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  1. Letter just arrived offering settlement of ALL COSTS and ALL CHARGES but they refuse to pay the intrest? Do i go to court or am i taking the micky by asking for the intrest as well?
  2. Can't remember the name of the top of my head, but i'm getting letters daily from a debt collection agency. They say I owe £1600 to Barclays Bank from when i lived in sunderland. All the details they have on me are wrong. I have never had any account of any kind with barclays. The very first time i called the little scroat on the other end dropped himself in it by telling me that as the debt was 9 years old they couldn't take me to court. He also agreed that as i was disputing that its my debt at all, that it is up to them to provide the proof. He then told me that as it was 9 ye
  3. Cheers Caro - would seem that as soon as the judge sets a court date i should get a letter offering settlement! Fingers crossed
  4. I've just put in my 2nd AQ. I was advised by the court staff that as i had already paid the fee when submitting the first questionairre, that i do not have to pay the fee when submitting the second one. Can anyone confirm this as the guy i spoke to was about 17 years old and didn't seem to sure? I don't want to mess up my case by not paying a relevant fee?
  5. Thats wrong! If a bank cancels a direct debit you can have it set up again the next day - you just have to ask! I know this as i've done it loads of times
  6. The court have said i have to fill in another allocation questionairre though i won't have to pay for this one - can anyone tell me if this is the correct procedure?
  7. cheers have printed that letter, completed it and posted it Does anyone know what happens about additional court costs? It cost me another £100 to submitt allocation questionairre a few weeks ago, will this automatically be added to costs?
  8. Went away over the weekend and had a letter waiting when i arrived back - basically saying its not worth their time or money to defend, would i accept £1000 of charges back and £120 court fee. No chance! They argue that I am only owed £1257 in charges and that the judge will not award me intrest as i have ran my account badly and brought it all on myself!! What a bunch of Is there a standard letter to send back saying thanks but no thanks?
  9. I'll be defending myself too, can someone direct me too "what i should be saying in court" please?
  10. got a letter today - the judge has ordered that the claim be stayed until 12th Oct to enable parties to attempt settlement. I don't want this? Not at any point at all have i spoken with anyone or been offered any form of settlement. Do i have to do anything? Or do i just wait until the 12th? Or until the bank start making me offers?
  11. Cheers Caro - have paid fee and handed in allocation questionairre. No word on dates yet, and nothing from the bank in the way of any offers AT ALL
  12. If yo read a previous thread titled Wycombemariner vs Yorkshire Bank you'll see i've done everything by the book so far. I have just returned from holiday, t find a defence has been submitted, and i am asked to fill in the allocation questionairre. THis i will do. What worries me is that in their defence they seem quite sure that i cannot win!!! Is this going to end up in court? The impression given on this site/forum is that they generally won't go to court in case they lose?? What will happen next? When i've paid my extra £100 to go witht eh allocation questionairre will
  13. On saturday morning i recieved a letter from the courts saying yorkshire bank had acknowledged the claim, and intend to defend it? Help? What happens now???? Is this just them trying it on? Or are they likely to actually turn up and defend the case?
  14. ha what an absolute joke! How do they manage to run a business these people?
  15. I would encourage her to put in an official complaint against the branch manager for discussing confidential information in front of other people! I did it against a member of the counter staff team and got someone sacked!
  16. Paid my £120 court fee yesterday. Recieved Court papers through post today saying that notice will be served today (classed as tomorrow) for the courts sake?). So now, i sit back and wait! Claiming £2575 including court fee's and interest
  17. Right then, due to circumstances beyond my control i've had to wait a couple of weeks before filing my claim with the courts. Gonna be doing that this week. Anyone near High Wycombe Bucks, that has already got this far and could help with the court forms?
  18. Neil McKirdy has replied to my last letter: Basically they ignore my use of the words unlawful, and decided that i'm only speaking about one charge form 2004. They've basically ignored every thing i've said, and have told me at the end of the letter that this matter is now closed as far as the bank is concerned! Just called them and they can't acknowledge that thye've ignored my points, so I have informed tham that I will be submitting a claim to the small claims court this week without fail
  19. I'll not be far behind you fella. They're already 3 days past the last deadline i gave them, but they have now said they will get back to me but need more time. i am giving more time in the hope it works for me should the case go to court. i will be taking paperwork and fee's to court next monday at 9am if i haven't heard from them by then!
  20. ok - have given them a further 7 days to pay the refund. That letter was handed to banch manager yesterday. Today i sent a copy of ALL correspondance between me and branch manager, to neil McKirdy at Headoffice. he now has 7 days to get back to me offering full refund, otherwise i file a claim!
  21. I have looked in FAQ's, thats why i stated i'd looked in the libary but can't find the answer, sorry if it wasn't clear, my fault! anyway. They have refused to pay me a refund after taking the full 14 days to get back to me. I said in the letter asking for refund "If you do not respond or you do not respond positively within this time period, I shall send you a letter before action giving you a further 7 days in which to reflect. " what i want to know is what do i say in this next letter that gives them a further 7 days? please?
  22. Have recieved 6 years statments after paying £10 - then sent letter stating amount of charges owed to me, and gave 14 days for a refund: A letter arrived today from branch manager stating that: Charges were in accordance with terms & Conditions I knew the terms and conditions of using the account and that therefore the charges stand and they will not be refunded. Do i send another letter giving a further 7 days to pay (I did say i would do this if they didn't respond satisfactorily within the first 14 day limit)? if i send a letter what do i say? Or go str
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