuff mark along a wall from a settee and also a splash mark next to the sink on a painted wall. Both of these would have been visiable when the estate agent did the checkout.


    Dosen't the fact the estatge agent never put this on the first invoice count for anything?. After all they must have deemed that fair wear and tear and as they are managing the property are they not best placed to say this.


    How can you be invoiced for repair works to be done only to be invoiced again for additional works the landlord says should be done. After all the contract was signed with the agents.


    i just think it's wrong they can say ok this is what needs doing and send me the checkout invoice only to then turn around and ask for more weeks later?.

  5. Hi.


    I moved out of my flat on the 28th May. The flat is managed by a local estate agents. When i moved in i managed to get the deposit paid by the council under the rent deposit scheme.


    Now when i moved out i knew there would be a "check out" inspection done by the estate agents on the condition of the property. This is done so the property is left in the same condition as it was when i first moved in. The inspection was done on the 29/05/11 and i was sent an invoice for £125 dated 07/06/11. Fair enough as i knew there would be a few things that needed attention, however some of the things i thought would need doing wern't listed on the inspection, so i put this down to them putting it under wear and tear etc...


    I have now had a phone call today from the agent saying that since the inspection they done and signed off, the landlord has gone round and done his own inspection and wants extra work doing and as a result he isn't happy to release the rest of the funds back to the council until this is done The deposit was £500.


    My argument is that i should not have to pay as he sould have inspected the property before the agents did and then raised his concerns on the day they did the checkout. Can he go round the property after the estate agents have done the checkout and invoiced me for works they have deemed need doing and say he wants stuff doing too. I thought that the whole point of him instructing the agents was to give them the power to handle the whole process.

  6. Hi.


    My sisters partner has had a court judgement set against him for arrears from the CSA totaling roughly 13k.


    He phoned up to arrange a payment plan but they refused the amount he offered (£200 a month total including his current award he has to pay of £80 a month). he said the lady wouldn't budge and wanted the whole lot upfront or the baliffs would be sent in. Obviousily he does not have this.


    I posted on another site and someone mentioned a list of certain medical conditions that say your child has, if notified the baliffs can't come to the door. He was advised to get a doctors note and to check the list for his sons condition (Autism) and see if it is on there. He didn't give a link though and i have posted on there asking for it but as of yet no-one has replied. I thought i would post on here and see if any of you could help.

  7. I was also told at the time she sent me this that should i go ahead by signing that agreement it would also mean that they would hold the quoted price.


    As i have also said i made it clear it was just a quote from the outset and "if" it went ahead i would use them. What do you not understand?.

  8. Actions speak louder than words.


    Why sign up, why commit to anything at all if you're not so certain to raise the funds? It makes no sense.




    As far as i was aware i at no point commited to anything. All i commited to was to use their company rather then a competitior should i go ahead with it. They were made well aware of this from the outset. I was advised to get various quotes from the outset by my inbiz advisor as part of the buisness plan that we were doing. Funding was always going to be the stumbling block, but i was advised to do the plan in the first instance to have the viability of the project on paper.


    Here are a couple of lines from the various e-mails sent between us.


    "Thank you for this. I will get this put in to a file and give you a call in May as discussed previously to hopefully get started on the project".


    "Thank you for your time discussing your new website yesterday. I have now prepared a quotation based on our conversation. Please find attached your break down of services and prices in your website quotation and also a brochure of our CMS system and the features included."


    As you can see they were well aware all was after was a quote from the outset. I admit to signing the e-signature thing, but i did ring her just to confirm prior to signing that all i was signing was an agreement to use them and not a competitior. The first quote i posted she sent in a mail after i signed it and had notified her.

  9. Hi Mark,


    If you have checked all of the e mails and there are no T and C's then send them a final e mail explaining that to them.

    Also tell them that any further e mails will constitute harassment as they have no right to these so called cancellation charges.

    Do not communicate with them again, put them in your junk folder !

    They sound like a bunch of chancers!





    Thanks for your words cups, there are definately no attached T&C's on any mails that i can see, i even forwarded them to my ex and she could not see any either...

