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  1. Right letter arrived today from branch manager stating that: Charges were in accordance with terms & Conditions I knew the terms and conditions of using the account and that Therefore the charges stand and they will not be refunded. Do i send another letter giving a further 7 days to pay? Or go straight to court? if i send a letter what do i say? Sorry i know they're in the libary but i'm having trouble finding what to do if they point blank refuse a refund
  2. Well tomorrow is they're 14 days done with so they'd better get on the case sharpish! Been told that its the branch manager dealing with it, who aboslutly hates me due to the amount of complaints i've made about her attitude and customer service, oh well if she makes life difficult then its an extra 8% intrest i suppose! Que Sara sara whatever will be will be, we're going to cardiff que sara sara
  3. Claim Letter handed in today to branch manager My current account = £1990 Joint account + £160 Yorkshire bank, you have 14 days to sort it out!
  4. Is there a forum/thread for goldfish cards?
  5. Recieved my 6 years worth of statmnets yesterday, gonna start the trwawl through them tonight, with highlighter pen ready. Just had to call bank to say that there is Mar 2000 - through to - Oct 2001 Missing as well as Statement for April 2003 - was assured these would be with me in 5 working days. Reminded them that next wednesday is the 40 day limit and intrst will be claimed/charged if i don't have complete set of statments in my hand by close of business Wed 10th May
  6. Just picked up 6 years worth of bank statments from my Yorkshire bank branch - gonna start on the highlighting today!! Gonna be £4k + i can tell already!! What do i do next? Write asking them for a refund whilst threatening them with court or what? thanks in advance
  7. hi - thanks for the advice, i have read the FAQ's but it just refers to sending the letters to the bank. it does not distinguish if i should send to head office or to the branch?
  8. When sending the letter asking for a record of the fee's i've paid in the last 6 years, do i post to head office or my branch? Same question but regarding the letter where i ask for them back or threaten court action, do i send to Head Office or my branch? Cheers
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