  10. First off if this is in the wrong place pls feel free to move.


    Back in march i approached a company for a quote to build a website for me. I had an over the phone conversation with someone from the company and gave them a rough idea of what i wanted. She promptly got back to me the following day with a quote which was written as a brocure and sent via e-mail. I should point out that when we first spoke i did make it clear that i was after just a quote at this point as per the instructions of my inbiz advisor (i am unemployed by the way). Now i liked what i saw when she sent it and TBH i liked her attitude where as some others that got in touch i had approached were rather rude and did not understand what my needs were at all. So i then sent her a mail back saying that when i have the funds for the reasons just mentioned i would use their company to build my site.


    She then sent me an e-agreement to sign. I took a look at it and to me it looked like i was signing something commiting myself to using them but also commiting to have the website built which was something i did not want to do as i was not certain if i could raise all the funds. I phoned her up just to check and she assured me that all it was, was basically an agreement to use their company when i want it built and not to change my mind and go with one of their competitiors. Fair enough i thought so i signed it.


    I have now decided not to do this site and go back to college instead. Yesterday i received a call from some other member of their team wanting to know when i wanted them to commence work. I informed her that i had decided to not go with the site and go back to college. She then asked me for my home address as she had to escalate this to the commercial director etc. I said it sounded a bit suspicious and refused to give her it and told her to communicate via e-mail.


    About an hour or so later i receive an e-mail from her saying that because i have decided not to go through with it they are going to charge me 20% of the origional price in cancelation fees. Of course i am writing straight back saying i never ordered anything and signed that agreement because i was told by her collegue that it was just a commitment to use them if it went ahead and not a competitior etc.


    She then sent one back quoting the terms and conditions she said i agreed to that were attached to an e-mail when i signed the e-form.


    1. The paragraph from the T&C's she quoted do not state any percentage cost with regards to cancelation fees and seeing as the lady who did the quote had it ready the day after we spoke, i fail to see how it can come to +£300 for what must only have been a couple of hours work tops.


    2. And this is the important bit for me. The terms and conditions she says were attached in the origional mail, actually were NOT attached that i can see. I have checked every mail and there are no seperate attachments that contain them.


    Can they still legally claim that i signed this based on the terms and conditions that were attached even though they wern't?. If not can i use this as as a way to either negociate a lower payment or to actually refuse to pay anything at all based on this.



  11. Can someone confirm that when you take out loan protection insurance that it covers you for the entire period of the loan. When i say this i don't mean that you can claim on the insurance and they have to pay it for the whole of the loan, but you can put in a claim on any day right upto the last day of the loan..?


    I'll explain a bit more.


    About 3 years ago now i took out a 36 month loan with Alliance Leicester paying £540 a month including insurance. Now the maximum period i could claim on the insurance within the term of the loan was upto 18 months. After two years of paying the loan i was made redundant with 12 months left to pay and put in a claim on the insurance. The claim was accepted and payments have been made. Last month was my last month of the loan. I sent the form off like i had been doing expecting the payment to be made and i'd soon receive a letter saying the loan had now been paid in full and has finished.


    Instead of this i get a letter from the insurance saying that the payment for that month is only £480. Hmm i thought that can't be right as it should be the usual amount of £540. So i phone them up and ask why there is a shortfall in the payment. They search their systems and say that they have it on their system that my loan ends on the 22nd of the month and not the 28th, hence the shortfall in the payment. I ask how they have that on their system and they say it's from the bank and to call them. Sooo i call the bank whom say that my loan insurance ends on the 22nd and my loan ends on the 28th. Hang on i said to the guy, when i took the insurance i took it out for the entire period of the loan not 35 months + 3 weeks, it was to cover every payment etc. This is when he starts to get a bit argumentive and says i have to call the insurance company and get them to sort it. Hang on i said no i am not going to do this as it's your system that has told them the insurance ends before the loan so it's a !!!! up your end. Anyway the argument get a bit heated and he insists i owe the shortfall and have to pay it. I flatly refuse and say no way the insurance covers it. Anyway after a stalemate he says he is going to escalate it and someone will call me back.


    Can you guys confirm that the insurance should pay in full as it can be claimed on at any time within the entire period of the loan.

  12. Hi guys,



    I bank with Cahoot (a division of Abbey National) I gather we can claim back these charges from the past six years but their maybe a chance they could close the account. If they did this would they be able to close our loan account which we have have with them too..?.

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